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Dell Data Center Networking Overview


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Presentation provides an overview of Dell Data Center Networking portfolio overview and product offerings. Content includes
Discussion on Dell Open Networking strategy and Dell reference architectures for Data Center Networking.

Published in: Devices & Hardware
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Dell Data Center Networking Overview

  1. 1. Data Center Networking Data Center Networking (Multi-rate 1-to-100GbE, future of Ethernet and compute centric networking)
  2. 2. Agenda The Dell Difference1 Converged Infrastructure powered by Dell3 Manageability & Automation Framework4 Summary5 Multi-Rate Switching for Next Generation Data Centers2
  3. 3. The Dell Difference
  4. 4. Dell Enabling The Future Ready Enterprise Workload ready + virtual infrastructure ready + software-defined & cloud ready Software-Defined Storage Software-Defined Networking Software-Defined Computing
  5. 5. Dell Networking for the EnterpriseDell Networking for the EnterpriseDell Networking for the Enterprise Campus Carrier Access Cloud Services Branch Office Remote Office Branch VRTX WAN Internet Data Center N-Series, W-Series OpenManage Z-Series, S-Series Active Fabric Manager Active Fabric Controller OpenManage X-Series N-Series, W-Series OpenManage New 1-100GbE Multi-Rate Switches
  6. 6. Dell Networking Innovation & Thought Leadership 2011 2012 2013 2014 Data center chassis bottleneck  Active Fabric  Open Automation Framework East-west traffic optimization  MXL/IOA for M1000e Simplified fabric management  Active Fabric Manager Network programmability  SDN – a choice In-rack convergence  S5000/S6000 ToRs Enterprise mobility  Modernized campus portfolio Choice & Open Networking  Open Networking  Z9500 Fabric Switch  Active Fabric Controller 6 NEW! Active Fabric Controller NEW! Dell Goes All-in on Software-Defined Networking at #VMworld Dell N-Series Switches Bring OpenFlow to Campus Networks Dell Unlocks New Era for Open Networking Dell Dives Deeper into SDN with New Hardware and Software 2015 Multi-Rate Switching  100GE Launch  1-100GE Refresh  Unified Campus
  7. 7. Gartner Rate for Dell Networking as “the world’s most innovative, disruptive & visionary networking vendor” “Dell has emerged as a top four player in the data center networking space measured by port shipments. It has also been the most-innovative and most- disruptive mainstream data center networking vendor in the market over the past 12 months.” Gartner “Vendor Rating: Dell” April 2015 VisionaryFurthesttotheright #2 in 10G Blade Switching – FOR THE FIRST TIME!! Continuing to beat Cisco
  8. 8. Dell Networking Data Center Strategic Framework Open Networking: choice & innovation Disaggregated solutions for large enterprise & carriers Integrated solutions for SMB & mid-market Management & Orchestration Monitoring Automation & Programmability NVO/Controller software Plus open ecosystem for OS and L4-7 services Merchant silicon Standards-based hardware Open system software Application/Cloud environment Other Dell Networking Software Dell M-Series, FN-Series S-Series, Z-Series Plus partners Dell PowerEdge servers and converged systems Plus partners Plus partners
  9. 9. Dell Open Networking Linux, server-like programmability Feature-rich L2/L3 Data Center networking WAN, MPLS/VPLS functionality Feature-rich L2/L3 Campus networking Controller-based network tapping and monitoring Plug-and-play branch/SOHO networking Fabric Switching In Rack Switching Distributed Fabric
  10. 10. Dell Active Fabric High performance fabric for The Optimized Enterprise I/O Diversity (10/25/40/50/100G)Diversity Improved fabric economics (Power/Port, Density/RU, 40/100G over 10G cabling) Economics SDN-ready devicesAgility Low device latency and low oversubscription ratesPerformance Lossless and Lossy traffic over single converged fabricConverged Collapsed Spine BladeServer Top-of-Rack Collapsed Spine Dell Active FabricTM Leaf-Spine
  11. 11. Dell Active Fabric Innovations Innovations to improve fabric economics TOPOLOGIES Collapsed Spine Multi-layer Leaf-Spine MANAGEMENT DevOps Fabric Management INSTRUMENTATION Flow Monitoring Health Monitoring CONVERGENCE RDMA over Converged Ethernet Fiber Channel over Ethernet CONNECTIVITY Enhanced Optics Optical Breakouts UPGRADES Fast Boot Bare Metal Provisioning Active Fabric
