How Demandbase Applies Real-time Identificationto an Account-Based Marketing Strategy                             $50M    ...
How Demandbase Applies Real-time Identificationto an Account-Based Marketing StrategyDriving Online Customer Engagement Wh...
Introduction: The Modern Marketer’s Mandate The mandate for today’s B2B marketer is clear—accelerate revenue by cultivatin...
The New Solution:All Roads Lead to Your WebsiteMany B2B marketers know precisely which strategies and tools they’d        ...
Target Locked: How Demandbase Engages its   Ideal Customer Profile with Real-Time ID                             When you ...
Here are the six steps Demandbase takes to focus ourtime and money where it has the most pay-off, plus advicefor how you c...
The B2B Buying LandscapeEveryone gets excited about a billion-dollar prospect company, and understandably so.But do you kn...
Take ActionTo gain granular insight into what primes your target profiles to interact with your website at increasinglevel...
STEP #2Nail the landing with simpler landing page forms–without sacrificing critical informationEven though much ofconvers...
Figure 1: Short Forms Outperform Long Forms*    First Name*                                     First Name*               ...
STEP #3Optimize outbound marketingcampaigns with inbound leadinformation + robust analyticsNow it’s time to discover if ou...
STEP #4Create a zero-click website to engage named accountsthe instant they arrive with customized offers.Today’s customer...
A little bit of personalization can     significantly increase engagement                                 Use Technology t...
STEP #5Connect with your named or engaged accounts with live chatMost consumers are familiar with the concept of          ...
STEP #6                                                    The Demandbase Cheat SheetRetarget + remarket to               ...
By applying Demandbase Real-Time Identification to an account-based marketing strategy,  the impact on conversions in the ...
Demandbase is the first real-time targeting and     personalization platform for B2B, transforming the     effectiveness o...
San Francisco Headquarters      Demandbase, Inc.                         Facebook     ...
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Drive Online Engagement While Increasing Web Conversions


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Learn how Demandbase applies real-time identification to account-based marketing strategy to drive customer engagement and web conversions.

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Drive Online Engagement While Increasing Web Conversions

  1. 1. How Demandbase Applies Real-time Identificationto an Account-Based Marketing Strategy $50M $5M Revenue $9B Revenue Current Customer Revenue $32B Business Services Software & Revenue 2900 EmployeesTarget Technology $3B Revenue Account Financial 2600 Transportation $32B Revenue Employees Services & Logistics 36,000 Manufacturing 14,171 Employees 20,400 Employees EmployeesDriving Online Customer Engagement WhileDramatically Improving Web Conversionswith Real-Time Identification
  2. 2. How Demandbase Applies Real-time Identificationto an Account-Based Marketing StrategyDriving Online Customer Engagement While DramaticallyImproving Web Conversions with Real-Time IdentificationExecutive Summary Takeaways include:The website is the hub for all customer and prospect activity in the • How to drive sales with a focus onbusiness-to-business (B2B) marketplace. In fact, every single deal marketing to your “sweet spot” • Extending account-based market-that your sales team closes has touched your website at some step of ing and account segmentationthe buying process. Still, most B2B companies earn the majority of beyond email and into yourtheir revenue from a very small percentage of their web traffic—most website and content strategyoften because only a portion of their traffic is in their “sweet spot.” • Making it all work by combining “Sweet spot” or named accounts share certain select character- your existing content assets, website, CRM, MAS or Live Chatistics with your best customers. By optimizing your website for those • Actionable ways to think big, startsweet spot prospects, you can accelerate revenue and entice more small, and move fast to incremen-of those premium visitors to convert. As a B2B marketer, your team tally improve web conversions ofneeds to rethink how you can convert more first-time visitors from your highest value prospects.your sweet spot accounts the moment they arrive at your site. If youdo, you’ll see a staggering increase in the number of highly profitableleads that rapidly enter the sales cycle and become pipeline. 2
