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How to Improve B2B Marketing Performance with Account-Based Marketing



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Learn how the Marketing team at RGIS improved results by switching to an account-based strategy.

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How to Improve B2B Marketing Performance with Account-Based Marketing

  1. 1. Demandbase and RGIS @ Oracle Interact 2014 July 17, 2014 Peter Isaacson Chief Marketing Officer If You’re Not Doing Account-Based Marketing, You’re Doing It Wrong
  2. 2. Confidential | © Demandbase 2014 All rights reserved. The investment/proficiency gap 60% 34% My company will invest more in digital marketing technology this year. Source: Adobe, Digital Distress Study, Sept. 2013 (U.S. Marketers) My company is highly proficient at digital marketing.
  3. 3. Confidential | © Demandbase 2014 All rights reserved. B2B marketing challenges are daunting Source: Adobe, Digital Distress Study, Sept. 2013 (U.S. Marketers, Top 2: Extremely Concerned, Very Concerned) As a marketer, how concerned are you about the following issues? Reaching customers 82% Understanding whether campaigns are working 79% Proving campaign effectiveness 77% Demonstrating ROI 75%
  4. 4. Confidential | © Demandbase 2014 All rights reserved. Awareness programs not targeted 85% of website visitors are not potential customers Static B2B web sites offer no personalization 80% of web visitors abandon a site In < 5 seconds Few quality hand raises and often too late in buying cycle 97% of website visitors will ignore call to action Traditional methods aren’t driving results
  5. 5. Confidential | © Demandbase 2014 All rights reserved. Wasted time on blind Sales calls Low conversion rates, Nurturing bad leads Low engagement, unused content Wasted ad spend, attracting anyone More conversions, better scoring/routing Relevant content, deep engagement Ads only to target accounts, zero waste Happy Sales team, real opportunities Targeting Individuals vs Targeting Accounts M A S S B A C K W A R D S A C C O U N T - B A S E D , T A R G E T E D
  7. 7. Companies Innovating w/ Demandbase
  8. 8. PERSONALIZATION Website Content Management & Testing/Optimization Demandbase is easy to implement and connects into leading marketing tech Marketing Automation & Lead Management Chat & CRM CONVERSION Adobe® Campaign ADS Ad Exchanges & Publishers Web & Social Analytics ANALYTICS
  9. 9. Account-based Marketing and its Digital Strategy
  10. 10. World’s Leading Inventory Service Provider 11Private & Confidential – Not for Distribution We provide inventory data collection solutions for retail, healthcare, and manufacturing.
  11. 11. 12
  12. 12. Switched to Digital Marketing Our Market Situation 13Private & Confidential - Not for Distribution 1958 2013 Direct Marketing & Tradeshows  New Leadership  New markets  Lofty Sales Initiatives  Limited dedicated IT Support  Skepticism
  13. 13. ABM 4 Marketing 14Private & Confidential - Not for Distribution Better Messaging Segmentation Method Choices Real-time Marketing Nurturing Power
  14. 14. Why ABM 4 Sales 15Private & Confidential - Not for Distribution Multiple Decision Makers Sales & Marketing Alignment Nurturing Opportunities
  15. 15. 1. Make RGIS/ a leading source of relevant industry knowledge. 2. Drive new online traffic to using links to engage thought leadership content. 3. Create nurturing campaigns to drive new leads and move leads to prospects. 4. Improve sales and marketing alignment Objectives & Goals 16Private & Confidential - Not for Distribution
  16. 16. 17 Retail Healthcare Specialty Services  Automotive Aftermarkets  Auto Dealers  CPG Companies  Distribution Centers  Department Stores  Dollar Stores  Discount/Mass Merchandize  Drug/Rx/HBC  Fixture Manufactures  Grocery/Supermarket  Convenience Store  Hardware/Home Improvement  Apparel/Shoes  Consumer Electronics/Multi-Media  Specialty/Service Retailer  Internet Retailers  Hospital Int. Health  Medical Supply/Device  Long Term Care  Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Compliance  Restaurants/Food Service  Government/Education  Transportation  Defense  Manufacturing  Mining  Utilities  Telecommunications and Broadcasting  Arts and Entertainment Audience
  17. 17. Structure 18Private & Confidential - Not for Distribution
  18. 18. Build and Execute 19Private & Confidential - Not for Distribution
  19. 19. 20Private & Confidential - Not for Distribution Key Findings: Traffic by Vertical
  20. 20. 21Private & Confidential - Not for Distribution Key Findings: Visitors’ Attributes
  21. 21. 22Private & Confidential - Not for Distribution Key Findings: Visitors’ Attributes by Vertical
  22. 22. 23Private & Confidential - Not for Distribution Key Findings: Segmentation & Engagement
  23. 23. Customer-centric Site 24Private & Confidential - Not for Distribution
  24. 24.  Account-Based ads  Improve Customer Satisfaction Score by 15 points  Increase web lead generation 10 x  Support 21% conversion of leads  Estimated revenue $ 24 million KPI’s 25Private & Confidential - Not for Distribution
  25. 25. 1. Market Situation 2. ABM, a Solution? 3. Objectives & Goals 4. Pick your Audience 5. Structure your Approach 6. Build and Execute 7. Evaluate Summary 26Private & Confidential - Not for Distribution Cristin L Colling | | 248-601-6328

Editor's Notes

  • The B2B Marketing Cloud includes a comprehensive set of marketing solutions that help you market and sell to other businesses

    Advertising Solutions for attracting the target companies and business audiences to your website, with zero waste.

    Personalization Solutions plug into any CMS, testing tool or plain HTML to allow native website personalization.

    Conversion Solutions increase conversions rates by shortening forms without sacrificing company details that are important to marketing automation programs and customer databases.

    Demandbase Consulting Services help you get maximum value and performance:
    Go-Live Services—Get implemented and see value quickly and easily
    Account-Based Marketing Services—Training, assessment or workshops on the best way to combine technology and strategy for optimal B2B results
    Performance Management Services—Hands-on consulting engagements where we offer our deep technology expertise and B2B marketing best practices from our experience helping hundreds of top-tier customers.
  • We work with some of the most successful B2B brands to help them execute Target Account Marketing programs.
  • Vendor agnostic, complementary solution
    Demandbase powers your existing marketing tools with target account visibility, allowing you to segment, analyze and take actions on the prospects and existing customers that matter most.

    We offer prebuilt connectors with implementation best practices and expert services that allow you to go-live within a matter of hours or days.
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