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MT147_Thinking Windows 10? Think simple, scalable, and secure deployments with desktop virtualization


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Over 350M Windows 10 devices have been deployed in less than a year, and the recent Windows 10 anniversary update has accelerated the planning of Windows 10 rollouts for the vast majority of enterprises. This is the perfect time to evaluate your desktop deployment strategy. In this session, we will discuss the how VMware Horizon with Dell infrastructure can enable your journey to Windows 10, the benefits of centrally deploying Windows 10 through virtual desktops, and what this means for BYOD. We’ll also cover how the latest innovations from VMware and Dell can deliver simple, scalable, and secure Windows 10 deployments.

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MT147_Thinking Windows 10? Think simple, scalable, and secure deployments with desktop virtualization

  1. 1. Sheldon D’Paiva, VMware End-User Computing Dan O’Farrell, Dell Cloud Client-Computing Thinking Windows 10? Think simple, scalable, and secure deployments with desktop virtualization
  2. 2. Windows 10: The Next OS 2 Simplified Lifecycle Management Enterprise Ready Security Any Apps to Stay Productive Intuitive Experience Across Device Types
  3. 3. Windows 10: Talking Big Numbers! CONFIDENTIAL 3 1BillionMicrosoft’s goal for number of Windows 10 devices by 2018 (Source: Microsoft, April 2016) 76% 76% of 10 million Microsoft customers in active Windows 10 pilots 7.6M Dell planning to sell 20+ million Windows 10 devices this year! 20M+
  4. 4. Top End-User Computing Priorities 4Please rank the top three EUC projects/programs, based on their priority to your company. (BASE: Customers, n=368) CONFIDENTIAL Windows 10 migration is the top priority p/q indicates significant difference at 95% CI 64% 56% 51% 48% 29% 22% 21% 9% Windows 10 migration Maintain/support existing Windows 7/8 PCs PC hardware refresh Desktop Virtualization/VDI Application Publishing Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Identity Management Desktop as a Service (DaaS) p Enterprise: 31% p Enterprise: 57% % ranked #1, #2 or #3 EUC priority
  5. 5. How VMware Can Help With Your Windows 10 Deployment 5 Unify lifecycle management across Windows 10 desktops and phones Deploy Windows 10 centrally to any endpoint through virtual desktops VMWARE AIRWATCH VMWARE HORIZON CONFIDENTIAL
  6. 6. 6CONFIDENTIAL TEST AND CERTIFY YOUR APPS Before you roll out the applications that run your business, test and certify them on virtual desktops to ensure a smooth rollout without any nasty incompatibility surprises. ENABLE YOUR WORKFORCE Give users a taste of Windows 10 through virtual desktop labs so they learn before they move - and stay productive. SIMPLIFY ROLLOUTS Avoid the cumbersome decentralized methods of previous upgrades by centrally delivering Windows 10 desktops to end users instantly. The Journey to Windows 10
  7. 7. Delighting the BYO End User CONFIDENTIAL End users who choose to bring their own (BYO) windows 10 devices can access any virtual desktop or published (RDS) applications they need. Desktops delivered through Horizon’s Blast Extreme protocol results in the best Windows 10 experience for the broadest range of devices, even across challenging network environments. 7
  8. 8. 8 Desktops and Apps – Your Way True SSO for Any App Real-time, Secure Desktop Delivery vGPU Powered Graphical Experience Legacy Investment Protection Simple, Scalable, and Secure Windows 10 Deployments
  9. 9. VMware Horizon Portfolio 9 MAIN OFFICE REMOTE OFFICE CAMPUS SPECIALIST MOBILE NON-EMPLOYEE Horizon Flex Horizon Air Cloud-hosted or Hybrid- mode desktop and app delivery from the public cloud Horizon 7 Desktop and app delivery from private cloud
  10. 10. Desktops and Apps From a Single Platform 10CONFIDENTIAL Deliver Applications Manage Applications Support for Windows and Linux The ability to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver, manage and monitor virtual desktops and published applications to end users who may not need access to a full desktop. DESKTOPS APPLICATIONS
  11. 11. Great User Experience 11 Support for 3D Graphics Adaptive and Contextual User Experience Unified Workspace with Easy Access to All Apps and Desktops Familiar and Intuitive With Complete PC Features
  12. 12. Modern Approach to Application Management 12 Support complete environment management Simplify management and version upgrades with a single template Deliver and update applications in seconds and at scale Comprehensive Application & User Management User Environment Management App Management Image Management Monitoring & Analytics Infrastructure Updates
  13. 13. Smart Policies 13 True SSO Experience Policy-Managed Client Features Access Point Authentication Common Criteria / FIPS 140-2 Policies are tied to the end user allowing IT to be able to provide end users with a truly contextual user experience with policies dynamically changes depending on the device used or the location services are being accessed from.
  14. 14. Same Horizon Clients / Broadest Support for Every Use Case Same Common Feature-Rich User Experience Windows VDI, RDSH Apps/Desktop & Linux VDI Hosted Apps & RDS Desktops Printing Scanning & Imaging Devices USB Audio In/OutSmart Card Client Drive Redirection Windows Media Redirection File Type Association Unified Communications Webcams Session Enhancement SDK RDP VC Bridge SDKMac iOSLinux Thin ClientsWindows Android Chrome OS HTML (Blast Only) Common SDKs Blast Extreme Offers Rich Feature Set 14
  15. 15. NVIDIA GRID GPU Optimized for Blast Extreme 15 Overview • Blast Extreme delivers exceptional 3D graphics user experience on low cost PC’s compared to PCoIP • Support NVIDIA GRID K1, K2, M6, M10 and M60 graphics cards • Leverage H.264 encoder option on GRID GPUs to lower CPU consumption and increase scalability. Benefits • 6-13% better FPS • 18% higher scalability (e.g. ArcGIS Pro) • 27-51ms lower latency • Deliver up to 4K resolution displays for workstation environments.
  16. 16. Bandwidth Optimization • Up to 15% bandwidth reduction in audio bandwidth • Up to a 6x bandwidth reduction using JPG/PNG in high bandwidth scenarios Better Bandwidth Management Options • Dynamically apply configuration settings • H.264 encoder quality levels • Audio quality controls • Bandwidth cap per user Bandwidth Optimization and Controls 16
  17. 17. vRealize Operations for Horizon with Blast Extreme 17 Blast Session Statistics • Round Trip Latency (RTT) • Encode Frame Rate (FPS) • Protocol TX Bandwidth (throughput) • Estimated Bandwidth
  18. 18. SmartPolicy and UEM Integration with Blast Extreme 18
  19. 19. Generic USB Redirection 19 Overview • Simplifies USB peripheral use case with RDSH published applications • Designed for broad peripheral support without device specific fine tuning • Windows 2012 R2 or above is required as RDS server • Windows client only Benefits • Provides customers with a generic solution for their USB devices in RDSH sessions including devices such as Wacom signature pads. Recommendations • Use Generic USB redirection as a fall back to high level device redirection.
  20. 20. RDSH USB Peripherals Support Device Type Vendor/Model VMware Solutions Signature pads TOPAZ T-LBK460-HSB-R USB redirection Barcode Scanner Motorola DS4208 RMKS Credit Card Reader MagTek DynaMag RMKS Smart Card Reader OMNIKEY 3121 USB Desktop Reader Smartcard redirection Philips Speech mics Phillips SpeechMike LFH3200 Specific driver by third party Naunce Speech mics Naunce 0POWM2N-005 Specific driver by third party Dictation Foot pedal Olympus RS-25 (Serial Port) USB redirection Epic Devices Midmark IQmark Digital Spirometer USB redirection Epic Devices Midmark IQspiro USB redirection Epic Devices Midmark IQecg USB redirection Epic Devices Midmark IQholter USB redirection Webcams Logitech C525 RTAV Document Scanners Canon Scanner DR-2580C Scanner redirection Fingerprint Reader EikonTouch 710 fingerprint scanner USB redirection Pin Pads IDTech SecureKey M100 USB redirection Pin Pads MagTek IPAD USB redirection Wacom tablet device Wacom STU-520A USB redirection 20
  21. 21. SDDC Integration 21 CONFIDENTIAL Compute Storage Networking
  22. 22. HORIZON 7 Horizon with vSAN-Ready Nodes 22 HORIZON 7 HORIZON AIR ON-PREM Drives costs down Great user experience vSAN Enabled Infrastructure and Desktops
  23. 23. We don’t believe in making your business needs fit our solutions Dell’s cloud client computing solutions for VDI are tailored for your business
  24. 24. Solutions that scale with your needs 34% Decrease in power consumption 88% Less tools to provision desktops 99% Fewer steps than manual Your choice of datacenter hardware with… …your choice of pre-tested software options Wyse Datacenter Specialized features like GPUs Towers with local storage Full racks and modular options Appliances