  3. 3. Introduction: The Modern Marketer’s Mandate The mandate for today’s B2B marketer is clear—accelerate revenue by cultivating a rich pipeline of sales-ready leads and engaging customers at deeper and more meaningful levels. The days of feel-good brochures are over. You need to scientifically implement a marketing strategy that catches customers and prospects online with engaging and measurable interactions that convert to revenue.Sales quotas are up by The challenge is, since the advent of the internet and the fast93% in 2012, with only a growth of social platforms, competition for prospect attention has33% average increase in the become tougher than ever. In an attempt to create as manymarketing budgets that support leads as possible, most B2B companies implement a shotgunthem. In other words, your team approach, turning websites into content libraries without a cardneeds to create three times catalog or a librarian—often diluting their message by trying toas many marketing-qualified appeal to as many visitors as possible with generic, one-size-fits-leads as you have money for. all content and offers.You need to do something Today’s B2B buyer is a complex individual, requiring andifferent—and fast. extremely nuanced and integrated approach across multiple touchSource: CSO Insights points. Their B2C shopping experience has led them to expect person- alized offers and concierge-level information services anytime, anywhere. B2Bs typically don’t have all of the personalization advantages that B2Cs do — such as browsing histories built up over repeat visits, or product-specific search traffic — so their shotgun approach isn’t really surprising. But the irony is, B2Bs continue using shotguns instead of precision rifles in spite of the fact that they know that only a small portion of their traffic even fits their target buyer profile. 5 Critical Elements of a Robust Online Engagement Strategy In order to attract, engage, convert and measure the web visitors of highest-potential value, your digital marketing strategy must include the following five strategies: 1. Clearly define the profile of a qualified lead with your sales team. 2. Engage web visitors with personalized content, targeted offers and live chat by using real-time intelligence to see who is on your site. 3. Optimize your web conversions with shorter, smarter forms on your landing pages. 4. Measure your results to see what’s working and what isn’t. 5. Continually refine your target profiles and marketing campaigns to improve results and drive revenue. 3
  4. 4. The New Solution:All Roads Lead to Your WebsiteMany B2B marketers know precisely which strategies and tools they’d For every $92implement to improve their campaigns and deliver higher quality marketers spendleads, if given additional resources. However, today’s C-Level driving traffic toexecutives and board of investors remain cautious, so their their websites, theymarketing teams are challenged to create better results with fixed spend only $1 toor diminished budgets. That’s why more and more companiesare making strategic investments in their website to incrementally optimize them.engage the prospects and customers who matter most at critical Source: Adobe Digital Marketing Blogmoments during their purchase lifecycle. In this white paper, we will show how Demandbase has embracedPareto’s Law (or, the 80-20 principle) to increase online engagement andweb conversion of sweet spot accounts. We use an account-based marketingstrategy powered by Real-Time Identification to effectively engage and convert more ofthe visitors that are the most likely to become revenue. We’ll share actionable ways youcan market to your “sweet spot”— in other words, the prospects visiting your websitewho represent the companies that are most likely to become customers. Buyer 2.0 at a Glance Modern B2B buyers require an extremely B2B buyers do their own research and engage nuanced and integrated approach across with their peers online to discuss products multiple touch points. Here’s why: and services LONG before they ever talk to • 92% of C-Level executives ignore cold calls a company representative. And when they and emails. do finally reach out, they expect relevant information exactly when they want it. • 56-80% of the buying cycle happens before the vendor is even invited into the process. This is why your website is so important— • 63% of customers choose helpful vendors because customers visit your website from over cost-effective vendors. anywhere, 24/7. Sources: InsideView, Sales Executive Council, SiriusDecisions, The Annuitas Group 4
