Cloud Applications Success: Lessons from Early Adopters


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Vendor Selection, Deployment & Integration - Thinking about cloud applications? Want to make sure you do it right – choosing the right vendor, implementing them on time and in budget and maximizing business impact? There’s a lot to manage for a successful cloud implementation —from vendor selection to technical details and integration. Watch now for valuable insights and lessons from early adopters who have leveraged cloud applications to improve productivity, speed their time to market and even gain a competitive advantage. Anurag Agrawal, CEO of TechAisle and veteran industry analyst focusing on the global SMB market will share findings from a recent survey conducted with 400 IT and Business Executives who have already adopted cloud applications. He will be joined by Travis Pillen, CRM Integration Lead Schoolwires who will share his first-hand experiences with cloud applications.

Watch the webinar and learn:
What types of applications are leading the wave in cloud adoption?
What are the tangible benefits companies have realized from cloud?
What are the key implementation lessons from early adopters?
How to maximize the value of new cloud applications through integration?
Improve your business performance and speed the time to value from cloud applications through a successful cloud implementation strategy leveraging tips and insights from early adopters.

Webinar date: March 2012

Published in: Technology
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Cloud Applications Success: Lessons from Early Adopters

  1. 1. Cloud Applications Success:Lessons from Early Adopters Cloud Business Applications
  2. 2. Speakers: Anurag Agrawal “The cloud gives us CEO & Research Executive one of the greatest Techaisle opportunities we’ve seen in a long Travis Pillen history of IT trends CRM Operations Lead to fundamentally Schoolwires change the way we work and live.” Bill Odell Marketing Director Dell Cloud Business Applications Michael Dell2 3/12/2012 Cloud Business Applications
  3. 3. Agenda• Why cloud and why now• How to start your cloud journey• Cloud adoption lessons for success – Vendor selection is a critical step to cloud success – Adequate planning to avoid deployment challenges – Integration for maximizing business value• Schoolwires cloud adoption story – Business case for cloud CRM – Adoption considerations – ROI on cloud project• Q&A3 3/12/2012 Cloud Business Applications
  4. 4. About TechaisleGlobal SMB IT Market Research and Industry Analyst organization. Focused on Tracking the Future of SMBs & Channels. Delivering forward looking analysis on emerging technologies such as cloud computing, managed services, mobility, social media usage, and virtualization.Channel partner research coverage provides in‐depth understanding of resellers and distribution channels globally, as well as routes to market.Develops predictive models and segmentation using Artificial Neural Networks that achieves very high accuracy levels.
  5. 5. SMB Cloud Trends SurveyFindings are based on an online study of 400 US small and mid‐market businesses who use cloud business applications.Respondents were business decision makers (BDMs) and IT decision makers (ITDMs) in companies with 50 to 999 employees. The objectives were to understand: Which cloud business applications are being used by SMBs What benefits SMBs realized by adopting cloud business applications What SMBs learned from their cloud implementation experience What are best practices for maximizing the value of cloud applications
  6. 6. Cloud offers compelling benefits SMBs’ attitude towards cloud computing (% SMBs responded Agree + Agree Strongly) 87% 85% 85% 83% Cloud applications is Cloud is allowing us to gain Cloud makes people & Cloud business providing us with a capabilities that only large business more productive applications offer superior competitive advantage enterprises  previously TCO could affordBase: 400 SMBs using cloud applications
  7. 7. SMBs start with business applications Cloud application vs. Cloud infrastructure  Started using cloud business Cloud Applications 47% applications/SaaS first SaaS ‐ CRM, ERP, project management, BI Started using cloud Cloud Infrastructure infrastructure before cloud Server, security, back‐up, storage 26% business applications/SaaS At the same time At the same time 26% Not Sure Not sure 2%Base: 400 SMBs using cloud applications
  8. 8. Cloud application adoption is accelerating Years using cloud applications Average number of cloud business  applications being used by SMBs More than 3 years 24% Adopters Early  2‐3 years 40% 7 4  1‐2 years 31% 2  2010 2011 Expected 2012 < 1yr 6%Base: 400 SMBs using cloud applications
  9. 9. Cloud expectations match realityReasons for adopting cloud applications Benefits realized from cloud applications1. Faster deployment time 1. Lower total cost of ownership   (applications, hardware, maintenance)2. Simplified access through a browser from  any location 2. Faster deployment of solutions3. Allows IT staff to focus on more important  3. Having the latest features/functionality as  business needs soon as they are available4. Eliminating the need to upgrade individual  4. Repurposing IT staff to address more  users critical needs5. Getting new features automatically without  5. Access to capabilities and features  having to go through upgrades previously outside of reach Base: 751 SMBs considering cloud applications Base: 400 SMBs using cloud applications
  10. 10. CRM is at the core of cloud adoption Cloud applications currently used % SMBs 1 in 2 consider  CRM 55% CRM to be  mission critical Project Management 54% 26% of CRM  CRM has  Business Analytics/ users will add  highest  49% adoption: 55% business  Business Intelligence intelligence Marketing Automation 48% 26% of CRM  users will add  Payroll 48% marketing  automation Human Resources/Benefits &  43% Performance Management CRM, which includes sales, support and service automation capabilities, is a strong catalyst for  improving revenue and customer satisfactionBase: 400 SMBs using cloud applications
