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Leveraging AI Driven Data To Fuel a New Generation of ABM Campaigns


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ThoughtSpot will be discussing their ABM journey and how they’ve taken their ABM campaigns to the next level. In this session, they’ll be discussing how they’ve leveraged to capture and sync all their go-to-market activity data and how that data has been used to solve for campaign attribution and increase campaign ROI.

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Leveraging AI Driven Data To Fuel a New Generation of ABM Campaigns

  1. 1. LEVERAGING AI DRIVEN DATA TO FUEL A NEW GENERATION OF ABM CAMPAIGNS Dayle Hall CMO, Kaushik Patel VP, Demand Gen & Marketing Operations, ThoughtSpot
  2. 2. Leveraging AI Driven Data to Fuel a New Generation of ABM Campaigns Kaushik Patel - VP Demand Gen & Operations, ThoughtSpot Dayle Hall - CMO, AIS 2019 #ABMSUMMIT
  3. 3. Why We’re Here Foundation for ABM = Data + Intelligence How Marketing Puts ABM + AI into Action Alignment with Sales
  4. 4. Millions of dollars invested in CRM and Martech with the promise of growth and productivity 7 This promise has not been fully realized. ©2019 All RightsReserved
  5. 5. ©2019 All RightsReserved8 “impact of AI technologies on business is projected to increase labor productivity by up to 40% and enable people to make more efficient use of their time.“ But… AI is the game changer Sales reps spend on average, 30 percent of their time on internal administrative activities. People are wasting time and companies are wasting money
  6. 6. Customer Activity Data Is Key to ABM Success Customer Activity Data: • All Customer Contact Information • Calendar Data (Meetings, Attendees, Cancellations) • All Digital Communications (email, messaging, phone) • Salesforce Data (All History) • Customer Account History • Product Telemetry • Sales Data Activity • Marketing Campaign Analytics • Support Resource Activity • Financial Information • Sales and Marketing Rep Activity Customer Activity Data is lost due to people manually entering data, excel spreadsheets and manual processes. ©2019 All RightsReserved9
  7. 7. Today’s Antiquated Approach • Only 20% of data captured = 80% is lost • Reps spend >30% of time on manual data entry = time away from selling • Low engagement with core tools like Manual Entry = Data Loss Siloed and Inaccessible Data • Different systems and silos prevent enterprises from capitalizing on insights • Inability to identify or impact the right buying groups • Marketing attribution and impact is untrusted Contacts Are Missing or Not Current • On average 2 out of 12 of the relevant buyers, influencers and users captured in an opportunity • Contact data becomes outdated as people change jobs, roles, names. ©2019 All RightsReserved10
  8. 8. 1 Opportunity 2 of 12 Contacts Captured 1000 Opportunities 2,000 of 12,000 Contacts Captured Example: Contacts Captured from Each Opportunity Manual Entry = Data Loss Siloed and Inaccessible Data Contacts Are Missing or Not Current Engaging only 20% of the buying group and influencers (losing 10,000 contacts) Imagine What That Could Mean for Your Team ©2019 All RightsReserved11
  9. 9. Automated Data Capture and Population of CRM Cross-system Data Intelligence Complete, Self Healing Contact Database How AI Provides Better Data for ABM ©2019 All RightsReserved12 • Automated Capture of All Customer Activity Data • Populate CRM - Right Context, Right Opportunity and Decision Field • Increased Engagement and trusted data in tools • Data Across Systems, Silos and Processes - Matching Algorithms to Provide Actionable Intelligence in the Right Context • Identify and Target the Right Buying Groups with the Right Content • Real-time Marketing Attribution • Automated Capture of Contacts Using Signature Scanning, Calendar Contacts, CC’s and NLP • Capture All Relevant Buyers, Influencers and Users (Pre & Post Sale) for every opportunity • Dynamically Update Contact Database Data drives results - AI to capture all data, and automatically match the right people to the right accounts, opportunities, and CAMPAIGNS!!
  10. 10. Kaushik Patel VP of Demand Gen and Marketing Operations
  11. 11. Search & AI-Driven Analytics Next Generation Analytics Platform for the Enterprise
  12. 12. Team Technology Customers Search + Enterprise Search & AI-Driven Analytics Platform Mid-to-large Enterprise Palo Alto, CA Headquarters $306M Funding Magic Quadrant Leader RELATIONAL SEARCH AUTOMATED INSIGHTS ThoughtSpot Overview
  13. 13. Marketing Marketing Operations Sales Operations Sales Deals $$ Ideal Scenario
