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Sales Vs. Marketing at Demandbase


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Wouldn’t it be great to kick off 2015 with a fully-aligned Sales and Marketing engine? Account-Based Marketing is the key to defining shared goals, tightening up funnel metrics all the way through and aligning these two teams for success. In this webinar, Sales and Marketing leaders from Demandbase will share their first-hand strategies and tactics for implementing Account-Based Marketing and working together to accelerate the buying cycle and generate revenue. You’ll learn:

How to collaborate and create the optimal target account list
How to implement the right tools, processes and infrastructure to support ongoing alignment
How to use the target account list to align sales territories, content marketing initiatives, and marketing programs
How to continually optimize programs based on full transparency and real-time feedback between teams
What it’s like to actually enjoy happy hour with your Sales’ counterpart.

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Sales Vs. Marketing at Demandbase

  1. 1. Sales Vs. Marketing at Demandbase How Account-Based Marketing Brought us Together
  2. 2. Gabe Rogol VP Sales Demandbase Twitter: @gaberogol Email: @Demandbase #b2bmarketing Shari Johnston Sr. Director of Integrated Marketing Demandbase Twitter: @shariajohnston Email:
  3. 3. Sales and Marketing… Can’t we all just get along?
  4. 4. Key Topics MARKETING SALES• How we aligned marketing and sales to build a winning team • Using Account-Based Marketing to optimize our marketing budget and sales resources • Showcasing how this strategy improved conversion rates and results throughout the funnel
  5. 5. The sales and marketing divide MARKETING SALES Leads Personas Quantity Individuals Opportunities Buyers/Influencers Quality Accounts
  6. 6. MARKETING SALES The result… Marketing isn’t supporting us We delivered 1,238 MQLs this quarter. +27% above goal!”
  7. 7. Focusing on volume wastes time and money 4.4% Inquiries Convert .03% Inquiries to closed/won Source: Sirius Decisions
  8. 8. Leads aren’t valued… of marketing generated leads are never followed up by sales. 50% - Miller Pierce, 2014 VOC Study
  10. 10. B2B can’t use B2C tactics Spray and Pray • Quantity ≠ quality • Wasted resources Persona Marketing • Targeting based on behaviors • Right person, wrong company Targeting Accounts • B2B buys & sells by account • Aligns marketing with sales/revenue ✖ ✖ ✔
  11. 11. Why Account-Based Marketing? • Ensures attention is given to top prospects/customers • Defines growth and timing based on account specifics • More efficient with a defined universe • Delivers on their target accounts • Linked to greater customer satisfaction and retention • Customers experience less noise, respond at higher rates to more relevant outreach Focuses on Best Opportunities Supports Sales Reality Delivers Customer-Centric Experience
  12. 12. ABM - It ain’t rocket science Identify the right accounts Market to those accounts Measure by accounts
  13. 13. Account-Based Marketing at Demandbase
  14. 14. The Process 1 2 3 4 5 6 Identify stakeholders in marketing and sales Use predictive analytics to help establish target account list Scrub list with sales and marketing stakeholders Develop marketing and sales engagement plans around those accounts Execute marketing programs Refresh target list quarterly
  15. 15. Predictive Analytics Identifying common business characteristics of customers and pipeline accounts to establish a list of high value prospects For Demandbase, this was NOT about lead scoring
  16. 16. 3 2 1 Identifying key account attributes Multimedia TechnologiesAnalytics Marketing Automations Web Hosting Platforms Live Chat 4 Overall technology applications used Complexity of website Social Activity Revenue
  17. 17. The DB 1500
  18. 18. Confidential | © Demandbase 2014 All rights reserved. Segment by key industries Source: US Census Bureau Software & Technology Business Services Financial Services Manufacturing Telecommunications
  19. 19. 1 2 3 4 5 Sales Org Structure Common Structure to Demandbase sales org, geographic/revenue bands: Enterprise Mid-market Key Account reps Vertical reps Customer Success
  21. 21. The territory planning process Marketing Planning Demand Generation Field Marketing Database Campaigns Sales Team Presentations Review Programs Brainstorm Additions Align Account Focus DB1500+ Final Plan Additional Territory Activities Monthly Review Perf Man Analysis Program Execution Recommended Edits -4 weeks End of 1st and 2nd Months -2 weeks Quarter Start
  22. 22. Field event prioritization
  23. 23. How it impacts Sales workflow
  24. 24. DB1500 Integrated Campaign
  25. 25. Ad Example
  26. 26. Bizo Integrated Campaign
  27. 27. Personalize the experience
  28. 28. Confidential | © Demandbase 2014 All rights reserved. Account Based Marketing Results
  29. 29. Measure by territory August July Programs executing this quarter: • Advertising campaign • B2B Retargeting • Chicago Field Program • Cleveland Appt Setting Campaign • Content Marketing World Performance Assessment: • Saw 5 more target accounts engaged this month. • 6 key accounts engaged in in-person activities. • General upswing in engagement, but not as much as planned. • Q4 programs increased to address this. $190,350 $375,500 15 27
  30. 30. 3 2 1 4 Making marketing data accessible to Sales Sales Accelerator: Giving Sales the ability to quickly understand: Are we advertising to my key accounts? How is website engagement trending? What content are they most interested in? Are there any anomalous behavior patterns?
  31. 31. DB 1500 vs Non DB 1500 Accounts Funnel Velocity ASP Close Rate Enterprise 7% +26% +75% Mid Market 4% +5% +10% Advertising -16% +72% +21%
  32. 32. The NEW result… MARKETING SALES We reached 50% of your target accounts this quarter and contributed $12.6M in pipeline within those accounts And we closed 15 marketing generated opps
  33. 33. Key Takeaways SALES • Align Marketing and Sales with the same key KPI’s will build a winning team • An account-based marketing approach reduces marketing budget and sales resource waste • A sales and marketing strategy around ABM is producing solid business results throughout the funnel
  34. 34. Gabe Rogol VP Sales Demandbase Twitter: @gaberogol Email: @Demandbase #b2bmarketing Shari Johnston Sr. Director of Integrated Marketing Demandbase Twitter: @shariajohnston Email: Thank you!
  35. 35. Sales vs. Marketing at Demandbase How Account-Based Marketing Brought us Together