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Customer Lab: Maximizing Your ROI with Demandbase: A Practical Playbook for Marketers

  1. 1 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase In the Lab with DB Maximizing Your ROI with Demandbase: A Practical Playbook for Marketers
  2. 2 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Ashley Long GTM Operations and Forecasting Director Meet the Speakers Jessie Goodrum Senior Customer Lifecycle Marketing Manager
  3. 3 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase 3 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Our Playbook Includes: ● Targeting the right accounts and people to hit pipeline goals ● Using intent and engagement to progress opportunities ● Orchestrating programs and enriching data across systems with automation ● Enabling our teams with account and people insights to help them prioritize and close business faster ● Tracking metrics and goals around program success
  4. 4 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Targeting the Right Accounts & People
  5. 5 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase TAM Any account that could be a good fit for your company ICP Accounts with additional characteristics (technographics, industries) to indicate a stronger fit for your products TAL Accounts that are hand picked by sales to receive additional prioritization and spend Tier 1/Tier 2 (Top 3/Top 30) A small subset of the TAL chosen by sales to receive the most personalized/highest spend programs and offerings Account Definitions Total Addressable Market (TAM) Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Target Account List (TAL) Top Tiers (Top 3/ Top 30)
  6. 6 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase ● Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) ○ Find commonalities between your best customers and strategic accounts in pipeline ○ Leverage Qualification Score to review quality accounts selected by Demandbase ○ Choose a few key characteristics to define your ICP ● Target Personas ○ Review key decision makers and influencers in past deals ○ Consider the most engaged and active people within accounts prior to deals being created ○ Include people that will have the strongest impact in your selling if they’re on board Identify Your ICP & Target Personas
  7. 7 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase ● Segments are groupings of data following specific criteria ● Can be leveraged anywhere in Demandbase and can also be pushed to Accounts and People in Salesforce ● Bonus: Consider creating Segments for Activities, such as groupings of web page visits related to specific products Use Segments to Group Data for Easy Access
  8. 8 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Surface actions from higher quality accounts and people sooner with engagement minute weighting ● Target Account List ● Primary Buying Personas ● Key Industries ● Disqualified/Test Accounts (low or 0% weighting to remove all minutes) Engagement Minute Weighting
  9. 9 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Create a Unified Account View with Journey Stages ● Leverage journey stages to target accounts at specific junctions in the buying cycle ● Tailor marketing messaging, tactics, and sales outreach to these stages ● Use journey stages throughout your tech stack to assist with audience management and prioritization Qualified Engaged MQA Open Opp Customer
  10. 10 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Selecting Target Accounts ● Account scoring is created using pipeline conversion statistics, current customer data, and SME/sales input. ● Marketing provides an initial draft of target accounts for each segment based on score & other criteria. ● Sales reviews these selections, provides input, and makes any updates/ replacements.
  11. 11 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Using Intent & Engagement Data
  12. 12 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Recommendation: ○ Dynamically identify all accounts that are NOT in CRM with: ■ Recent onsite engagement with at least 5 page visits ■ Recent Keyword Intent Take It To The Next Level ○ Consider adding additional filters using specific keywords, engagement minutes, industry, etc. for more segmented marketing campaigns ○ Share 225 net new accounts with Sales for alignment on communication/prioritization strategy ○ Add 225 net new accounts to Account Based Advertising Ad Campaign Use Case: Uncover Net-New Accounts Onsite Engagement Keyword Intent Not in my CRM
  13. 13 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Use Case: Understand In-Market Intent and Engagement Recommendation: ○ Leverage your Target Account List (TAL) ○ In DB1, prioritize your TAL using selectors to isolate accounts with recent intent and marketing engagement activity ○ Use this list to target the engaged accounts with the relevant messaging Take It To The Next Level ○ Consider additional detail: Are you interested in activity on a specific page or keyword? Would additional segmentation on demographics like industry be useful? Beyond my TAL, what other companies are interested in my products and/or services? ○ Use account lists with selectors throughout DB1, such as in: ■ Advertising campaigns to generate traffic to a desired landing page ■ Awareness campaigns for accounts not showing high intent or onsite engagement ○ Deliver accounts to Sales for alignment on communication/prioritization strategy Target Account List Keyword Intent (Customize with relevant criteria) Marketing Engagement Minutes