  14. 14. 2015 2017 Today Phase 1 - ABM Foundation Phase 2 - Tracking & Segmentation Phase 3 - Optimize with AI Our Journey
  15. 15. Geo-based Routing HQ-based Routing L2A Matching TECHNOLOGY Demandbase TECHNOLOGY LeanData Phase 1 - ABM Foundation
  16. 16. Accounts $100M+ Account-based Routing Territory Management SOURCE Hoovers TECHNOLOGY LeanData TECHNOLOGY Home grown TECHNOLOGY Home grown Account Tiers TECHNOLOGY Rollup Helper Activity Tracking Phase 1 - ABM Foundation
  17. 17. Account Hierarchies Engagement Tracking Account De-Dupe TECHNOLOGY Traction Hierarchies TECHNOLOGY Home grown TECHNOLOGY Clean D&B TECHNOLOGY Home grown Contact Segmentation Phase 2 - Tracking & Segmentation
  18. 18. Performance Win Field Sales SDR Org Channel Field Marketing Digital Marketing Management CAMPAIGNS ?
  19. 19. TECHNOLOGY Enhanced Activity Tracking TECHNOLOGY Home grown People Metrics Contact/Capture Matching Phase 3 - Optimize with AI
  20. 20. Today Account Opportunity SALS MQLs Activity Tracking Prospects (Leads & Contacts 100% Automated Activity Tracking - No manual entry - Forward-looking insights - Integrated with 3rd party tools - Heatmaps – follow- ups & prospecting Contact Coverage & Buildup - Net new contacts based on activity - Lead → Contact Role (campaign attribution!) - Impact on attribution reporting
  21. 21. 100% Activity Capture ● Account ● Opportunity ● Account/market penetration based on hard data AI fuels our next level ABM campaigns Reach & Coverage ● 10-20x the Contacts created per month ● Tripled the size of our Contact Database in 6 months ● 40 - 80 leads converted to contact roles weekly Attribution ● Leads to more precise measurement ● Improved decisions on marketing spend/results
  22. 22. Salesforce | Marketo Google Analytics | Jira Media Spend | ETL ThoughtSpot on ThoughtSpot
  23. 23. The Last Piece - Sales & marketing alignment
  24. 24. AI + ABM = Attribution ©2019 All Rights Reserved True attribution is dependent on the data Creating the right contact, to campaign, to opportunity and showing it close. Full attribution comes when you know what sales is doing with the leads that you create. Looking at the same data and sharing wins, drives Alignment with Sales 27
  25. 25. Marketing Is Sending Direct Mails To Your Target Account List The Boss of a Prospect Who Received a Direct Mail Calls Your Sales Rep Directly -- Closes a deal How AI Can Help Solve for Attribution for ABM Campaigns ©2019 All RightsReserved28 Scenario 1: ABM Without AI Power Contact Capture and Creation 1 2 Sales doesn’t track or capture activity Close Won Deal! = Yay! Direct Mail Attribution = None In this scenario, marketing gets zero credit or influence if this prospect buys.
  26. 26. Marketing Is Sending Direct Mails To Your Target Account List The Boss of a Prospect Who Received a Direct Mail Calls Your Sales Rep Directly -- Closes a deal (Automatically Added to the CRM) How AI Can Help Solve for Attribution for ABM Campaigns ©2019 All RightsReserved29 Scenario 2: With AI Power Contact Capture and Creation 1 2 Contacts Created Contact Added to the Account, and Opportunity Activity is Added to the Marketing Campaign Attribution going to Marketing’s ABM Campaign All Done Automatically with AI
  27. 27. Campaign 360 • Get more from every marketing dollar you spend by engaging dropped business opportunities • Align your salesand marketing teamsand fix processbreakdowns • Know when a campaign isworking sooner so you can iterate quickly and make future investments • Prove the true value of your campaignsby automatically capturing all sourced and influenced opportunities
  28. 28. Know exactly how many leads and contacts have not been engaged by Sales. Prove ROI by capturing ALL related Opportunities. Fix process breakdowns by showing Sales exactly who to follow-up with. Understand why a campaign was or wasn’t effective.
  29. 29. “Marketers are constantly debating with sales about attribution and sourcing. They need to look for something that offers full visibility into which campaigns are driving opportunities and which opportunities are driving success of campaigns. This will enable sales and marketing teams to accelerate revenue generation inside their enterprises.” Terry Flaherty Senior Research Director, Demand Marketing What Analysts Are Saying About Campaign 360 32
  30. 30. Takeaways 1. Capture as much of the data as possible 2. Serve up the data into actionable intelligence 3. Sales & Marketing need to be on the same page driven by data to hold each other accountable
  31. 31. 34 ©2019 All RightsReserved