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MT98 Developing an IT strategy to transform the business


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Over the years Dell's business has changed more quickly than our processes and systems. We continue to need the flexibility to support growth and the capabilities to meet customer expectations and market dynamics. But what it took to be successful is a completely different approach.  Learn how Dell's Business Architecture Team (BAT) is leading the way by partnering with the business in new ways that define where to invest and prioritize. In this session we'll deconstruct Dell's process for developing a strategic IT roadmap based on a future-state vision of capabilities required to achieve business priorities and goals.

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MT98 Developing an IT strategy to transform the business

  1. 1. Developing an IT strategy to transform the business Dell’s approach Michael Smyth, VP Office of the CIO Julia Langston, IT Director Portfolio Management Office SessionMT98
  2. 2. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Transforming into an efficient solutions provider Required different business strategy-lead process Business Architecture Team (BAT) leads, steers, partners & develops logical progressions This creates a simplified customer experience and work team efficiency It’s a multi-year journey that focuses on what matters most to customers
  3. 3. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Change was needed to move forward • Techin searchof problems • Point vs. E2E solutions • Splinteredbudgets& priorities • Scope redundancy • Transparency • Voice of customer • Business process& adoption • Lead by business strategy • Enterprise-wide & integrated • Defined end state & capabilities • Establisheddelivery framework
  4. 4. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential How we organized Process Lifecycle approach: ensures cross-functional representation Blueprint: defines future state business architecture to deliver the required infrastructure – Communicates vision – Expected outcomes – Process,technology& architecture Roadmap: depicts integrated, sequenced multi-year programs to achieve outcomes – Sequencescapabilities via funded projects – Governs our progress
  5. 5. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential IT partnering to ensure strategic delivery in four distinct layers Dev. Market Sell Fulfill Support Corp. Success means: • Meets businessneeds • Iterative business & technical design • Consistent / persistent • Implementable • Widely communicated & understood Key IT deliverables: • IT Strategy Plan • Future-State Reference Architecture • Architectural Strategy document • Program Architecture document
  6. 6. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Governing our progress and delivery Process Lifecycle GovernanceBAT Working Team IT Governance Creates the roadmap, governs the process & creates the blueprint Portfolio Planning Defines capability gaps, strategy, processes and interlocks/dependencies Business enablement Roadmap PlanningLifecycle Process Project Governance Measures & governs processes Manages interlocks, interdependencies & change control Business Architecture Team Executive Leadership Team Delivery and execution Reviews quarterly outcomes Mobilizes and aligns key leaders Sets the vision for business architecture Drives resource estimation, supply/demand levelling, creation of Plan of Record Sets governance standards, performs program oversite, issue / risk tracking, and portfolio management Portfolio Health
  7. 7. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential What went well What is still evolving Adoption Program governance Process governance Agility & simplification Blueprint approach Velocity Dependencies Value creation Business influence Business outcomes
  8. 8. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Key considerations 1. Optimize Optimize in terms of what is best holistically for the enterprise 2. Customer first Keep the unified customer experience at the fore-front of design 3. Unify management Planning & execution accountability reside with a single steering committee 4. Accelerate Work to accelerate the strategy vs. debate the strategy 5. Focuson the business Focus on delivery of business results vs. IT projects (emphasize scope not budget) 6. Communicate Communication is crucial to ensuring a unified vision & progress to that vision 7. Lead Install best leaders as executive sponsors ensuring their understanding of commitments
  9. 9. Thank you