  14. 14 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Use Case: Identify Competitor Intent Recommendation: ○ Using Selectors, create a dynamic account list of current customers ○ Layer on recent Competitive Keyword Intent ○ Layer on Desired Renewal Date ○ Execute retention campaigns with competitive insights Take It To The Next Level ○ Work with Customer Success to develop nurture campaigns and personalized outreach ○ Based on highest threat competitors, develop swords and shield messaging and delivery plan ○ Develop outreach campaign(s) to win-back Churned Customers SFDC Customers Competitive Keyword Intent Renewal date this year SaaS Only Customer, SaaS and Ads Customer
  15. 15 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Use Case: Grow Existing Accounts through Customer Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Recommendation: ○ Create a dynamic account list using Selectors ○ Use SFDC field value that identifies what existing customers own ○ Layer on account activity with intent for additional products/services Take It To The Next Level ○ Leverage Orchestration to include Targeted Customer Upsell/Cross-Sell accounts in: ■ Ad Campaign and Site Personalization with messaging geared toward new products ■ Direct Mail Campaign activated in DB1 via Sendoso (PFL, Alyce, etc.) ■ Email campaign activated in DB1 via Marketo (Eloqua, Pardot etc.) SFDC Customers New Product Intent SaaS Only Customer
  16. 16 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Orchestrating Across Systems
  17. 17 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Data Predictive Scores Intent Behaviors People/Account Activity Website Visits CRM MAS Sales Inbox/Calendars Take any of this… Actions Email 3rd Party Ad Channels List Building/Updates Sales Automation Direct Mail CRM Changes Sales Tasks/Alerts And do these… Automatically…
  18. 18 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Retargeting Create rules that dictate who qualifies for retargeting campaigns in 3rd Party Ad Channels Orchestration | Use Cases Audience Expansion Create rules to automatically update an existing static account list based on data changes or additional activities Account & People Nurture Place accounts & people in the correct nurture or drip campaigns automatically Upsell & Cross-Sell Automatically communicate to customers based on additional product interest Reactivation Actions Automated segmentations of accounts and people for “wake the dead” campaigns Sales Handoff Create automated sales handoff alerts when key behaviors occur both pre and post-sales
  19. 19 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Orchestration ROI: Marketing Productivity Data released by HubSpot revealed that the average marketer spends about 33% of their week completing repetitive tasks. Time spent executing repetitive tasks (building or updating a list, triggering actions, etc.) 2 hours / campaign Avg. monthly campaigns executed across all channels (email, webinar, direct mail, advertising, etc.) 20 campaigns With Orchestration, save 40 hours per month on repetitive campaign building tasks 40 hours every month Automate tedious, but necessary tasks so you can spend more time high value projects.
  20. 20 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Audiences: New Contacts from Target Accounts Sync both account and contact lists to LinkedIn. That way, you can suppress the current contacts in the account and focus campaign dollars exclusively on the net new contacts (and you’re not wasting $$$ on contacts you already have). No wasted spend! One of our digital marketing team’s go-to Audiences: Acquiring New Contacts for Target Accounts in the Sales Qualified or Discovery Stage of the Pipeline.
  21. 21 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Intent + Advertising Accounts are actively searching for your solution, but you don’t know who from the account. Use advertising to build awareness and attract them to your website. audience
  22. 22 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Generate Further Engagement with Direct Mail Prospect hits >20 mktg engagement minutes in a month AND visits high value webpage Step 1 Trigger Action for Direct Mail: send eGift card Step 2 Step 3 Contact selects eGift choice from landing page and redeems gift Alert SDR to follow up Step 4 SDR follows up Step 5 Some prospects have been very actively engaging with your marketing, and they’ve just visited a high-value webpage. Engage them further with direct mail and tee-up a conversation opportunity for your SDRs.