  5. 5. Target Locked: How Demandbase Engages its Ideal Customer Profile with Real-Time ID When you hear the term “named account marketing,” outbound marketing likely comes to mind — in other words, proactively reaching out to the accounts tagged by sales as desirable. Of course, such named account strategiesIn an environment of limited are more challenging to execute when one of these accounts visits yourmarketing resources, where website in response to a search or content-based inbound marketingthe buyer has seemingly campaign. In that scenario, such prospects are harder to identify.unlimited options, the only way So how do you achieve an effective balance? For Demandbase, theto continually drive results is answer was optimizing our website to treat those named accountsto focus time and money onthe prospects most likely to as if we were expecting them. Upon their arrival to our site, we pushbecome revenue. relevant, personalized offers based on their company profile. This is where outbound and inbound leads intersect. If you can focus your paid, outbound campaigns against a specific target profile and filter your inbound leads to get the Top Benefits of a same profile, you’ll get a significantly higher return Real-Time ID Website on your marketing dollars. It’s analogous to finding needles in the haystack. Here’s what you can expect to see if you incorporate account identity as a web element: • Higher lead conversions among named YOUR accounts Website • Improved lead capture and lead scoring • Increase qualified lead generation Outbound Inbound • More new business closed Marketing Marketing Strategies Strategies • Expanded presence in existing Advertising SEM customer accounts Paid media SEO • Increased pipeline forecast accuracy Direct mail Social List buying Blogs • More accurate outbound marketing PR campaigns with strategically selected Email marketing accounts for remarketing and retargeting Telemarketing Content marketing Trade shows Viral marketing • Aligned sales and marketing results 5
  6. 6. Here are the six steps Demandbase takes to focus ourtime and money where it has the most pay-off, plus advicefor how you can put the same strategies to action.STEP #1Define your “sweet spot”target profiles $50M $5M Revenue $9B Revenue Current Customer Revenue $32B Business Services Software &As discussed, B2B companies Revenue 2900 EmployeesTarget Technology $3B Revenue Accountrecognize they’re most likely to sell to Financial 2600 Transportation $32B Revenue Employees Services & Logisticscompanies who fit the profile of their 36,000 Manufacturing 14,171current customer base. To continually Employees 20,400 Employees Employeesimprove quality lead generation, it’scritical to identify the distinguishingcharacteristics of these customers,especially because they aren’t alwaysan enterprise’s biggest customers withthe most impressive logos.To determine Demandbase’s profile of prospects most likely to become revenue, our marketing team: • Executed a closed-won analysis of deals from the past 12 months. • Sat down with sales to discuss the top attributes of our highest value customers. • Collectively defined the predictive attributes of our target buyer profile, including industry, size and common technologies utilized by our customers.Demandbase sells to a more sophisticated marketer—in other words, a marketing team that wouldlikely be categorized as a “top performer” in analyst surveys. Additionally, the technologies that thesecompanies use are critical indicators of their likelihood to buy from us. For example, if an organization usesSiteCatalyst instead of Google Analytics, they have made a commitment of time and resources towardsthe active analysis of their Web traffic that is likely more advanced than those companies that are usingfree tools. This does not mean we can’t help companies using Google Analytics—as a matter of fact,Demandbase uses GA. It simply means that the usage of certain marketing tools are likely indicators ofmarketing sophistication. Companies that already use marketing automation software are another sweet spot for us, specificallythose who use Eloqua. It’s not that we don’t have very successful customers using other tools like Aprimo,Marketo or others. We do! But at the time of the analysis, Eloqua users were converting and buying oursolutions faster and more consistently than other types of companies in our deal pipeline. 6
  7. 7. The B2B Buying LandscapeEveryone gets excited about a billion-dollar prospect company, and understandably so.But do you know how few of them there actually are? It all goes back to knowing what a really good 4.5 Total number of companies lead looks like for your company. million in the United States The fact is, the Fortune 377,000 Total number of US companies If your target 500 tends to expect that earn over $10 million in profile falls within higher service, annual revenue that top 3,100—or deeper discounts even the top 28,000— and can be less how sure do you want 28,000 Total number of US companies cooperative than to be that you catch that earn over $100 million in and convert them small or medium- annual revenue when they visit size business. On your site? the other hand, SMBs 3,100 Total number of US companies can be easier accounts that earn over $1B in annual revenue to maintain but may not be as profitable. Either way, you want to be certainSource: Demandbase Business Resolution Platform that you’re targeting and converting the companies that really matter to YOU.Find a BaselineDemandbase used Google Analytics to acquire a baseline for the conversion rates oftheir existing offers before applying account-based targeting to their online offers. Any Landing Page 4,584 4,584 4,272 312 Thank You Page 6.81% Conversion Rate 7