  25. 25. Most comprehensive portfolio Consolidated Reference Architecture for VMware Rack or Blade; FC or iSCSI Scalability Tailored FlexibilityEffortless Scale Reference ArchitecturesEngineered Solutions Dell XC Web- Scale Converged Appliance For VDI 100 users 250 users 500 users 1,000+ users Dell Solution for VMware Virtual SAN Ready Nodes Factory Installed with Horizon (Hybrid or All Flash storage)For SMB: Dell Appliance for Wyse-Citrix Rack/Tower pilot Dell Precision Appliance for Wyse
  26. 26. Meet the Wyse client family 7000 Series Clients High Performance & Versatility For power users who demand the best security, performance and connectivity with a wide range of peripherals. 5000 Series Clients Mainstream Performance For knowledge workers and power users with demanding virtual desktop applications. 3000 Series Clients Value & Flexibility For task workers and knowledge workers running a broad variety of business applications.
  27. 27. Solutions for every user Task oriented Basic productivity Knowledge worker Power worker Back office • Basic desktop applications • Lowest cost is primary driver • Limited user experience is acceptable Business office • Full desktop experience • Some multimedia applications • Unified communications Specialty • Finance and engineering • 3D graphics • Multiple monitors • Guaranteed high performance • Unified communications Kiosk • Specialty applications • Low utilization Home based / remote users • Full desktop experience • Some multimedia applications Endpoint solutions End user types Zero clients Thin clients Mobile thin clients
  28. 28. Wyse client portfolio Performance 7000 series Mainstream 5000 series Value 3000 series Specific Use Cases Zero client Thin client Mobile thin client 7030 for VMware 5030 for VMware 5050 AiO for VMware* 5000 series & 5040 all-in-one 7000 series mobile7000 series 3000 series3000 series 1000 series for MultiPoint Server *USA only 3000 series mobile
  29. 29. Multiple OS support • ThinOS is the most virus and malware resistant thin client OS • Unified Communications – Skype for business • Low to no management overhead • Easy to deploy & works out of the box • Instant ON with rich multimedia • Limited peripheral support • No local application support • Supports both ARM and x86 ThinOS • Supports unified communications platform such as Skype for Business & VXME • Supports local Linux applications • Good peripheral support • Flexible management options via Wyse WDM & INI file management • Based on open source • Supports x86 ThinLinux & Linux • Supports unified communications platform such as Lync • Supports local Windows applications • Robust peripheral support • Robust security features. Enhanced protection with DDP | Threat Defense • Flexible management options via Wyse WDM & WCM and support for SCCM • Based on Microsoft Windows, x86 architecture only Windows Embedded & Win10 IoT more flexible / more peripherals easier to manage / more secure
  30. 30. Dell Data Protection end-to-end security for Windows desktops Integrated data security solutions stopping 99% cyber attacks* DDP | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise For virtual and physical Windows desktops • Full suite: – Advanced threat prevention – Hardened authentication – Data-centric encryption • For Windows-based systems: – Physical PCs (Dell & non-Dell) – Persistent virtual desktops (VMs) • Also protects against BIOS attacks on select Dell PCs DDP | Advanced Threat Defense For WES thin clients • Traditional thin client protection – Microsoft security patches – Windows Defender – Windows Firewall – Write Filter On-premise management console • Single product: Advanced threat prevention • For systems: – WES thin clients – Physical PCs – Mac OS X systems – Windows server Cloud based management console
  31. 31. Ultimate Protection for Windows 10 Desktops From End to End Data/IP is fully protected ….. At rest In virtual desktops On physical endpoints Cloud / datacenter
  32. 32. 32 The Complete Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Solution CONFIDENTIAL Includes storage, servers, and software Ready-to-run solutions for accelerating Virtual SAN deployment for VDI
  33. 33. Getting Started 33 Free Assessment Hands-On Lab Business Case Builder Tools