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Back-to-college survey 2016 Infographic


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The 2016 Back-to-college spending survey presents the spending habits of college students and their parents including when and where they’ll shop, how much they’ll spend, and on what products.

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Back-to-college survey 2016 Infographic

  1. 1. Spending plans Spending plans Student influence More online THE PARENT PERSPECTIVE THE STUDENT PERSPECTIVE Category spend Category spend Purchase power Digital influence Back to College 2016 $1,345 average total spending estimated by parents - similar to last year $1,082 average total spending estimated by students Spending peaks with freshman and declines in the senior year 67% plan to use debit cards – the group’s primary method of payment 67% plan to use credit cards – the group’s primary method of payment 16% expect their kids to contribute more than half of budget 57% say they will contribute more than half of budget 75% say shopping is heavily influenced by the student 83% will buy used books to stretch the budget 90% expect to shop before mid-August Top destinations are bookstores (63%) and discount/value department stores (53%) 86% expect to begin shopping by mid-August In-store purchases still prevail Top destinations are bookstores (71%) and online stores (64%) Expect to spend almost as much online as in-store 82% research online before buying in the physical store 79% will seek out free shipping 87% will shop throughout the summer to take advantage of deals Early & in-store 86% College supplies $521 $312 $253 $321 $673 $392 $388 $202 $196 $473 $279 $378 75% Clothing & accessories 61% Household appliances & supplies 47%Dorm furniture & supplies 36% Computers & hardware 21% Electronic gadgets Plan to buy Average spend Plan to buy Average spend Electronic gadgets 32% Dorm furniture & supplies 40% Computers & hardware 44% Household appliances & supplies 55% Clothing & accessories 79% College supplies 94% Copyright © 2016 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved. Source: Deloitte Back-to-College Survey 2016 #1 use of smartphone in shopping journey: find store location 45% will use social media to inform their purchase decisions #1 use of social media in shopping journey: view promotions Device most often used for shopping: smartphone – by of shoppers71%