  8. 8. Take ActionTo gain granular insight into what primes your target profiles to interact with your website at increasinglevels of engagement, both your sales and marketing departments should sit down and ask:• Who do we sell to? What characteristics • What offers convert best? You can incremen- distinguish them? Consider industry, annual tally optimize your content when you know revenue, size of the workforce, and key what’s worked best in the past for individual technologies used. target segments.• Who are our highest-value customers • What technologies do they have in their stack? right now? Contextualize your answers in Depending on the solution you sell, this list terms of revenue—but also referrals, brand may comprise marketing technology, sales or advocacy, availability for customer testimonials IT technology, or something else. The CRM, and panels, time to go live, support costs, ERP, marketing, finance or human resources pricing requirements, and so on. technologies that a company has already• What targeting campaigns worked best to invested in could be a key indicator to whether convert them? In other words, drill into where they are ready to purchase your products you sourced your best leads. or services. Don’t Make Perfect the Enemy of Good Though Demandbase focused on Eloqua customers, we lacked an Eloqua customer list. Instead, we listed and tagged companies using Eloqua through a variety of methods over time, including simple salesperson updates in our CRM tool based on: • Conversations with prospects • Word on the street • Trade shows • Combing press releases • Viewing customer areas While it’s tempting to make a mountain out of a molehill when creating target lists, it doesn’t have to be a massive project. Remember, the goal is to place shorter forms and targeted offers in front of prospects that are most likely to generate revenue as quickly as possible – not to create a perfect target list. 8
  9. 9. STEP #2Nail the landing with simpler landing page forms–without sacrificing critical informationEven though much ofconversion optimizationbegins and ends with thelanding page, industryaverages for a simpleoffer-to-completion pathhover between three andfive percent. Furthermore,few companies know—or perhaps arebrave enough to look at—how many oftheir sweet spot accounts convert from their homepage to an offer page. To earn access to web visitors’ personalinformation, B2B marketing teams must offerincredibly relevant content that creates theperception of rich value. Unfortunately, even whenthey offer highly customized and relevant content,most B2B websites still suffer from extremely low entering our sales cycle or electing to receiveconversion rates. Often, their landing pages are nurture blame. To make this decision as simple as possible, All marketers know landing page conversion we have reduced friction by limiting our requiredincreases as the number of form fields decreases. form fields to the bare essentials: name, title, emailHowever, most B2B landing pages continue to and company name. We request a phone numberrequire 12 to 14 fields because they need all only if the prospect wants to be contacted inof that information to provide qualified leads. person. Any other relevant, important informa-Salespeople only call leads who they can easily see tion is captured in hidden form fields, and ourare in their sweet spot. Real-Time Identification service automatically fills At Demandbase, we call our landing pages the in those fields for us.“moment of truth.” They represent the moment To see what we mean, check out Figures 1 and 2 onwhen prospects decide whether to invite us into the next page. The impact on lead management andtheir lives for the next 6-12 months, either by scoring is immediate. 9