  12. 12. Award-winning platforms across the data center Z-Series Core and Fabric S-Series Fabric & ToR M-Series Blades Automation, SDN & simplified management combine for highest performance • Purpose-built fabric switches for modern data centers • Integrated automation and management built in • Hybrid OpenFlow agent for SDN environments • 1/10/40/100GbE & 8G FC options • Designed for virtualized & cloud environments • Open Networking enabled on select models • First 10/40GbE switch for blade environments • Local switching for highest performance • Support for Dell Active Fabric™ solutions and today’s east-west traffic
  13. 13. Dell Top of Rack (ToR) Matrix GE => 10GE transition 40GE adoption 10GE => multi-rate (10/25/40/50/100GE) 1GE market is still dominant Dell ToR Switch LAN/SAN Convergence Benefits Z9100-ON S4048-ON S3048-ON S6000-ON S5000 Investment protection with multi-rate switching technology. Lower TCO Compared to S4810: 1. Better performance 2. Lower power and latency 3. Supports Network Virtualization Cost-bandwidth-feature optimized 40GE platform for Top of Rack, Middle of Row and End of Row Cost-feature optimized 1GE platform Modular feature-rich LAN/SAN converged platform. Rich I/O (Fiber Channel, 10G Fiber & Copper)
  14. 14. Key Use Cases Leaf ToR Spine Large Scale 40G Leaf-Spine Fabric (Web 2.0) 40GbE Small Scale Data Center in Pay- As-You-Go Model (Mid Market) Aggregation ToR 10/40G Z-Series Core and Aggregation High Performance Centralized Core (HPC) 10/40G Z-Series Core and Aggregation ToR Medium Scale 10G Collapsed Spine Fabric (SaaS) 10G 10GbE Spine High Performance RoCE Fabric (Enterprise) Cache cluster # 1 10/40G Z-Series or S-Series Cache cluster # 2 Cache cluster # 3 Cache cluster # n End of Row & Middle of Row (Enterprise) Z-Series Z-Series 40G M1000 with MXL & FX2 FNIOA S-Series Middle-of-RowEnd-of-Row
  15. 15. Dell Solutions enabled by Dell Networking
  16. 16. Multi-Rate Switching (1-100GbE)
  17. 17. 25/50/100GbE Ecosystem Blade Infrastructure Rack Infrastructure Internet Networking Fabrics Campus Networking Ecosystem formation in 2015-2016 25/50GbE NICs Allows 25/50GbE from server to switch (Mellanox, Qlogic, Broadcom) Commercial switching silicon 25Gb signaling lanes make 25/50/100GbE devices possible Connectivity Connectors (SFP28, QSFP28), Optics and Cabling solutions backwards compatible Compute & Storage Next generation compute and storage architectures to enable emerging speeds
  18. 18. Ethernet RoadmapEthernet Roadmap
  19. 19. Dell Networking Z9100-ON Next generation fixed-form factor 10/25/40/50/100GbE fabric switch Dell Networking Z9100-ON 7X Higher density per RU vs Cisco Nexus 9504* 3X Higher density per RU vs Juniper QFX10002* • Dell’s 1st 100GbE multi-rate 1RU fabric switch – Multi-rate switching – 32 ports x 40GbE or 100GbE (QSFP28) – 128 ports x 10GbE or 25GbE – 64 ports x 50GbE. – Additional 2 fixed 1/10 GbE SFP+ ports – Support for Dell OS9.x & 3rd Party OS • Built for peak performance – Cloud/Web2.0 , HPC & Higher Ed, Government & Enterprise/Campus/DC interconnects – Optimized for high performance, ultra-low latency Data Center requirements • Dell Innovation – Flexible & multi-rate (1 to 100GbE) – QSFP28 100G form factor with low power, cost & space – Open Networking enabled with ONIE & choice of 3rd Party OS * Source: Competitive Data Sheets
  20. 20. Dell Networking S6100-ON Innovative multi-expansion module switch for high density cloud environments Dell Networking S6100-ON Dell’s 1st multi-expansion module 100GbE 2RU switch – Fully customizable expansion module switch with 3 modules and 4 bays for optimal flexibility – 16x40GbE QSFP+ I/O module – 8x100GbE QSFP28 I/O module – 4x100GbE CXP and 4x100GbE QSFP28 I/O module – Both QSFP28 and CXP 100GbE options – Provides up to 64 ports 40GbE or 32 ports 100GbE Built for future-ready data centers – Web 2.0, Enterprise, Mid-Market and Cloud service provider data center networks where high density 40/100GbE switching, high performance, and low latency are required for modern workloads. – Built in virtualization features to scale virtual machine deployment requiring energy-efficiency solutions. Dell Innovation – Flexible & multi-rate (10/25/40/50/100GbE) – QSFP28 100G form factor with low power, cost & space – CXP 100GbE ports for connectivity to legacy 100GbE interfaces – Open Networking enabled with choice of Dell OS9 or 3rd Party OS’s Modular configuration vs fixed on Cisco Nexus 3264Q 10/25/40/50/100 GbE vs 40G only on Cisco 3264Q Investment Protection Multi-Rate Capable
