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"Your Future By Design" Introduction


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"Your Future By Design" Introduction

  1. 1. Your partner — every step of the way Financial planning —From the initial discovery of your life goals to the ongoing for your lifemonitoring of your financial plan to the advice and solutionsyou may need as your life changes along the way, yourfinancial planner is a dedicated and trusted partner inhelping you achieve your life goals. Your Future by Design ®The material in this brochure is intended as a generalsource of information only, and should not be construedas offering specific tax, legal, financial or investmentadvice. Every effort has been made to ensure that thematerial is correct at time of publication, but we cannotguarantee its accuracy or completeness. Interest rates,market conditions, tax rulings and other investmentfactors are subject to rapid change. Individuals shouldconsult with their personal tax advisor, accountant orlegal professional before taking any action based uponthe information contained in this brochure.Financial planning services and investment advice areprovided by Royal Mutual Funds Inc. (RMFI). RMFI, RBCGlobal Asset Management Inc., Royal Bank of Canada,Royal Trust Corporation of Canada and The Royal TrustCompany are separate corporate entities which areaffiliated. RMFI is licensed as a financial services firmin the province of Quebec.® / TM Trademark(s) of Royal Bank of Canada.© Royal Bank of Canada 2011. 22635 (07/2011)
  2. 2. 2 Financial Planning Financial planning — for your life 3 O ur promise: a collaborativeFinancial planning financial planning relationshipinvolves more than just Your financial planner has one objective: to help you achieve your financial goals — and ultimately your lifemoney. It involves you – goals — both easily and effectively.your needs, your values, We know that trust isn’t earned in a day. It will take time for you and your financial planner to get toyour dreams. know one another and develop the two-way partnership that will help you both have a betterEveryone has goals, no matter what their life stage. understanding of your needs and how financialTake you, for example. While you want to enjoy a planning can help. It’s a collaborative, ongoing relationship that you shape based on your personalcomfortable life today, you probably also have an style and the advice and services you need.eye to the future — where you want to be, how youwant to live, what activities you want to pursue and As an RBC® client, you will have the security ofthe steps required to get there. dealing with one of the world’s largest and most reputable financial institutions — with access to theYou also know that while money and financial expertise of one of the broadest and deepest groupssecurity aren’t everything, both are likely to play an of wealth management professionals in the business.important role in achieving many of your future life Over the years, we’ve maintained our financialgoals. And that’s where professional financial strength in every type of market by applying soundplanning can help. risk management policies, a diversified approach to business and a long-term view to decision-making. Your financial planner uses this same rigour andY our plan: bringing personal discipline in helping you develop and maintainand financial needs together a financial plan to achieve your own long-term financial success.Financial planning is a dynamic process that takes intoaccount your personal and financial needs to create aplan that’s designed to achieve your life goals.RBC Financial Planning® can help. Our financialplanners are experienced, accredited Professionalswith the knowledge to help you develop a personalizedfinancial plan.It all starts with Your Future by Design, our proprietaryfinancial planning experience that’s centred on yourlife and financial goals. As part of the Your Future byDesign experience, you can expect to gain a betterunderstanding of what’s important to you and howprofessional financial planning can help youaccomplish your goals.
  3. 3. 4 Financial Planning Financial planning — for your life 5O ur integrated approach puts n Optimizing your cash flow and increasing your net worth. There are a number of strategies we can use toyour goals first help optimize your cash flow now and in retirement thatYour financial planner has the depth of knowledge will allow for suitable balancing of income and expenses.necessary to develop a plan that addresses all your n Borrowing and debt management. We can providewealth management needs. access to the credit you may need, and ensure that your borrowing is as cost-effective and tax- efficient as possible. Accumulate my Protect my wealth wealth by saving by identifying and n Investment planning. We can build an investment and investing managing risks for growth to my financial strategy to meet your needs, with access to a full range of well-being RBC Wealth Management® solutions, unique portfolio My goals solutions from RBC, as well as select mutual fund solutions from other third-party providers. n Tax planning. We consider tax-efficiency in all the strategies we propose, whether through the choice of investments, the strategic allocation of assets within your portfolio, the use of trusts or income-splitting with family members. n Retirement planning. We can help you plan for retirement so you can accumulate the financial Transfer my Convert my resources you need to live your desired lifestyle, wealth to future wealth into a no matter how close to retirement you may be. generations tax-efficient and according to reliable stream of n Transitioning into retirement. The move from your my wishes retirement income primary career into retirement can involve many aspects of financial planning, from using investments and other sources of income to create tax-efficient retirement cash flow, to purchasing a retirement property or leaving a legacy. Business owners also With RBC Financial need to address succession planning as they prepare to transition out of their role as owner. We can Planning, you work with an provide the support you need to make it happen. accredited planning n Risk management. Financial protection through insurance can play a key role in preserving wealth professional and the lifestyle you want for you and your family. We can help you assess your insurance-related needs to Whether your needs are simple or complex, at RBC highlight the type of protection you may want to put your accredited financial planner will help you in place. develop the financial strategies that go beyond n Estate planning. We can help you put a planning your investment-related needs to cover all aspects structure in place to ensure that your estate assets are of your financial well-being. We can assist you with distributed in the manner you intend — and in the the following: most tax-efficient way possible.
  4. 4. 6 Financial Planning Financial planning — for your life 7 strategies that will help you achieve your goals with appropriate tax-efficiency. While saving and investing are essential to achieving your goals, they are just part of a complete plan. Your financial planner will provide advice on a broad range of topics that are most relevant to you. These may include cash flow management, borrowing and debt management, investment planning, tax planning, retirement planning, retirement transition planning, riskWhat you’ll experience: management and estate planning.Your Future by Design for 4 Introduction Discovery Strategy Solutions Servicefinancial planning clients Your financial planner will put your plan into action by recommending appropriate products and services toCentred on your personal and financial needs, the support the strategies you have developed. With accessYour Future by Design experience consists of five elements. to a full range of wealth management and banking solutions, your financial planner will address your borrowing, day-to-day banking, cash management1 Introduction Discovery Strategy Solutions Service and risk management needs, in addition to yourFinancial planning is broader than investment investing needs. Investment-related solutionsplanning. It involves a professional and disciplined include a wide array of RBC investment options,approach to achieving life and financial goals. As ranging from Guaranteed Investment Certificates toan active participant in developing your plan, you growth-oriented mutual funds, as well as selectshould have a good understanding of the collaborative mutual fund solutions from other third-partynature of the financial planning relationship and what providers. And, when specialized advice andyour part will be, along the way. solutions are required, your financial planner has access to other wealth management specialists to2 Introduction Discovery Strategy Solutions Service assist in addressing your needs.With the assistance of our innovative life discoverycards, your financial planner will gain a deep 5 Introduction Discovery Strategy Solutions Serviceunderstanding of what is most important in your life. O nce your financial plan is implemented, withThis life discovery dialogue not only helps your solutions in place, your financial planner will continuefinancial planner understand your needs, it can also to be a dedicated resource to you any time you needhelp you clarify life priorities for yourself. Once this advice or experience a life change that could have afoundation is established, the next part of discovery financial impact. Ongoing communication remains ainvolves achieving an understanding of your key element of your relationship, and your financialfinancial situation, including your current net worth planner is available to discuss any aspect of your plan.and cash flow picture. With your active participation, your financial planner will also conduct an annual review of your plan’s3 Introduction Discovery Strategy Solutions Service progress and make any adjustments needed.Based on learnings from the discovery dialogue, yourfinancial planner will work with you to develop afinancial plan. This plan will outline the specific