World Cup - What Business Can Learn From Football


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See and learn what Business and Football have in common.

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World Cup - What Business Can Learn From Football

  1. 1. Business Football What Business Can Learn from Football
  2. 2. Other than in football, customer loyalty is linked to the customer experience. Customer loyalty is not a give, it needs to be earned through hard work! On customer loyalty
  3. 3. Leading under optimal circumstances is easy. It is when you are being challenged due to limited resources that your true skills as a leader will become apparent. On leadership
  4. 4. Governments and economists alike are arguing on the best way to reduce the risk of rule breaking. But these will only be sufficient until someone finds new ways to bend them. On rule breaking
  5. 5. Trade unions are supporting the free movement of goods. So here as well, as in football, the former rules of local advantages are slowly disappearing. On home advantage
  6. 6. Agile management encourages the distribution of knowledge and intelligence throughout the organisation. On management
  7. 7. As our world becomes more and more global, new companies realise that we cannot remain focused on building a cultural homogenate team. On team building
  8. 8. You need to form a homogeneous team where everybody can perform at similar level: one person cannot become your company’s saviour. On performance
  9. 9. What is true for star footballers is also true for employees. Managing talents starts with the recognition of the existing skills and the potential of an employee. On talent
  10. 10. Research shows that managers only get the required maturity at the age of forty. So while young blood is rejuvenating, maturity brings stability and structure On maturity
  11. 11. In football as in business, perseverance is everything. To be successful one needs to be willing to take detours, to be thrown back regularly, but most importantly to stand up and start afresh. On perseverance
  12. 12. If companies don’t manage to regularly modernise themselves, and find a way to be ahead of the big guys, they will very soon be the small David again – but this time without any slingshot. On strategy
  13. 13. Standard processes will often be the activities you might want to outsource. But if you haven’t been able to manage them internally, don’t expect them to be efficient when conducted externally. On standard processes
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  15. 15. Credits Karin Stumpf is a lecturer, writer, blogger and international consultant specializing in change management, leadership development, communication and business games. Her writing has been praised for its easy to read yet thought provoking style and cunning ability to combine real-life stories and experiences with practical advice and guidance. Because of her reputation as a thought leader in change management, she regularly lectures at universities and gives key note speeches at international conferences.