  21. 21. Next generation multi-rate switching enabled architectures Multi-rate connectivity from 1 to 100GbE across the data center Enabling future-ready infrastructure with multi-expansion modularity S6100 100GbE Active Fabric Multi-rate switching for big data and high performance workloads End-to-end 40/100GbE ready infrastructure • Interconnect existing fabric switches with legacy or emerging 100GbE for future ready high-performance backbone • Customer choice for 40GbE/100GbE, and multi-rate top of rack to support all server interconnect speeds. Accelerate Data Center infrastructure • High speed fabric interconnects up to 100GbE with ultra low latency. • Flexible support for multi-rate interfaces across the data center for high performance/big data deployments. S4048 S3048S6000 S6100 100GbE 2x50GbE 4x10GbE 40GbE 4x25GbE 25GbE Breakout Cable 100GbE QSFP28 Optics 100GbE (10x10) Optics 10GbE Breakout Cable 40GbE Active Optical Cable 40GbE QSFP+ Optics 100GbE (4x25) Optics S6100 100GbE 100GbE (10x10) Optics
  22. 22. C9010 and C1048P systems Dell Networking C9010 Network Director Dell Networking C1048P Rapid Access Node 3x More 10/40GbE port density than Catalyst 6807XL 25% more ports per RU than HP 10504 Intelligently designed systems • Dense multi-rate ready chassis with ½ width line cards in a compact 8RU (C9010) • Tool-less mounting standard plus optional ReadyRails™ (C9010) • Up to 248 x 10GbE/ 60 x40GbE ports & 4.8Tbps total throughput (C9010) • 100GbE ready backplane with unique tool-less upgrade to full-width line cards* (C9010) • Up to 4,000 additional 1GbE POE+ capable virtual ports via the C1048P rapid access node* THE solution for unified campus and data center networking • Leverages existing access and aggregation investments • Evolves to simplified, plug-and-play when you’re ready with C1048P or N-Series systems *Future capability; 2,000 virtual port support at launch
  23. 23. Data Center Physical ConnectivityData Center Physical Connectivity Interconnects spanning few meters to 1000s km Z … … TOR Leaf Leaf Leaf Leaf EOR CLUSTER / POD Spine Spine Spine Spine Spine Spine Spine Spine Spine Spine Spine Spine CORE BR BR BR BR EDGE METRO/LH TOR / EOR To Core Campus Metro/LH Cables Cu / AOC Transceivers MMF, SMF Transceivers SMF Transceivers SMF 3m, 5m / 30m 100m, 300-500m 2 – 10km > 10km, up to 1000s of km TOR
  24. 24. 100GbE Optical & Cabling Solutions QSFP28 – is standardized, lowest cost, lowest power form factor Use for Data Center switching supporting short and long reach optical solutions 100GbE Standard Transceiver Solutions (Use for uplinks to fabric or DC interconnect) 100GbE SR4 100m Multi Mode 100GbE PSM4 500m/2Km Parallel Single Mode 100GbE CWDM4 2Km Single Mode 100GbE LR4 Lite 2Km Single Mode 100GbE LR4 10Km Single Mode 100GbE Active Optical Cables 100G short reach multimode cable with integrated optics Use for switch to switch interconnects 100GbE SM4 QSFP28 Optical Module (future) 100GbE over Duplex (Single Pair) Multimode Fiber Use for ToR to Fabric interconnects 100GbE Cables and Breakout Cables Copper and fiber breakout cables for 25/50GbE Use for links to servers and storage
  25. 25. Converged Infrastructure Powered by Dell
  26. 26. Architecture Advantage of Converged Switching • Address more East-West traffic using local switching. Save ports & cost Architecture applies to both M1000 and FX2
  27. 27. Dell MXL/IOA Blade Switch • 10/40GbE switching in the chassis • 32 x 10GbE internal ports • 40GbE uplinks • FlexIO modules provides flexible “pay as you grow” capability: • 10G fiber and copper • Fiber Channel • Integrated automation, scripting and programmatic management • ~30% lower cost versus the leading networking competitor • ~60% lower network latency at Designed for end-to-end converged networks w/ m1000e chassis Dell Networking MXL blade switch ~30% Faster VM migration time than Cisco UCS ~60% Lower network latency than Cisco UCS 30-40% CapEx savings
