The Experience Matters


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  • The Experience Matters

    1. 1. The Experience Matters: Creating A+ Customer Relationships
    2. 2. Today’s SpeakersAli Carbonel Jenny UrbanoOnline Services Team Online Services Team +
    3. 3. Agenda 1. Acquire Customers 2. Retain Customers 3. Grow Customers 4. Question & Answer sessionDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    4. 4. Goal Online A+ Customer Reputation Relationships Improves Happy CustomersDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    5. 5. How to get customersDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    6. 6. How to get customersEmail is:• Instant• Free to use• Simple to use
    7. 7. Emails: Website • Incorporate a section to sign up for newsletters
    8. 8. Emails: Postcards• Incorporate your other sites on the postcard• Make sure your sites contain a “call to action” or a way for them to give you their information
    9. 9. Advertise Special Events • Create an event on your Facebook pageDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    10. 10. Advertise Special Events • Advertise your event on other websitesDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    11. 11. Networking• Connecting with potential customers• Establish professional relationshipsDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    12. 12. Networking• Attend a business conference or business event Share Tips/Ideas Make Contacts Build Your NetworkDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    13. 13. Networking• Participate in the communityDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    14. 14. Retain Your Customers
    15. 15. Customer Loyalty ProgramsDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    16. 16. Importance Loyalty Program Increases Money Grows Database Incentivizes clients to Collect emails and spend more phone numbers Strengthens the Relationship Decreases likelihood of leaving for competition
    17. 17. 4 Steps to Success: Designing your programSelect Design Create OnlineBenefit Card form Campaign
    18. 18. Percentages /Dollars Off Complimentary Gift Cards ServicesDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    19. 19. Jerome’s Fancy Flowers: VIP Program Buy 5 bouquets and receive one for free!Demandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    20. 20. Jerome’s Fancy Flowers VIP Program Registration Name: Jerome’s Fancy Flowers Email: Cell:Demandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute Confidential and Proprietary Demandforce, Inc.
    21. 21. Exclusive offers Increases Spending Increases Loyalty Invite only eventsDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    22. 22. Case study-Ecco“We were still a small company competing withmuch larger companies. We couldnt differentiateon price…so we made a strategic decision thatthe place we could differentiate ourselves wason customer intimacy.”-Ed ZimmerBarrett, Amy. (2001, March 1). INC Magazine. How to Provide Great B2B Customer Servce. RetrievedNovember 13, 2012, from and Proprietary Demandforce, Inc.
    23. 23. First Impression: It matters 86% of consumers will pay for Beat out low cost competitors better customer experience 51% said companies are Recognize them by name, be impersonal friendly 16% said they are “anti-social” Remain active on social media 2011 Customer Experience Impact Report. Right NowConfidential and Proprietary Demandforce, Inc.
    24. 24. The Experience: the basics  Use the clients name often  Make small talk  Focus on what you can doConfidential and Proprietary Demandforce, Inc.
    25. 25. The experience: advanced  “I’m cool”- QR codes/check-in reminders  “I’m connected” -Facebook/Yelp  “I care” –Postcards/emailConfidential and Proprietary Demandforce, Inc.
    26. 26. Grow Your CustomersConfidential and Proprietary Demandforce, Inc.
    27. 27. Email Marketing Referrals, Email Repeat Reviews and communication business Reputation
    28. 28. Campaigns online drive traffic offline
    29. 29. Best Practices  5-8 words in subject  Highlight benefit of email  Send out a campaign 1- 2x a month  Segment based on events or promotionsConfidential and Proprietary Demandforce, Inc.
    30. 30. ReferralsDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    31. 31. Referrals • Give people a reason to refer • Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals • Keep in touch with your customers • Make it easy to refer • Don’t forget to thank themDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    32. 32. Online Reputation Great customers + Great customer service = Great reviews onlineDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    33. 33. Recap 1. Acquire Customers 2. Retain Customers 3. Grow CustomersDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    34. 34. Our Next Webinar is December 6th Social Media 101: Your Holiday Social Media StrategyJoin us for this holiday-themed webinar, focusing on social media engagement and best practices for promotional activitiesDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    35. 35. Questions? Ask us anything! (800) 220-1136Demandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute