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MT95 - Diversity in the technology industry: Trends and practices


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Women and minorities are underrepresented at all levels in technology firms. Lack of diversity is a disadvantage in the ever-evolving tech industry where diverse perspectives often lead to inspired innovation. In this session, learn about current research on diversity in tech and what it takes to create an inclusive work culture. This panel will include Dell leaders, customers, and partners for an honest discussion about diversity trends and how companies can leverage diversity and inclusion to drive better results.

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MT95 - Diversity in the technology industry: Trends and practices

  1. 1. MT95: Diversity in the technology industry - trends and practices
  2. 2. Panelists Rick Gesing Corporate Vice President of Semi- Manufacturing Operations, Applied Materials, Inc. Bill Proudman Founder and Chief Executive Officer, White Men as Full Diversity Partners Alan Mayer Senior Vice President of Commercial Customer Advocacy, Dell Technologies Erin Kitchen Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion, Dell Technologies Deborah Gillis President and Chief Executive Officer, Catalyst
  3. 3. Questions? For more information contact: Erin Kitchen Share your learnings on social media using #diversityintech