  28. 28. Dell FN IO Module for FX System • Built for the FX2 - simplifies network deployment, offers cost-effective 10GbE performance, while enabling and simplifying LAN/SAN convergence in the datacenter. • Simplifying cabling complexity through server port aggregation (up to 8:1). • Automatic/Zero-touch mode and Full- Switch mode • Reduces CapEx/OpEx for the datacenter Easy installation and simple network integration for FX PowerEdge FN IO Module • Simplify network integration • Optimized for FX2 performance • Multiple connectivity options FX2 System
  29. 29. FNIOM Value Proposition • Simplifies Cable complexity • Plug-n-play/Zero-touch Simple • Supports customizations • Supports SFP+, 10G Base- T, and FC ports • Supports converged traffic including LAN, iSCSI, FCoE Versatile High Performance • Supports local Switching (East-West) • Supports Stacking up to 6 units • Advanced Software Features • Requires fewer cables • Requires fewer ToR ports • Smaller footprint/RU Lower TCO FN410S: 4 port GE/10GE SFP+ FN410T: 4 port GE/10GE Base-T FN2210S: 2 port FC2/4/8G + 2 port GE/10GE SFP+ USB Console USB Storage 10GbE SFP+ 10Gb Base-T 2/4/8G FC (convertible to 10GbE SFP+)
  30. 30. FX2 FNIOM Enables Converged Data Center Example Topologies TOR S6000/S4810 S6000/S4810 LAN, iSCSI TOR S5000 S5000 LAN, iSCSI, FCoE FN 410S FX2 FX2 FN 410S TOR S4820 S4820 LAN, iSCSI, FCoE TOR S5000 S5000 LAN, iSCSI, FC FN 410T FX2 FX2 FN 2210S NPG/FCFNPG/FCF FCF FCF S5000 offers gateway or full fabric services for FCoE S4820 can be used as ToR for LAN/ISCSI (copper) S5000 offers fabric services connecting to FC storage S6000/S4810 can be used as ToR for LAN/iSCSI LAN Deployment FCOE Deployment LAN Copper Deployment FC Deployment
  31. 31. Simplified Web GUI for MIOA and FNIOM New Embedded Web GUI for FX2 FN IOM and M1000e MIOA (not MXL)1 Embedded Web GUI offers rich provisioning and monitoring unlike CMC Today CMC has limited provisioning and monitoring capabilities such as VLAN assignment. Embedded GUI offers a lot more functionalities. • Changing the operational mode of the device • Enable/Disable ports • Provisioning TACACS+/RADIUS • Monitoring health and details status, alerts and activities etc. 2 CMC link-n-launch button for Embedded Web GUI Expectation is that customer will trigger embedded Web GUI from CMC to provision features and monitor FN IOM and MIOA 3 CMC Embedded Web GUI Link-n- launch button Embedded Web GUI NEW
  32. 32. Manageability and Automation Framework
  33. 33. Dell Networking Manageability Overview
  34. 34. Dell Networking Open Automation Dell OS Web Server CLI SNMP OF 1.x BMP DevOps Puppet Scripting: Perl, Python, etc. Libraries: SQL, SNMP Unix tools Element Managers app developer VSN OMIREST API Open Flow Controllers network admin Automation Tools infrastructure admin E2E DC Orchestrators Active Fabric Manager REST RPC • OMNM • OME • 3rd-party Web & DevOps Applications Delivers feature-rich programming and automation capabilities
  35. 35. Summary
  36. 36. Deploy your network with confidence Optimized performance to keep your business running smoothly Network Deployment • Optimized configurations • Efficient integration • Maximize availability ProSupport Plus • Dedicated Technical Account Manager • Elite ProSupport Plus engineers • Monthly reporting and recommendations • System maintenance • Proactive notification Experts Insights Ease • 24,000+ support engineers • 8,700 certifications • 20% reduction in hardware issues • 94% customer satisfaction • Expert deployment engineers • Proven processes
  37. 37. Why Dell Networking – Open and Innovative Open Networking First vendor to offer disaggregated networking model and leading the industry disruption in software defined compute, storage and networking End-to-End Solutions Leading end-to-end solutions encompassing best in class servers, storage and networking products with global services and reach Leading Edge Innovation Rapid execution model with rich product pipeline and industry first in delivering networking systems with state of art technology The Power To Do More
  38. 38. Thank you