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The Future of B2B Marketing Automation is Here


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Are you trying to figure out how to extend your Account-Based Marketing strategy into your marketing automation tactics?

If you’ve ever struggled with bridging the strategy to execution gap for Account-Based Marketing, this session is for you!

Join us to see how Demandbase can turn your Oracle Eloqua instance into an ABM engine with Account-Based Marketing Automation.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
Execute ABM programs in Oracle Eloqua
Segment and target your hottest accounts
Get started quickly with the right technology

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The Future of B2B Marketing Automation is Here

  1. 1. ©2016 Copyright Demandbase, Inc. Demandbase Confidential. The Future of Marketing Automation is Here David Johnson Director, Product Marketing Oracle Marketing Cloud John Dering Director, Marketing Programs Demandbase Mandy Schafer Sr. Product Marketing Manager Demandbase
  2. 2. What’s Broken in B2B? Sales & Marketing Alignment The Waterfall BANT Metrics/Attribution
  3. 3. ©2016 Copyright Demandbase, Inc. Demandbase Confidential. 3 The Sales and Marketing Divide MARKETING SALES Leads Personas Quantity Individuals Opportunities Buyers/Influencers Quality Accounts
  4. 4. - Miller Pierce, 2014 VOC Study 50% of marketing generated leads are never followed up by sales.! Leads aren’t valued
  5. 5. ©2016 Copyright Demandbase, Inc. Demandbase Confidential. 5 Why Account-Based Marketing? Focuses on best opportunities Delivers customer-centric experience Supports Sales reality Connects Marketing to revenue
  6. 6. ©2016 Copyright Demandbase, Inc. Demandbase Confidential. 6 Identify ABM as “Very Important” to their marketing efforts ! 87%! Source: Sirius Decisions 2016 ABM Survey
  7. 7. “Account-Based Marketing” search interest!
  8. 8. ©2016 Copyright Demandbase, Inc. Demandbase Confidential. •  Reach target accounts across mulitple channels! •  Choose systems that can target and engage accounts ! ABM: The Sum is Greater Than its Parts •  Foundational systems for ABM strategy! •  Includes many tech’s B2B marketers already using!
  9. 9. The History and Timeline of Marketing Automation
  10. 10. The Digital Shift Toward Account-Based Marketing 84% of B2B marketers say that ABM delivers higher ROI than any other approach. -ITSMA
  11. 11. Inconsistent Data Translates to Fragmented Customer Experiences 85%Of CMOs say fragmented data prevents cross- channel consistency. - CMO Club
  12. 12. Introducing Account-Based Marketing from Oracle Marketing Cloud The only ABM solution that spans across the customer lifecycle and across paid, owned, and earned channels. Grow Leverage engagement and conversion data to find customers that look like your ideal ones. Engage Engage prospects with contextualized experiences. Convert Drive funnel conversions by delivering Emely content. Acquire Deliver new customer acquisiEon through on- going nurture.
  13. 13. Why Account-Based Marketing Automation?
  14. 14. ©2016 Copyright Demandbase, Inc. Demandbase Confidential. 14 Organize contacts into 
 company objects for
 account-based campaigns! Account-Based Marketing Automation! Automated account data append for all contacts in Oracle Eloqua! Real-time append of account data to shorten forms! Account Score based on known & 
 anonymous buying signals! in partnership with:!
  15. 15. Build Dynamic Segments Segment Accounts by Engagement: " ▶  Known " ▶  Anonymous" Target Buyer Teams at High Value, Engaged Accounts" " Reach All Contacts from Accounts when Linked "
  16. 16. Account-Based Marketing by Engagement Segment accounts by engagement" " " Deliver the right program to the right account in Campaign Canvas"
  17. 17. Prioritize the Hottest Accounts for Sales Focus scoring on the most valuable accounts! Scoring the most engaged accounts, even if the activity is anonymous!
  18. 18. Account-Based Marketing Automation In Action
  19. 19. ABM Automation Example Marketing Challenges: Known and Unknown contacts in Oracle Eloqua Missing Firmographic data Infogroup wants to do Account-Based Marketing directly from Oracle Eloqua Customer: Infogroup Vertical: Software & Tech Key Account:
  20. 20. Audience Segment:
  21. 21. ABMA Campaign Creation
  22. 22. Configuration Screen- Company Match
  23. 23. Configure Mapping of Firmographic Data
  24. 24. Post Processing Results
  25. 25. Lead-to-Account Roll up
  26. 26. Interested in ABM Automation? Account-Based Marketing Automation combines the functionality of Demandbase Real-time Forms and Data Append for Oracle Eloqua customers, adding in Anonymous engagement scoring. Current Oracle Eloqua Refresh Connector customers: ▶  Product sunsets Dec 2016 ▶  Contact your CSM to migrate to the new version. Current Real-Time Forms customers: ▶  We encourage you to move to Account-Based Marketing Automation. ▶  Check with your CSM, some customers may already have this included as part of their forms solution. New customers: ▶  Real-time Forms will no longer be available on it’s own, it is now repackaged as Account-Based Marketing Automation.
  27. 27. ©2016 Copyright Demandbase, Inc. Demandbase Confidential. Questions?