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E crm1


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E crm1

  1. 1. eCRM NIFT Bangalore
  2. 2. ► As the internet is becoming more and more important in business life, many companies consider it as an opportunity to reduce customer-service costs, tighten customer relationships and most important, further personalize marketing messages and enable mass customization.► Together with the creation of Sales Force Automation (SFA), where electronic methods were used to gather data and analyze customer information, the trend of the upcoming Internet can be seen as the foundation of what we know as eCRM today. NIFT Bangalore
  3. 3. We can define eCRM as activities to manage customer relationships by using the Internet, web browsers orother electronic touch points. The challenge hereby is tooffer communication and information on the right topic, in the right amount, and at the right time that fits the customer’s specific needs. NIFT Bangalore
  4. 4. ► Technology, most companies are still struggling to identify effective entries in Virtual Worlds. Its highly interactive character, which allows companies to respond directly to any customer’s requests or problems, is another feature of eCRM that helps companies establish and sustain long-term customer relationships.► Furthermore, Information Technology has helped companies to even further differentiate between customers and address a personal message or service. NIFT Bangalore
  5. 5. ► Personalized Web Pages where customers are recognized and their preferences are shown.► Customized products or services (Dell).► CRM programs should be directed towards customer value that competitors cannot match. However, in a world where almost every company is connected to the Internet, eCRM has become a requirement for survival, not just a competitive advantage. NIFT Bangalore
  6. 6. Different levels of eCRM In defining the scope of eCRM, three different levels can be distinguished:► Foundational services: This includes the minimum necessary services such as web site effectiveness and responsiveness as well as order fulfillment. NIFT Bangalore
  7. 7. ► Customer-centered services: These services include order tracking, product configuration and customization as well as security/trust.► Value-added services: These are extra services such as online auctions and online training and education NIFT Bangalore
  8. 8. ► Self-services are becoming increasingly important in CRM activities. The rise of the Internet and eCRM has boosted the options for self-service activities.► A critical success factor is the integration of such activities into traditional channels. An example was Ford’s plan to sell cars directly to customers via its Web Site, which provoked an outcry among its dealers network. NIFT Bangalore
  9. 9. ► CRM activities are mainly of two different types. Reactive service is where the customer has a problem and contacts the company.► Proactive service is where the manager has decided not to wait for the customer to contact the firm, but to be aggressive a contact the customer himself in order to establish a dialogue and solve problems. NIFT Bangalore
  10. 10. Why is eCRM such a hot topic?► As you can see from the above list of areas that eCRM could be described as covering, it has been seen as the magic wand that will bring the following: - Better levels of customer service - More effective customer lifecycle management - A single ‘360 degree’ customer view - Higher sales (better conversion rates etc.) - User-generated content - Decreased costs (through customer self service etc.) NIFT Bangalore
  11. 11. How do you go about it?► Itwill depend on which flavour of eCRM you’re trying to implement. However, having a user profile database is fundamental to most flavours of eCRM and essential for effective analytics and personalization. NIFT Bangalore
  12. 12. ► Here are some of the things you will need to do in implementing such an eCRM strategy:- Terms of Reference- Commercial Scope- Customer Insight- Data capture and analytics- Business Case and Implementation path- Do and Review NIFT Bangalore
  13. 13. ► eCRM, electronic Customer Relationship Management is an integrated online sales, marketing & service strategy that is used to identify, attract and retain an organization’s customer.► It describes improved & increased communication between an organization & its clients by creating & enhancing interaction through innovative technology► eCRM software provides profiles & histories of each interaction the organization has with its customers, making it an important tool for all small & medium businesses NIFT Bangalore
  14. 14. eCRM software systems may contain aselection of the following features► Customer management:► Knowledge management:► Account management: NIFT Bangalore
  15. 15. ► Case management:► Back-end Integration:► Reporting & analysis: NIFT Bangalore
  16. 16. Benefits of eCRM► Implementation of eCRM system enables an organization to streamline the processes and provides sales, marketing, & service personnel with better, more complete information.► Direct benefits of an eCRM system includes:- Service level improvements- Revenue growth- Productivity- Customer satisfaction NIFT Bangalore
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