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Global perspectives for private companies: Agility in changing markets


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What drives private companies? The second annual Deloitte Private global survey indicates that private enterprises are committed to innovation, their people and strong company values. Despite the growing challenges facing them, more than 2,500 business leaders in 30 countries expressed confidence in their company’s ability to adapt and thrive.

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Global perspectives for private companies: Agility in changing markets

  1. 1. Global perspectives for private companies Agility in changing markets Copyright © 2019 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved. Member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited In January and February 2019, Deloitte Private polled nearly 2,550 executives from private and mid-sized companies in 30 countries about their expectations, experiences and plans for becoming more competitive in the current economic environment. Here are some of the most significant findings; access the full report online at Three-quarters of executives surveyed said: say they are likely or very likely to acquire targets in the next year say they expect to be acquired in the next year 43% say product development is the top focus of their technology initiatives 39% say training is their most likely talent investment in the next 12 months 42% 37% 49% expect to hire more full-time employees in the next year 92% of private companies surveyed already rely on global markets for a portion of their revenue Americas 82% Asia Pacific 73% EMEA 71% Americas 39% Asia Pacific 51% EMEA 41% We are “very confident” or “extremely confident” about the success of our companies over the next 24 months.