  11. 11. Cloud adoption lessons for success Right cloud vendor selection Planned deployment Proper integration Base: 400 SMBs using cloud applications
  12. 12. Right  SMBs prefer a single trusted vendor Vendor  Selection  Avoids  Pitfalls Pain points experienced by early adopters from % SMBs SMBs’ preference to procure cloud  managing multiple cloud vendors applications Each deployment has different challenges and issues 58% Keep track of different SLAs with each different vendor 50% Explain our business objectives to different vendors 48% 69% Time-consuming to deal with & manage 44% 23% Coordinate with multiple vendors for integration 43% 9% Prefer to procure Prefer to work Indifferent From a single  From different  Indifferent Different response & problem resolution timeframes 42% applications from directly with trusted IT vendor different vendors a single trusted IT vendors directly vendor We have to manage multiple billings and payments 38%Base: 140 respondent organizations that used more than one vendor for their Base: 400 SMBs using cloud applicationscloud business applications What some early adopters of cloud applications said in the survey regarding vendor selection:• “Research for the best and the most reliable vendors”• “Find a vendor with better customer service”• “Look for vendors with the capacity of delivering on time as promised”• “Try to select applications from single vendor”• “We’re in the business for making profit, so we are planning to cut down our expenditure on multiple vendors”
  13. 13. Planning & preparation: Planned  Deployment  Drives  Keys to implementation success Better  Experience Types of deployment issues faced by SMBs 49% 41% 40% 36% 6% Longer than Limited integration Lack of  training Lack of customization Other deployment anticipated with other applications issues deployment cycle Survey respondents mention that quicker deployment can achieved by: • Working with vendors and partners that provide implementation packages rather than lengthy and  pricey custom service engagementsBase: 400 SMBs using cloud applications
  14. 14. Sound  Integration needs to be flexible Integration  Ensures  Maximum  Productivity Who Helped SMBs Integrate Cloud Applications How Satisfied were SMBs with Integration 69% 48% 26% 26% 1% 3% 21% 17% In‐house staff In‐house staff Third‐Party integrated Extremely Unsatisfied Neutral Satisfied Extremely integrated the integrated the applications Unsatisfied Satisfied applications by writing applications by using software code third‐party integration solutionsSurvey respondents strongly felt that: What SMBs want from Integration• “Applications could have been better integrated”• “Integration is the toughest part, so we would focus  more on this area” 63% 58% 54% 35%• “Make integration more seamless and simple”• “More compatible interoperability” Easily modify the Enhance existing Develop Integrate more integration integrations integrated applications• “Sound integration” based on business business process dashboards changesBase: 376 SMBs that integrated their cloud applications with cloud and/or on-premise solutions
  15. 15. Conclusion: Cloud Adoption is beyond Hype Successful cloud implementation strategy is highly dependent upon selection of right cloud vendor, planned deployment and sound integration Cloud Application • Cloud applications have given SMBs tactical & strategic advantages1 Adoption Rising • Cloud CRM is at the center of cloud adoption Right Vendor • Managing multiple cloud vendors creates multiple problems2 Selection Avoids • Procure best-of-breed cloud applications from a single trusted Pitfalls vendor Planned • Reduced deployment time & proper training equals customer delight3 Deployment Drives • Identify cloud vendors that offer implementation packages Better Experience Sound Integration • Integration leads to significant benefits4 Ensures Maximum • Look for flexible, scalable and quick to deploy integration solutions Productivity without coding
  16. 16. Cloud Adoption Case Study:SchoolwiresTravis PillenCRM Operations Lead
  17. 17. About Schoolwires Overview and Mission Business Overview Content Management Systems for K-12 School Districts Over 1,000 school districts and 8 million users
  18. 18. Experience with Cloud Applications Schoolwires Centricity2 solution is cloud-based Cloud Applications Marketo, Yammer, GoToMeeting, and Concur Recently added and Dell Boomi On-Premise Applications Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Great Plains
  19. 19. Schoolwires Business Case for CRM MS Dynamics CRM for Sales and Service On-premise solution slow and rigid CRM as a sales tool Growing company in a maturing industry Solution: for Sales, MS CRM for Service Integrate two systems
  20. 20. Cloud Adoption ConsiderationsIntegration 3rd Party: Custom or Packaged? Flexibility: business processes change Scalability for future integrationsDeployment Speed, support, and flexibilityVendor Selection Understand our business case CRM expertise Schoolwires owns the integration process 20
  21. 21. Return on Investment to date…Go Live at start of Q2!Financial Customizations and maintenance Staff time efficienciesOrganizational Systemic harmony between Sales, Marketing, and Services Teams Exploration of additional cloud applications and integrations 21
  22. 22. Planning your cloud project…Integration Scalability Involve organizational stakeholdersDeployment Refine and enhance your CRM business processes Seek outside expertise Deadlines, milestones, and testingVendor selection Understanding your business case Resources beyond implementation 22
  23. 23. Dell Cloud DELL SERVICESBusinessApplications Cross-Application AnalyticsAn end-to-end CRM Accountingsolution…. Trusted Applications Marketing HR Seamless Integration SINGLE SIGN-ON Existing applications 23 Confidential Cloud Business Applications
  24. 24. Q&A24 Confidential Cloud Business Applications
  25. 25. For MoreInformation Tracking the Future of SMBs Cloud Business Applications www.dellcloudapplications.com25 Confidential Cloud Business Applications
  26. 26. Thank you