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Gathering CMO-mentum


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The marketing function has changed profoundly in recent years, thanks to its position atop growing mountains of valuable customer data. The Chief Marketing Officer’s influence is growing, too, along with expectations to deliver business results. Indeed, the pressure’s on for Marketing to improve its analytics game – big time.

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Gathering CMO-mentum

  1. 1. CMO-mentum The Chief Marketing Officer’s (CMO) sphere of influence and ability to shape business objectives is expanding dramatically. As the primary owners of growing mountains of data, CMOs have become valued strategic advisors for their increasing knowledge of customers, markets and competition – and expectations to deliver results have risen accordingly. say marketing has changed radically over the past five years 89% see their role as increasingly influential to business success 75% feel the increasing expectations 80% recognize data analytics as their most important challenge think the challenge to transform and acquire new skills is increasing 82% Based on a Deloitte survey of 300-plus CMOs conducted in partnership with the Institute of Communication Agencies. Marketing world shifts into high gear 71%