  23. 23 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Assigning tasks based on MQA is a great way to ensure qualified people and accounts are not lost in the hand-off. Consider creating a few different sequences for SDRs to use that are customized based on title, so that a CMO isn’t getting the same information as a marketing ops person. Sales Hand-Off
  24. 24 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Prospect comes around again? It’s time to make a move! Take action to engage them and help sales reach out in a timely manner. Re-Engage & Get the Meeting
  25. 25 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Your potential and existing customers are actively researching your competitors. Use this intent-based knowledge to get ahead of the competition and engage with them at the right time with the right content. Target accounts in the Engaged or SQA stage with an open opp 214 Accounts with Open Opps Only includes accounts with a sales activity in the last 14 days 157 Accounts researching competitors Based on average deal size of $150k $23.5 Million Projected Revenue At Risk! Serve personalized ads to the buying committee across multiple channels Alert your account executives via Salesforce Tasks Drop key decision makers into a personalized nurture based on the competitor they are researching Advanced: Beat Your Competition
  26. 26 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Database: Billing State Normalization
  27. 27 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Assignments: Adding Marketers to Accounts
  28. 28 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase The Problem Matillion’s sales and marketing teams used different systems with different data sets that didn’t talk to each other. Marketers were manually merging the data and analyzing it to find insights that could be shared about which accounts to prioritize and how and when to engage. Customer Story | Automations The Solution Using Demandbase firmographic, technographic, and intent data to identify and prioritize the accounts, campaigns were created to automatically push accounts through the funnel. “If they are qualified or aware, they got a certain set of messaging, if they were engaged, they got another subset, if they’re an opportunity or a customer, they got bottom-of-funnel messaging tailored to accelerate close rates and drive expansion,” - Kristin Kolb, Director of ABM at Matillion Read the case study
  29. 29 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Enabling Our Sales Team
  30. 30 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Demandbase ABX for Sales 1) Email Digest 3) Scout Chrome Extension Insights in SFDC
  31. 31 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Email Digest • Set-up daily email digest • Include fields to stack rank list like account, contact, title, account priority tier, engagement minutes, etc. • Utilize a sales touch filter to create “zero out” lists → show me all accounts that haven’t been touched this week
  32. 32 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase SDR Digests ● Qualified people to prioritize ● Demo request page visits without submissions ● MQA accounts without Sales Touches ● High Intent Accounts SDR Manager Digests ● People disqualified by SDRs ● MQA Accounts moved to Nurture ● Overdue Meeting opportunities SDR Order of Operations
  33. 33 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Insights in Salesforce ● Easy access company level details across views, reports, and Visualforce ● Company news, intent, and common connections ● Industry section shares challenges, trends and even discovery call questions
  34. 34 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Scout Chrome Extension ● Use to explore Accounts without having to navigate to a specific platform. Type in any one of your Accounts to get engagement information quickly, no matter what site you’re on ● Leverage Communication History to see any interaction your team has had with prospects/customers at the Account ● Update contact information and add new contacts to SFDC
  35. 35 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase ABX Standups
  36. 36 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase ABX Plays Mapped to strategy / stage If this… …then that Awareness (All) ICP accounts that are not yet engaging with our website and campaigns Advertise to build awareness and attract them to our website Awareness (All) Target accounts that are aware but not in-market Send a personalised or fun gift to build brand affinity Awareness (Qualified) Qualified accounts are good fit for personal invites to an upcoming webinar Orchestrate direct mail and human outreach Conversion (Engaged) Lower-level contact from key account attends an online demo Lift the conversation by inviting a C-level exec to meet with one of our top execs Conversion (MQA) New Marketing Qualified Accounts (qualified and in market) Reach out to multiple people at the account Sales Pursuit Open opportunity Help the full buying committee drive validation and consensus with broader advertising and exec alignment
  37. 37 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase ABX Plays Mapped to strategy / stage If this… …then that Expansion Existing customers that start showing intent or engagement in products they don't yet own Reach out to new buying center using your team and your existing contacts at the customer account Renewal / Retention Customer showing intent for competitor keywords Alert the CSM and account manager, set up executive alignment meeting Any Valuable (strategic, key) accounts that aren't responding over other channels Use hyper-personalised, high value offers to engage with top decision makers Any Key executives from a top target downloads content or registers for a webinar Offer a meeting with a subject matter expert or prompt the AE to conduct a personalised demo Sales Pursuit Stuck or lost opportunities that show intent or engagement from key personas, but don't have a recent sales touch Alert the AE to take action and/or bring in new voices and channels to get the conversation going again
  38. 38 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Enabling Our Marketing Team
  39. 39 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase ● Custom dashboards & filtering capabilities allow for all marketing stakeholders to quickly review information, such as: ○ Specific program engagement results & opportunity influence ○ Highly engaged individuals or persona groups ○ Average stage volume & velocity for target accounts ○ Trending intent for accounts from target industries ○ Most popular web pages related to specific products ○ Customers surfacing competitive intent Data at Your Fingertips
  40. 40 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase ● Filter for historical Date Range and desired account characteristics ● Choose heatmap parameters to show where engagement has happened within an account ○ Persona ○ Marketing Campaign Types ○ Industry ● Click into the details to see the detail on these Activities, People, or Accounts Using Engagement Heatmaps to Understand Areas of Interest
  41. 41 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase ● Filter for Date Range & Marketing Campaign ● See total Engagement Minute trends over time or Group by additional variables for categorized summaries ● Understand where engagement is coming from at a glance using the Heatmap ○ Customize Rows & Columns using any field available in DB1 to slice data the way you want to see it Visualize Program Engagement with Heatmaps & Engagement Minute Trends
  42. 42 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Marketing Snapshots ● Leverage Marketing Owner automations ● Set up custom snapshots & digests for your marketing team members to stay on top of their key accounts ● Ideal for segment owners or team members running ABX stand-ups
  43. 43 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Enabling Program Owners to Build Lists for Program Execution ● Marketing program owner creates a list using Demandbase (intent, engagement, account segment, etc.) ● List is submitted to Marketing Ops when the program build is requested ● Marketing Ops pushes list to Marketo using Orchestration - no additional list building necessary!
