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MT89 - How to get value from end-of-life assets


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When companies dispose of technology that has reached its end of life, there are a lot of things to consider. Security is the first concern. How can you protect identities and data while still complying with legal requirements? And what about the environmental liability? End-of-life technology must be disposed of responsibly. Come learn about Dell’s Asset Resale and Recycling Service and how to get the most value from end-of-life assets. In this session, you will hear from thought leaders, ABN Amro, and Dell experts on the key aspects of a responsible disposition program.

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MT89 - How to get value from end-of-life assets

  1. 1. MT89: How to get value from end-of-life assets
  2. 2. MT89: How to get value from end-of-life assets
  3. 3. How many of you….. 1. Work for a sustainability-minded organization? 2. Have a formal end-of-life asset management program? 3. Currently take advantage of Dell’s recycle or resell services?
  4. 4. Panelists Karen Courter Director, Global Takeback, Dell Crystynna Ewe APJ Regional Director, Global Takeback, Dell Scott O’Connell Director, Environmental Affairs & Global Producer Responsibility, Dell Marijn de Haas Advisor - Environmental, Social and Ethical Risk & Policies, ABN-AMRO Lori Chisum Product Manager, Asset Resale and Recycling, Dell
  5. 5. 6 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential The closed-loop process at Dell This closed-loop plastics supply chain feeds more than 48 product lines. Since starting in mid-2014, we have created about 3.5 million kilos of new parts for tens of millions of units.
  6. 6. 7 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential We’ll take care of the old, so you can focus on the new. Asset removal Data security Resale and recycling We’ll handle the pick-up logistics of any brand of your owned or leased hardware. Get peace of mind through our on- or off-site methods aligned with National Institute of Standards 800-88 guidelines 1 on your used systems. Meeting or exceeding local regulatory guidelines, we provide options for you to resell or recycle your old systems. 1Data Removal Process: No data removal process leaves a hard drive or computer as free from residual data as a new product. Dell makes no recommendations regarding the customer's security needs or representations regarding the effectiveness of one method of data removal over another. It is the customer's responsibility to protect any confidential or sensitive information contained on its hard drives recovered by Dell.
  7. 7. Questions? For more information contact: 1. US -, 2. EMEA - 3. APJ - Visit us at the our expo booths: Corp. Social Responsibility Client Lifecycle Services Learn more at