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MT113 Migration Doesn’t Have to Hurt: When Win-10 Wins


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Yes, mobility is revolutionizing today’s business and our everyday lives. But to harness the efficiency of that revolution you must crack the code for seamless movement from one platform to another. Then in walks Microsoft’s powerful solution: Windows 10. Let’s face it, migrating to a new OS can be intimidating, but when the potential payoff is so big, maybe it’s worth the adventure. Maybe migration doesn’t have to hurt. Let’s talk strategy, tips and techniques for empowering your end-users to do great things, without sleep depriving your IT team in the process.

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MT113 Migration Doesn’t Have to Hurt: When Win-10 Wins

  1. 1. Migration doesn’t have to hurt When Win-10 wins Voll Corn, Senior IT Solutions Architect Jefferson Raley, Director, IT Solutions Session MT113
  2. 2. Dell - Restricted - Confidential How many of you: 1. Are considering or have adopted Windows 10 at home? 2. Are considering or have begun to adopt Windows 10 at work? 3. Will migrate existing systems to Windows 10? 4. Will implement Windows 10 gradually as you bring on new systems?
  3. 3. • Better security • Universal Windows platform • Windows as a service / provisioning Advantages of Windows 10
  4. 4. • Adopt key new security features • Validate application compatibility • Increase deployment automation • Prepare for regular WaaSupgrades Customers are asking us to help
  5. 5. Dell - Restricted - Confidential Best practice: Windows 10 self service deployment Please allow us to demonstrate
  6. 6. Dell - Restricted - Confidential
  7. 7. Dell - Restricted - Confidential The AIG story • Worldwide property-casualty, life, retirement, and general insurance operations (65k employees) • Needed a self service deployment capability to enable end-user application installation and virtual desktop provisioning • Utilized Dell EMC self-service deployment solution • Increased end-user satisfaction scores • Decreased call volume
  8. 8. Dell - Restricted - Confidential Let’s look at the results of the self- service portal demonstration
  9. 9. Dell - Restricted - Confidential
  10. 10. • Industry standard tools (MDT, SCCM, KACE) • Optimized deployment tools • Application factory • Client deployment management Dell EMC PC deployment utilizes…
  11. 11. • Microsoft awards • Over 10M computers every year • Six patents • Toolset Why Dell EMC?
  12. 12. Dell - Restricted - Confidential • Test critical and important applications • Upgrade existing PCs to Windows 10 • Introduce new PCs running Windows 10 • Get ready for WaaS • If you need help call Dell EMC
  13. 13. Dell - Restricted - Confidential Questions? What do you think? Your to-do’s: 1. Visit us at Services in the Expo 2. Learn more at Thanks! ENTER