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Account-Based Marketing Meets Account-Based Sales Development


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Align Marketing and Sales is the first step towards implementing the hottest B2B marketing strategy on today’s scene. Listen to Demandbase CMO Peter Isaacson & SalesLoft VP of Demand Generation Kevin O’Malley as they delve into the importance of aligning the two groups and how doing that will deliver the success your business seeks!

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Account-Based Marketing Meets Account-Based Sales Development

  1. 1. 2016 Strategies for B2B Success Start Here: Account-Based Marketing Meets Accounts- Based Sales Development January 13, 2016 A special thank you to: Thank you for joining us – we will be starting at 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT If you are unable to hear music at this time, please make sure that your computer speakers are turned on and that your system has not been muted. #TMGWebinar
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers David Pitta Sr. Demand Generation Business Analyst TOPO Kevin O’Malley VP of Demand Generation SalesLoft Moderator #TMGWebinar Peter Isaacson CMO Demandbase
  3. 3. The sales and marketing divide MARKETING SALES Leads Personas Quantity Individuals Opportunities Buyers/Influencers Quality Accounts
  4. 4. Click Through Rates Impressions/CPMs Web Traffic Unique Visitors Conversions Inquiries MQLs What we like to Measure
  5. 5. How we should Measure our performance Opportunities Pipeline Close Rates ACV Funnel Velocity Target Account Activity Lift Retention And Upsell
  6. 6. Measure everything But set goals on business impact
  7. 7. We focus on quantity instead of quality
  8. 8. Account-Based Marketing Identify the companies most likely to buy, and then market to them
  9. 9. Account-Based Marketing Identify the companies most likely to buy, and then market to them
  10. 10. Why Account-based Marketing? Focuses on best opportunities Delivers customer- centric experience Supports Sales reality Connects Marketing to revenue
  11. 11. Evolution of Account-Based Marketing 1995- 2005 2005-2012 2012>>> • Limited in scale (25-50 accounts) • Field Mktg centric • Analog in approach • Improved scale • Email centric • Industry focused • Post hand raise • Reactive • Fully scalable (5000+ accounts) • Full funnel • Multiple targeting options • Pre hand raise • Proactive
  12. 12. What drove the change?  IP Targeting  Account-based, real time bidders  Real time customization  More bandwidth/faster speeds  DMPs  Frustrated B2B Marketers
  13. 13. More marketers are AWARE of ABM of B2B companies are aware of ABM. 75% of marketers say that ABM delivers higher ROI than any other marketing approach. 84%
  14. 14. of B2B companies employing ABM plan to increase their ABM efforts over the next 12 months. 72% of B2B companies employing ABM plan to invest more in technology over the next 12 months. 61% More marketers are USING ABM
  15. 15. of B2B marketers employing ABM stated they are aligned with sales. 91% of B2B companies said Account-Based Marketing has an impact on marketing’s success. 96% More marketers are having SUCCESS with ABM
  16. 16. Getting Started with ABM Align sales and marketing Identify target accounts Develop ABM Marketing Plan Measure
  17. 17. Demandbase Funnel Metrics MQL SAL PIPELINE CLOSE 82% 49% 24% 96% 64% 42% 17% 51% 75%
  18. 18. Demandbase Business Metrics Sales Team Close Rate ACV Funnel Velocity Enterprise +285% +35% +2% Mid Market +166% +40% -20% Advertising +57% +31% +65%
  19. 19. Aligning Account Based Sales Development With Your ABM Strategy Journey of why and ways to start today!
  20. 20. The Journey ccount ased ales evelopment Account Based Sales Development
  21. 21. What is Account Based Sales Development? According to “This strategy, founded on the principles of Account-Based Marketing and adapted for sales development, focuses on launching tailored, SDR-driven campaigns into specific target accounts.”
  22. 22. 3 Reasons You Might Be Ready For ABSD 1. Seeking new level of performance – plateauing and looking for a break- through. More emails and phone calls won’t do the trick. 2. Ideal client profile fatigue – The team has struggled connecting with the Ideal Client Profile, and is going “rogue” to hit their numbers. 3. Referrals are undervalued – The number of appointments from referrals low? Red flag. Referrals take time to nurture, and time is money to SDRs.
  23. 23. Feeding the lead machine is hard. Think about these numbers: 20 accounts x 2 weeks If you focus on prospecting to your 20 most desired accounts over next 2 weeks, what do you think will happen? Let me give you a sneak peak
  24. 24. What Will Happen in the First Two Weeks? 1. Morale will go up – SDRs don’t like feeling like they’re in a hamster wheel. Give them a sense of ownership for “owning” the account. 2. Performance will go up – Aim for a 60-70% reduction in the number of leads created to set one appointment. 3. Net new leads will DECREASE – Capitalize on your time. Spend less time buying and building lists and more time creatively and personally connecting with your best prospects
  25. 25. Starting to Think ABSD is Cool?
  26. 26. Here’s Your Plan for the Next Six Weeks: 1. Weeks 1-2 – Before anything, clean your data. ABSD is a new mindset and you need to take the time to get your data right. 2. Weeks 3-4 – Assign 20 accounts to each rep. Setup a cadence of email, phone and social touches for the ideal client profile targets and referrals for measurement purposes. 3. Weeks 4-6 – Do daily standups and retrospectives every 2 weeks to continuously adjust on what’s working, what’s not and empower the team to take ownership of the changes.
  27. 27. What is the next level of performance look like?
  28. 28. Single view of all your prospecting efforts • Emails • Calls • Cadences • Notes
  29. 29. Personalized campaigns within the same account without duplicating effort
  30. 30. Join Us
  31. 31. April 20-21 Pier 27, San Francisco #B2BSummit
  32. 32. Question & Answer Session If you haven’t done so already, please take this time to submit questions to our speakers using the “Q&A” box on your console. Enjoying this webinar? There’s so much more where this came from! Click the publication widget below to sign up for a FREE subscription to Target Marketing! #TMGWebinar
  33. 33. Thank You Thank you for taking the time to attend our webinar today. For additional information about our webinar series, check out the following Web site: Please take a moment to fill out our feedback survey. (It will open in a new browser window/tab momentarily!) #TMGWebinar