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Expert ABM: Selling the Value of ABM in Your Organization


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What does it take to get your organization committed to account-based marketing? How do you get your CFO to green-light the budget, get the sales organization committed to a new level of coordination, and rally the rest of your organization around the strategies, resources and focus necessary to drive ongoing ABM success?

In this webinar you’ll receive specific, immediately actionable tools and best practices to coordinate your entire organization around account-based marketing. You will hear:
- Best practices from peers who have successfully “sold” a focus and investment in ABM internally
- Specific messaging, presentation and ROI measurement tools that work to build consensus and commitment
- Common obstacles and objections to ABM, and how to overcome them

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Expert ABM: Selling the Value of ABM in Your Organization

  1. 1. EXPERT ABM SELLING THE VALUE OF ABM TO YOUR ORGANIZATION Jessica Fewless Sr. Director, Partner and Field Marketing, Demandbase Matt Heinz President, Heinz Marketing Inc #ExpertABM
  2. 2. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 2 SPEAKERS MATT HEINZ President Heinz Marketing Inc. JESSICA FEWLESS Sr. Director, Field and Partner Marketing Demandbase
  3. 3. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 3 HOUSEKEEPING  Questions  On-demand and slide deck  Our ABM Expert Guide resources @HeinzMarketing @Demandbase #ExpertABM
  4. 4. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 4 ABM yourself to get ABM
  5. 5. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 5 KEYS TO LAUNCHING ABM 1. Velocity Outcomes first (and always) 2. Map the internal buying committee, build consensus 3. Challenge the status quo 4. Securing budget 5. Drive deep coordination with sales
  6. 6. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 6 DEFINING OUTCOMES  Revenue growth  Target account efficiency  Opportunity cost  Where is there quantifiable pain right now?
  8. 8. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 8 KEY BENEFITS BY DEPARTMENT MARKETING More focused, more efficient, and more connected to revenue IT/OPERATIONS Better coordinated platforms between sales and marketing SALES Greater precision, coordination, and velocity in Target Accounts FINANCE Greater predictability, transparency, and visibility into marketing expense ROI
  11. 11. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 11 THE DEEPER ORG CHART Marketing  CMO  Head of Demand Generation  Marketing Operations  Event Manager Sales  VP of Sales (or CRO)  Sales Manager  Sales Operations  Named Account Sales Reps Operations & Finance  CEO  Finance Director  IT
  14. 14. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 14 ORGANIZATIONAL ALIGNMENT – PITFALLS My sales team won’t give me their target account list or work with us to build one. An ABM strategy is going to be expensive, more than I have budget for. We’re already too busy. How are we going to implement an ABM strategy? Are we just going to walk away from the leads NOT on our target account list? There will be too few leads to hit our pipeline and revenue goals. Find somewhere to start – a sales rep, an industry team – that will work with you to prove the model. Since ABM is an efficient strategy, you can actually acquire more of the RIGHT leads on the same budget. Since ABM is an efficient strategy, you can actually decrease the number of campaigns and tactics, but deliver more leads per action. A certain percentage of your revenue will still come from outside the list; you just won’t proactively seek them out. If executed properly, an ABM strategy will actually deliver MORE qualified leads, and fewer of the leads that won’t turn into business. “OBJECTION” “RESPONSE” MARKETINGSALES
  16. 16. AGENDA #ExpertABM • Objectives & Measures of Success • Shifting B2B Trends • ABM 101 • How Others Are Winning (& Losing) • Key Cross-Departmental Benefits • Business Case (ROI Calculator) • Resources Required • Q&A
  17. 17. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 17 ABM OBJECTIVES  Accelerate velocity and market share of enterprise and Named Accounts  More precisely and efficiently coordinate sales & marketing efforts focused on key accounts  Align marketing efforts squarely behind sales and revenue targets
  18. 18. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 18 ABM MEASURE OF SUCCESS XX Total Opportunities XX% of pipeline coming from Target Accounts XX% Increase in Close Rate XX% Increase in Average Deal Size XX% Increase in Funnel Velocity
  19. 19. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 19 You need a target account list first. Understand where you have challenges Determine where to apply ABM budget BEFORE YOU BUDGET FOR ABM
  20. 20. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 20 TOP B2B MARKETING BUDGET CATEGORIES FIELD MARKETING Hospitality Events WEBSITE CRM MAS/MAP DMPs Analytics Predictive TECHNOLOGY / INFRASTRUCTURE DEMAND GEN Sponsorships: Events Sponsorships: Content Digital Events: Webinars Advertising SEM Content Syndication/ 3rd party Networks Paid Social Direct Mail CONTENT MARKETING PRODUCT MARKETING PR/ANALYST AGENCY FEES Testing Design
  21. 21. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 21 WAYS TO BUDGET FOR ABM Determine what areas are ready for ABM  Processes  Technologies  Program/Channels Identify a starting point Prioritize under performing areas first ABM Budget Directive
  22. 22. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 22 WAYS TO BUDGET FOR ABM Roll up Under Other Initiatives What other initiatives will ABM support?  Website Redesign  Upsell/Retention Goal  Marketing Automation
  23. 23. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 23 WAYS TO BUDGET FOR ABM Use Innovation Budget to Test Find a test that will make a difference Be sure to measure for a successful test Be cautious and conscious of test time frames
  24. 24. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 24 WAYS TO BUDGET FOR ABM Partner with Departments to Fund Sales and Marketing Alignment is a 2-way street Sales needs more than leads, they need target account insights like:  Anonymous buyer activity  Product interest alerts  Stalled deals visibility
  25. 25. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 25 WAYS TO BUDGET FOR ABM Be honest about what’s working and what’s not Start with your list of budget areas to determine where you can make changes Shift or Re-allocation Budgets
  26. 26. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 26 KEYS TO SALES INTEGRATION Make Sales an Early Partner and Collaborator
  27. 27. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 27 KEYS TO SALES INTEGRATION Work from Common Objectives and Definitions
  28. 28. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 28 KEYS TO SALES INTEGRATION Think in Terms of Macro and Micro Campaigns
  29. 29. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 29 KEYS TO SALES INTEGRATION Practice the OODA Loop
  30. 30. #ExpertABM © 2016 DEMANDBASE / SLIDE 30 Q&A
  31. 31. © 2016 DEMANDBASE|SLIDE 31 THE ABM EVENT OF THE YEAR! April 5-6, 2017 Pier 27, San Francisco Save the date and join us for…
  32. 32. THANK YOU #ExpertABM