  44. 44 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Tracking Metrics and Goals around Program Success
  45. 45 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Success in the Advertising Dashboard
  46. 46 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Using Journey Stage Comparisons to Understand Performance ● Visualize progression downward as accounts become more engaged ● Compare multiple account lists and time periods for cohort analysis and A/B testing Strong focus in Q1 to engage this pool of accounts, 2x accounts in Engaged 90 days later 6 accounts converted to Customer stage
  47. 47 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Using Program Impact for Marketing Influence ● Program Impact gives insights into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns ● “Attribution Light” ○ Influence-based opportunity reporting ● Impacts can be shown separately for different Account Lists ○ Target Account Lists ○ Account Segments ○ Sales Territories Select Any Account List to view Results Individually
  48. 48 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Using Program Impact for Marketing Influence Use Advanced Filters to apply any additional field available in DB1 to your data set. Select Date Ranges to view results from responses within a given time period. Use Quick Filters to easily apply frequently used account or person filters to your data set. Swap between Type/Channel and Campaign/Program for more or less granular summarization.
  49. 49 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase ● Focus on quality over quantity ● Measure account activity throughout the journey ● Align sales and marketing around the same KPIs ● Prove value using baseline and cohort analysis ● Report on business outcomes ● Commit to the long-haul – revenue doesn’t come overnight Measurement Best Practices
  50. 50 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase KPIs & Metrics ▪ Website Metrics: ○ TAL time on site ○ TAL bounce rates ○ TAL most popular pages ▪ Conversion rates by Channel ○ Conversion to Pipeline ○ Conversion to Closed/Won Target Account List (TAL) metrics: #/% of TAL’s on website #/% of TAL’s engaged with programs ■ Average engaged contacts #/% of TAL’s moved into pipeline #/% of TAL’s that closed/won ▪ Key Metrics Target vs Non-Target Accounts, New Business & Upsell/Cross-Sell ▪ Average Deal Size ▪ Close Rates ▪ Funnel Velocity Long Term Short Term
  51. 51 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Other Important Metrics to Demandbase Engagement ● % of qualified program membership ● % of qualified website traffic (known and anonymous) ● % of target accounts engaged ● Cost per qualified engagement ● Net new qualified names acquired ● MQAs & MQLs generated Conversion ● % of MQAs & MQLs that are accepted & converted to opportunities ● % of opportunities from target accounts ● Opportunity tracking by segment ○ Conversion ○ Velocity ○ ASPs Return ● Pipeline & closed won ● Spend ratios (attributed dollars/cost) ● Total unique opportunities influenced ● Total attributed dollars opportunities ● Average and most common touches from marketing at each opportunity stage ● Pipeline goal attainment by segment
  52. 52 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Q&A
  53. 53 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Demandbase Education - Learn Your Way Learn through a variety of training programs that meet you where you are today Become an ABM Guru! Hands-on training to set your career apart. Everyting you need to know about the future of ABM and B2B and Go-to-Market. ABX Certification In-Product Guidance See step-by-step instructions. Learn how to execute different tasks as you work in the Demandbase One platform. 24x7 answers. Over 500 how-to and technical articles always at your fingertips. Demandbase Help Center Customer Office Hours Learn from the experts. Ongoing guided skills sessions to support your success. Demandbase Academy Increase platform productivity through digital, self-paced training. Demonstrations, guided exercises, and knowledge checks. Completion certificate to promote your expertise socially.
  54. 54 Copyright © 2022 Demandbase Thank you! YOU’RE DEE BEST!