The quintessence of integrated lead management


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Every company has to generate sales. Generating leads is therefore a process critical to business. Most marketing departments use websites, attendance at trade fairs, distribution of print material or e-mails, and campaigns to generate leads. These processes and the additional work involved in terms of preparing and handling the leads are, however, nearly always inefficient, very laborious and involve a considerable amount of effort.

Only a few marketing departments realize that they are sitting on a Lead Goldmine.

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The quintessence of integrated lead management

  1. 1. The Quintessence of DemandGen´s Integrated Lead Management Get the most out of your Lead Goldmine with
  2. 2. Leads are the goldmine of your company This is how gold is extracted today- Highly automated! Leads are essential for every business, but the generation of leads is expensive! With DemandGen you can convert this goldmine into sales. valuable leads are not left undiscovered sales from qualified leads are not missed Many companies still extract their lead-gold using 200-year-old techniques as this gold digger during the gold rush. That´s inefficient and causes back pain!
  3. 3. Simple 4-step Marketing & Sales must work together to define the lead‘s journey to have a joint view of the process to provide a coherent customer experience Integration of the four elements guarantees success! Step1 Planning Inquiry Marketing qualifies leads Marketing presents good leads Sales takes over Customer orders A lead´s journey … Integrated Lead Management Resources ToolsContent Processes
  4. 4. process... As quality of gold decides, it´s the quality of data which is essential when it comes to lead quality. With DemandGen you continuously work with up-to-date marketing data. Segmen- tation Data Enhancement Data Cleansing Data Analysis Step2 Analysis
  5. 5. transform existing campaigns and adapt them to Marketing Automation best practice increase conversions by using intelligent opt-in methodologies map existing content to the buying process Step3 Qualification Is the lead in the right target group as his behavior might pretend? DemandGen provides methods and procedures for producing qualified leads: Campaigns Content Conversion Lead Generation Lead Qualification Routing Scoring Nurturing
  6. 6. Marketing needs to be informed about the status of each lead in the buying process after handover to Sales. Sales must be able to return leads at every stage of the buying A lead who is ready to buy must be handed over to sales quickly transparently smoothly Step4 Distribution Handover to Sales Handover Fast Follow-up Feedback
  7. 7. Comparisons of intelligent lead generation / Trade fair invitation Inefficient and time-consuming inviting as many customers and prospects as possible capturing all details of all leads hand over entire list of leads to sales Efficient and time saving personalized invitation e-mail to defined target group register contacts and directly book a meeting only ready to buy-leads are handed over to sales
  8. 8. Intelligent web forms Web form 200 years ago: Collecting as much information as possible about the prospect, not considering he might already be registered. Web forms today: Asking for an e-mail address to check if person is already registered if yes, all data is available. if not, get contact to opt-in to profile contact progressively. Your product and service request to „Company XY“ business customer products. I'm interested in the business customers of „Company XY“ products and would like to be personally advised of your business sales. Please contact me by phone or e-mail. Product and Request for Quotation salutation first name last name e-mail address company department road House No. zip code place Company size Contracting authority? Are you already -please select -please select -please select -No Please enter your e-mail address to get to the download table: Submit This field must be completed!
  9. 9. Your Demand Center Lead Management has been completely implemented in your company now – like an automated gold extraction: the best pieces of gold will be given to sales Segmentation Data Enhancement No Duplicate Data Campaigns Content Conversion Routing Scoring Nurturing Handover Follow-up Feedback Data Analysis Lead QualificationLead Generation Handover to Sales
  10. 10. Convince superiors and colleagues and download the White Paper Arrange a personal meeting to extract all leads from your goldmine Have we sparked your interest? Reinhard Janning CEO Europe & Asia Pacific DemandGen AG