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Social Selling for the B2B Marketer


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Today’s B2B buyer is digitally-driven, socially connected and has unlimited access to information. Marketing recognizes this shift, but Sales needs to be on board too. In this session, Jill Rowley shares why Social Selling – using social networks to build the relationships that drive revenue – is essential and how to implement it across your organization.

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Social Selling for the B2B Marketer

  1. 1. Social Selling:! How to “sell” the way the ! customer wants to buy! @Jill_Rowley Social Selling Evangelist Modern Marketing Expert Startup Advisor
  2. 2. Meet the Modern Buyer @jill_rowley #SocialSelling Digitally-driven Socially-connected Mobile Empowered
  3. 3. 67%   of  the  buying   process  is  being   done  digitally   5.4   people  are  now   involved  in  the   average  B2B  buying   decision.   75%   of  B2B  buyers  now   use  social  media  to   research  vendors.   90%   of  decision  makers   say  they  never   respond  to  cold   outreach.   74%   of  buyers  choose   the  sales  rep  that   was  FIRST  to  add   value  and  insight.   The  reality  of  the  Modern  Buyer  
  4. 4. Social Selling! #KnowThyBuyer ! Jill Rowley Social Selling Evangelist Modern Marketing Expert @jill_rowley #SocialSelling
  5. 5. @jill_rowley #SocialSelling