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MT94 - Federal: How your agency can make IT modernization work


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Operating costs can devour as much as 80% of a US Government agency’s IT budget. What if you could drive this number down to 50% or less by next year? By rolling out IT modernization methodologies within agency data centers, it is possible to shift IT spending so that a majority of the budget is spent on driving modernization versus merely keeping the lights on. In this session, learn how to modernize IT and move IT expenditures in the right direction. This session is produced by MeriTalk. Government employees are eligible to receive CPE credits with this session.

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MT94 - Federal: How your agency can make IT modernization work

  1. 1. MT94 How your agency can make IT modernization work
  2. 2. Panelists Steve Harris [Moderator] Federal Vice President and General Manager, Dell EMC Prem Jadhwani ChiefTechnology Officer, Government Acquisitions,Inc. Jason Kimrey Area Director,U.S. Federal, Intel Corporation Tony Scott FederalChief InformationOfficer, Executive Office of the President [Invited] Congressman Will Hurd (R-TX) U.S. House of Representatives
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