  10. 10. Figure 1: Short Forms Outperform Long Forms* First Name* First Name* First Name* Last Name* Last Name* Last Name* Work Email* Work Email* Work Email* Job Function* Choose One... Company* Work Phone* Company* Job Function* Select... Company* # Employees* Select... Job Function* Select... Industry* Advertising & Media # Employees* Select... Short Form (5 fields) CRM System* Select... Conversion Rate: 13.4% Industry* Advertising & Media Cost per: $31.24 Medium Form (7 fields) Conversion Rate: 12.0% Cost per: $34.94 Long Form (9 fields)*The Marketo study on the impact of form length Conversion Rate: 10.0% on conversion rates and cost per lead. Cost per: $41.90 Read it here. Figure 2: Anatomy of a Web Form The five fields a B2B company should always include in their web forms to optimize for conversion. Account-based details can be automatically added by Demandbase in real-time, eliminating the need to ask for them in your forms. 5 recommended form Use “Job Title” for First Name Brett fields. Only use fields better results in that are necessary Last Name Hansen to accelerate leads scoring. Job Title CTO conversion. Business Email Company Aver Company autocomplete Avery Dennison Corp. (PASADENA, CA) is convenient for the Label this field prospect, but also Avery-Hammer Ins. (FRESNO, CA) “Business Email” to improves accuracy Avery Weigh-Tronix (FAIRMONT, MN) increase accuracy. and supports data Avery Oil & Propane (DIMONDALE, MI) standardization for Avery Health Care System (LINVILLE, NC) lead management Register and scoring. Hidden Fields: Capture key profile data behind the Revenue Range Over $5 Billion Match your CTA button scenes in real time Industry Manufacturing to the action of your for lead scoring and Employees 35,700 user to increase routing without conversion, such as sacrificing volume. Address 150 North Orange Grove Blvd “Register” or City Pasadena “Download” instead State CA of “Submit.” Zip 91103 Phone number (626) 304-2000 Audience Enterprise And more... 10
  11. 11. STEP #3Optimize outbound marketingcampaigns with inbound leadinformation + robust analyticsNow it’s time to discover if our strategies andtactics are effective. Are our top priority prospectsvisiting, and if so, which offersare converting the most effectively? The answers tothese questions will determine how we tweak ourcampaigns to incrementally deliver better resultsgoing forward. At the moment, Demandbase uses GoogleAnalytics, though we’ll likely switch to somethingmore robust in the near future. Here are the fiveattributes we measure: Demandbase information can be applied to any • Industry web analytics platform, enabling account-based • Revenue range insight into the behavior of your web traffic. • Audience classification • Company name converted. Knowing specific company names is • Account status highly critical when deciding how to spend money on(Note: We aren’t allowed to measure any more, asGoogle Analytics sets a limit of five custom variables the same campaign going forward. This knowledgein its free product.) also helps us circle back and reexamine theEvery month, we drill into which companies answers to these important questions:responded to each individual offer and campaign, • What’s the profile of people who are engagingregardless of where they engaged or how they with us? • Which offers convert the best? TOP 5 SWEET SPOT • Are those companies becoming pipeline? MARKETING METRICS: But perhaps the most important question 1. Overall visits by industry and company size is, “What are we going to do to improve these 2. Conversion rates by industry and company size results?” Since we know the identity of our pros- 3. Source of traffic by industry and company size pects, we can easily find ways to upgrade our con- 4. Named account behavior tent and improve our offers. We measure success not by how many companies we engage, but how 5. Engagement and conversion of companies in your Sweet Spot well we engage the right companies. 11
  12. 12. STEP #4Create a zero-click website to engage named accountsthe instant they arrive with customized offers.Today’s customer responds to highly personalized offers. Consider iTunes’ Genius recommendations orthe section on Amazon that shares what customers with similar buying patterns recently purchased. B2Bwebsites must adapt to instantly provide the same rich user experience to which buyers are becomingaccustomed in order to convert and eventually close new business. With our Real-Time Identification service, we receive the business profile data—company name,location, size, revenue, and so on—of our website visitors the second they arrive. Site visitors are no longeranonymous page visits but are instead identified by company or audience segment. We customize everyinteraction to provide the most relevant information at every stage of engagement. We offer new visitorsinformation we think might stimulate conversion, and we greet existing customers with knowledgeableengagement that correlates to their known needs.To customize our offers to Demandbase’s target buyer profile, we conducted a data analysis of the accounts we had closed in the past 12 months. Then, we constructed offers based on the characteristics they shared, organizing them in a targeting grid that summarized which offers should be sent and what content should be featured for each account profile. For example, our website greets every company we have identified as an Eloqua customer with an offer that specifically mentions that tool. Customers of other marketing automation systems are shown similar offers referencing their technology. The secret is, our strategies that generate the highest return often aren’t very sophisticated. In fact, customization can simply mean changing the white paper or case study that’s featured as the offer on a page, or inserting a named account’s company name in the page’scopy. We frequently write several different targeted abstracts for the same white paper based on who weanticipate the visiting account might be. 12
