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The State of Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing


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Demand Metric recently partnered with Demandbase and Salesforce Pardot to better understand the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in B2B marketing and the survey results are in!

85% of marketers using Artificial Intelligence believe it will drive double-digit revenue growth within two years.

Join us as we share the results of our ground-breaking research study and get practical advice about how to leverage AI from Peter Isaacson, CMO at Demandbase, and Nate Skinner, VP of Marketing at Salesforce Pardot.

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The State of Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing

  2. 2. Nate Skinner Salesforce Pardot John Follett Demand Metric Peter Isaacson Demandbase Your Presenters
  3. 3. § Why Study AI in B2B Marketing? § Investment in AI Technology § Key Findings from AI Research § Q&A Our Agenda
  4. 4. Why study AI in B2B Marketing?
  5. 5. Investment in Artificial Intelligence
  6. 6. The Fourth Industrial Revolution Electronic Mediums Digital Marketing Printed Advertising
  7. 7. Text and Email Autocomplete Product Recommendations Salesforce Einstein Voice AI is Everywhere
  8. 8. Sources: The State of Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing; B2B Marketing Trends: Insights from the Frontlines of B2B Marketing AI Adoption is Growing 18% Marketers using AI 22% Marketers Implementing AI 24% Growth in the past year
  9. 9. of business buyers expect companies to anticipate their needs. B2B Marketing Trends: Insights from the Frontlines of B2B Marketing 69%
  10. 10. Personalized Experiences are Grounded in CRM
  11. 11. The State of AI Key Findings
  12. 12. § It’s OK to be excited about AI § Marketers are already getting value § The barriers to AI are offset Before we begin…
  13. 13. Marketers give themselves a C+ on understanding AI B2B Marketers’ Understanding of AI
  14. 14. Lead quality, engagement, and buyer intent top the list Benefits AI is Expected to Deliver
  15. 15. Just two of these barriers were cited by more than half of the sample Barriers to Taking Advantage of AI
  16. 16. Almost 70% of B2B marketing teams in this study include data scientists Data Scientists on the Marketing Team
  17. 17. Top-of-funnel applications rank highest for B2B marketers planning to implement AI. Marketing or Sales AI Application Priorities
  18. 18. 80% of study participants will purchase or build and purchase AI solutions AI Solutions - Build vs. Buy
  19. 19. Less than half of study participants are exploiting existing AI capabilities Awareness of AI Capabilities in Existing Tech
  20. 20. Usage confirms the value of using AI Participants Who Perceive The Value of Applying AI as “Very High”
  21. 21. Priorities for participants evaluating, implementing, or using AI for marketing Marketing AI Applications being Evaluated, Used, or Implemented
  22. 22. Most study participants expect to see value from AI in a year or less. How Long Will It Take For AI To Deliver Value?
  23. 23. Over half of the sample report moderate to revolutionary performance impact Impact of AI on Marketing and Sales
  24. 24. 70% of the sample forecast a double-digit revenue lift from using AI in two years. Expected 2-Year Lift In Revenue with AI
  25. 25. Almost all current AI users express great optimism for its impact Using AI to Improve Sales & Marketing Effectiveness
  26. 26. Action Plan
  27. 27. Learn Take full advantage of industry analysis, vendors, case studies, webinars, and the ample set of content that already exists.
  28. 28. Set an objective Improving the reach of digital advertising and identifying the right accounts or individuals to target are top AI priorities. Both are perennial B2B marketing priorities, so pick one of these or another objective for an starting AI initiative.
  29. 29. Lean on your vendors Vendors are ahead of users when it comes to understanding the competitive advantage that AI can provide to the B2B marketing community. You will find vendors eager to help you learn about their capabilities and exploit them.
  30. 30. Run an experiment Start with a small experiment that will teach you how AI works and what to expect from it. Use what you learn from the initial experiments and pilots you run to get better results.
  31. 31. Build momentum Measure the results of your initial experiments, fine-tune them, and expand the scope of your AI initiatives.
  33. 33. GREAT DAY HAVE A