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MT13 - Keep your business processing operating at peak efficiency with Dell Engineered Solutions for Databases


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Big Data comes from somewhere! Chances are, the largest contributor to the data deluge in your world are your own main business processing systems. It’s critical to employ the highest efficiency possible when deploying Microsoft SQL, Oracle, or SAP database platforms for business processing. Join this session to find out more about Dell Engineered Solutions for Databases, and grow your data engines on your terms!

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MT13 - Keep your business processing operating at peak efficiency with Dell Engineered Solutions for Databases

  1. 1. Keep your business processing operating at peak efficiency Dell Engineered Solutions for Databases Jason Kotsaftis, Anthony Dina and James Jordan Dell Validated Solutions ProductManagement and Architecture Panel SessionMT13
  2. 2. 2 Next 15 years Business-centric Cloud-native apps Systems of engagement and insight Streams of data and analytics Internet of Everything Last 15 years IT-centric Traditional applications Systems of record Transactional data and reporting Internet
  3. 3. 3 Economics • Cost of Historical Data Systems growing faster than rest of IT • Attractive pricing for Open Source Solutions • Operational Cost Savings Technologies • Traditional systems failing to store & process new data sources • Open source systems for scalable storage and processing on commodity hardware Business • Gain competitive advantages with better insights • Develop new business markets with data • Competition for knowing your customers and for targeted marketing Big Data Business Drivers
  4. 4. 5 Realized value with Dell EMC Big Data and Analytics $15-25 million in customersavings with 360-degreesupplychain view — Siemens reduction of data warehouse costs — Danske Bank 30% 60% faster predictive analytics — Dell 58% reduction in post-operative infections — University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
  5. 5. 6 Sensus Make a world of difference for a world of people Challenge Sensus needed to increase its data set size to be able to more easily visualize meter sensor performance problems. Solution The company implemented a data cluster and a data lake, based on Dell, Hadoop and Intel® technologies, which consolidates manufacturing, testing and other data streams. Results • Quickly analyzes data from 17 million gas, electric and water meter sensors • Proactively identifies device problems, helping prevent future device failures • Uses real-time device data to redefine, validate and create better communication networks • Enables tenfold improvement in investigation response time and processes ad hoc queries in under a minute • Uses data to design and deliver higher-quality products “Now, our project managers can instantly get a customer’s full data set. Having this data at our fingertips makes us a lot quicker on response time and allows us to provide faster and more accurate results … so that we make really good decisions with real data.” – Mike McGann, vice president of quality at Sensus
  6. 6. 7 Published: April 2015 | Expires: April 2017 “When we ran the new Dell-based system, we were amazed by the dramatic improvement in performance. We saw firsthand the cost-performance of the flash storage solution, and we knew we could no longer go back to the old system.” − Yasumitsu Irimoto, Manager, Web Solution Development, Dynatech inc. Dynatech Inc. A successful journey to database improvements Challenge To provide better support to customers, Dynatech wanted to increase the performance of the database behind its room reservation portal, Direct In. Solution The organization worked with Dell Consulting Services and Deployment Services to deploy a Dell-based Microsoft SQL Server SSD appliance in an AlwaysOn Groups configuration. Results • Increases sales by 20% with faster reservation system • Reduces costs through greater system availability • Ensures smooth implementation with expert support • Drives innovation and efficiency with high-performance database • Improves business continuity as a result of better uptimes
  7. 7. 8 Lotus F1 How to beat the clock at Formula One with Vblock systems Challenge Simplify the management and use of technologies needed to support a multi-petabyte data set and analyze it near real- time. Solution The Lotus F1 team implemented two Vblock Systems replicated across two data centers for disaster recovery. Lotus F1 also uses two portable Vblock Systems for trackside operations, giving race engineers full access to race data and high-volume, real-time analytics. Results • 90% reduction in downtime & 30% reduction in annual costs • 3X improvement of trackside performance • 8X faster deployment, including trackside • 9X faster delivery of new services “…we now have the technology to be faster, smarter and more agile than the competition as we pursue becoming one of the top contenders this season.” Matthew Carter, CEO, Lotus F1 Team
  8. 8. 9 Published: April 2015 | Expires: April 2017 “Our sales teams have more time to focus on customers and spend less on the actual process of manipulating data because of the Dell SAP HANA solution. Very simply, they can sell instead of waiting for data queries to come back.” Bart Crider, Director of Enterprise Business Intelligence, Dell Dell Technologies Data-driven insights build the business for Dell Challenge Dell wanted to spur business growth by improving the performance of its sales organization through consolidation, standardization and efficiencies in the information used for insight and decision making. Solution Dell IT partnered with Dell business leaders to develop and implement a new business management system built on the Dell SAP HANA appliance and based on Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell Networking switches, and a Dell Compellent storage array. Results ● 50 percent reduction in nonstandard metrics and KPIs ● 40 percent increase in automation of sales reports ● Salespeople can drive new business insights on their own
  9. 9. 10 Grupo Estrella Building a better plan for growth Challenge Grupo Estrella needed a new software and hardware platform that would give employees better business tools and support business expansion. Solution The organization worked with Dell and Cecomsa, a Dell partner, to deploy the Dell SAP HANA® appliance, along with Dell PowerEdge servers with Intel® Xeon® processors and Dell EqualLogic SANs, giving workers better and faster data access. Results • Solutionimplementedinjust three days • Project data became available in seconds, enabling better business decisions “We now have the ability to grow throughout Latin America because of the Dell SAP HANA solution” Franklin Caraballo, Manager of IT, Grupo Estrella
  10. 10. Let’s talk Read our recent white paper or see the webinar from Information Week Analytics Engage with our subject matter experts: – oracle – sap hana – sql server