  13. 13. A little bit of personalization can significantly increase engagement Use Technology that Integrates For example, simply by tweaking their website into What You Already Use strategy, Demandbase customer ArcSight saw: The reality is, resource limitations often dictate • 2X increase in clickthroughs that all new tools must work in tandem with • 3X increase in conversions the technologies you already have in place to • 14X return on investment both simplify ease of use as well as improve When healthcare prospects visited their site, they output. Conversely, it is also important to select showed a Boston Medical Center case study. When technologies that integrate with any other tools financial services companies arrived, their site you might consider, as it is hard to gain a featured a banking case study. Those who clicked return on investment if your technology tools through an offer encountered a landing page with a don’t work together. much shorter, smarter web form. No images were involved. No graphic designers were needed. That’s the power of personalization. Finally, no competitive strategy overlooks how Sometimes, B2B marketers make the costly to handle competitors. Demandbase asks, is there mistake of forgetting to any information we don’t want our competitors to personalize offers and see? What about content that we absolutely do? In formalize content the near future, we plan to follow in the footsteps ofOn average, you have eight a customer, Akamai, and re-direct our competitors sequencingseconds to engage someone on to our careers web page. for existingyour website, so it’s critical to accounts.know exactly who is there the Statistically, it’smoment that prospect arrives—and then engage named much easier—accounts with custom offers. and cheaper—toSource: sell to currentSquidoo SEO Best Practices customers than to create new ones. In our case, we frequently begin working with companies to optimize their website’s landing pages and forms. It’s a simple process and shows rapid ROI. At that point, these customers are often ready for the next step, so our website targets them with messages about our analytics package—a popular next step. 13
  14. 14. STEP #5Connect with your named or engaged accounts with live chatMost consumers are familiar with the concept of comes to distinguishing customers from potentiallive chat. While B2Cs have effectively used chat to prospects. We are immediately able to identify theaugment sales for a while, the primary B2Bs use product they are using and the customer successcase is typically as a supporttool. Our account development Live Chat Visitor Scenariosteam uses live chat from Use Case: Sales Enablement/Lead GenerationLivePerson as an intelligence and Prime Prospect Sales Rep: Welcome!lead generation tool to engage How can I help you today? IF Industry = Software/Technologyour highest priority prospects AND Revenue = > $500M THEN push proactive chat SENDwhen they’re on our site. with Sales Rep Thanks to our Real-Time Cross Sell / Up Sell Account Manager: Hello! WouldIdentification capabilities, the you like to learn how our Services IF Existing Customer = True Package compliments the HRDemandbase account develop- AND Product Data Set = A Package you bought last quarter? THEN push proactive chat withment team receives immediate Sales Rep for Cross Sell/Upsell SENDinsight into the identity andaccount status of our web traffic, Use Case: Premium Supportas well as their content path Support Support Rep: Hello! I’m Joe,through They your Customer Success Manager. IF Existing Customer = True How can I help you today? AND Support Level = Platinumcan decide to proactively engage THEN push proactive chat SEND with Support Repthese prospects with LivePersonchat. Even if our web visitorsdecline the invitation to commu-nicate, we acquire valuable real-time information representative that is associated with the account.”about which companies are actively responding to Providing this kind of immediate, concierge-our campaigns or teleprospecting efforts. level service is especially important in the context Our account development team uses chat of today’s SaaS business model, when customersto instantly support current accounts and help can switch providers at little to no cost. Meanwhile,them derive the most value from our products because our customers are happy, they’re not onlyand services. As one Demandbase rep said, “Our more likely to renew their contracts, but to expandLivePerson plugin is particularly effective when it their accounts. 14
