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Website User Experience: Why It Matters


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Before designing your website, you'll want to answer these vital questions: Who is Your Target Audience, Why Should They Buy from You and finally, Are You Allowing Them to Find What They are Looking For? You'll also want to take the 5 second test with your website in order to understand if your value proposition, competitive advantage, and path to purchase is clear.

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Website User Experience: Why It Matters

  1. 1. WEBSITE USER EXPERIENCE: WHY IT MATTERS Sue Anderson, Mgr. of User Experience @sechanyanderson @deluxecorp #DLXSpeedMktg
  2. 2. WHAT IS UX? • "User experience" encompasses all aspects of the enduser's interaction with the company, its services, and its products.
  3. 3. YOU ARE ALREADY DOING IT! Your customer service: • Customer needs • Customer touchpoints • Customer impressions
  5. 5. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE • • • • Who are they? Why are they visiting? Can they do that? Do they get you?
  6. 6. WHO? • Who is your target customer? • Online?
  7. 7. WHO? What do you know about them? • Comfort levels with technology • Online habits • Motivators/triggers
  8. 8. MEET MIKE BLACK • Lawyer and Mediator • Family law practice since 1978 • Mediating divorces for 30+ years
  10. 10. WHY? • Why are folks visiting your site? • What do they want to know/do?
  11. 11. WHY?
  12. 12. WHY? How do I know? • Observe • Ask • Document
  13. 13. ARE YOU MEETING THEIR NEEDS? • Can they find what they are looking for? • Does the organization of content make sense? • Are your Calls-To-Action (CTAs) clear?
  14. 14. ARE YOU MEETING THEIR NEEDS? Organizing content intuitively THEN NOW
  15. 15. ARE YOU MEETING THEIR NEEDS? Clear paths / calls-to-action We really want you to do this Where should a user start?
  16. 16. ANALYTICS CAN HELP • • • • • Bounce rates Keyword search terms Next page flow Time on page Visit time of day
  17. 17. VALUE PROPOSITION CLEAR? • What makes you different? • Why should your customers choose you? Try the 5 second test
  18. 18. VALUE PROPOSITION • What does Shamblott do? • What is different about them? • What assumptions did you make about Shamblott?
  19. 19. VALUE PROPOSITION • What does Zuckerberg do? • What is different about him? • What assumptions did you make about Zuckerberg?
  20. 20. 5 SECOND TEST
  21. 21. IN SUMMARY • • • • Know your audience Know why they are visiting your site Be aware if you are meeting their needs Make sure your site does you justice
  22. 22. THANK YOU!