  15. 15. STEP #6 The Demandbase Cheat SheetRetarget + remarket to for Thinking Big, Startingnon-converting accounts Small and Moving QuicklyOur final step is to focus our remarketing effortson the named account companies who engaged 1. Attractwith our content but didn’t convert. We also give • Continually refine the list of companiesthese names to our account development team that fit your profile.for nurturing and further qualification. Though • Analyze traffic to discover the sourceswe’ve succeeded in engaging these target buyers driving “sweet spot” accounts.somewhat, we still need to earn the right to be • Plan around driving the right accounts toinvited into their research process, so we can help your website. Then, re-market to the ones that didn’t convert.lay the groundwork for whatever requirements mayeventually drive their purchase decision. 2. Engage Something important to note: Avoiding a “one- • Produce more high quality content withsize-fits-all website” means that you will need to a focus on what converts your namedaccept the fact that you might not convert as many accounts.leads. However, you will convert more of leads that • Segment and personalize messaging byare actually likely to become revenue. account for new visitors, and by buyer By definition, segmentation means leaving persona during lead nurturing.someone out. It lacks a set formula. If you focus • Use A/B and MV UX testingstrictly on best practices, your results will be 3. Convertaverage at best. Instead, look to test, re-test and • Optimize offers by accountsegment in ways that are specific to your company. • Focus on the Sales Accepted Lead profileConstantly monitor the types of companies that • Send unconverted accounts to Accountbecome customers and the characteristics Development Teamthey share. 4. Measure • Learn more about who is doing what on your site • Consider strategic investments in new analytics tools. Is it time for SiteCatalyst? • Implement attribution modeling. What is driving the right accounts? And what is making them convert? 15
  16. 16. By applying Demandbase Real-Time Identification to an account-based marketing strategy, the impact on conversions in the Demandbase “Sweet Spot” segments was significant. Eloqua All Offers Customer Offer 6.81% 50% Baseline for Proceeded to all web offers Eloqua Targets SiteCatalyst Other Marketing Offer Automation Offer 100% 30.77% Proceeded to Proceeded to MAS SiteCatalyst Targets (Non-Eloqua) TargetsConclusion: Think Big, But Start Smallwith a Focus on the Sweet SpotContrary to conventional wisdom, more is not better when it comes to your website. In fact, a genericapproach jeopardizes your chances of converting the prospects that really matter. The secret is to optimizeyour website for buyers within your sweet spot with personalized offers, live chat, shorter forms and robustanalytics—all enhanced with Real-Time Identification. But not all at once! Choose one thing to improve, and work on it. Then, pick another. You don’t have to implement all of these strategies to start seeing results. Begin with what is withinyour grasp right now. Based upon our experience, we recommend first shortening your forms or exploringan analytics plugin option. Content personalization or chat can come later. Incremental changes in any one of these individual areas will have an immediately, long-term impact—so think big, start small and move quickly. 16
  17. 17. Demandbase is the first real-time targeting and personalization platform for B2B, transforming the effectiveness of marketing programs and Market- ing’s ability to impact revenue. While personaliza- tion tools have long existed for B2C, until now, none were geared specifically to enable B2B marketers to make online interactions more effective, delivering the right message at the right time. Without the use of cookies, Demandbase’s Real-time Identification service bridges the gap between known and anonymous web visitors by identifying and segmenting the companies visiting a website, and providing detailed, targetable business attributes in real-time. Demandbase integrates with other sales and marketing tech­ nologies to deliver unique intelligence about web visitors, and better attract, convert and retain the right customers. Enterprise leaders and high- growth companies alike use Demandbase to drive better marketing performance. Founded in 2006 and used by more than 1,000 companies, Demandbase is headquartered in San Francisco, California and funded by Adobe Systems (NASDAQ: ADBE), Altos Ventures, Sigma Partners, and Sutter Hill Ventures.17
  18. 18. San Francisco Headquarters Demandbase, Inc. Facebook 301 Howard Street, Suite 1800 Twitter San Francisco,CA 94105 YouTube Blog 415.683.2660Demandbase Support 415.683.2660© 2012 Demandbase, Inc. All rights reserved.