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Choosing the Right Cloud Applications in a Challenging Economy


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Join Dell Cloud Business Applications for an information-packed Webinar showing you exactly what you need to do to win with cloud applications. The Webinar features renowned SMB expert Laurie McCabe from SMB Group, plus Jagdeep Randhawa, Vice President of IT and eCommerce from Camico, a leading insurance provider for accounting professionals.
You’ll learn:
The top cloud business applications and how they can work together to drive revenue
How to build a business case for investing in cloud business applications
A real-world case study in putting to work to increase revenue in a challenging market
And much more…

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Choosing the Right Cloud Applications in a Challenging Economy

  1. 1. Choosing the Right CloudApplications in a ChallengingEconomy Cloud Business Applications
  2. 2. Speakers: Laurie McCabe “The cloud gives us Partner one of the greatest SMB Group opportunities we’ve seen in a long Jagdeep Randhawa history of IT trends Vice President IT and eCommerce to fundamentally CAMICO change the way we work and live.” Bill Odell Marketing Director Dell Cloud Business Applications Michael Dell2 3/12/2012 Cloud Business Applications
  3. 3. Agenda• SMB Group: Why SMBs are adopting cloud applications – Top Business Challenges – Top Technology Challenges – Cloud Computing Drivers, Benefits, Considerations• CAMICO: Cloud adoption case study – Business case for cloud applications – Evaluation considerations – ROI on cloud projects• Q&A3 3/12/2012 Cloud Business Applications
  4. 4. Polling Question #1• What is top business challenge facing your company?• Growing revenues• Attracting new customers• Dealing with uncertain economic conditions• Maintaining profitability• Improving cash flow• Retaining customers• Improving employee productivity
  5. 5. SMB Top Business Challenges Grow revenue 44% 45% Deal with uncertain economic conditions 42% 39% Attracting new customers 41% 60% Maintain profitability 35% 31% Improve cash flow 21% 32%React quickly to changing market conditions 20% 14% Retain customers 19% 26% Improve employee productivity 18% 10% Attract & retain quality employees 18% 12% Source: SMB Group 2012 Small and Medium Improve customer experience 16% Business Mobile Solutions Study 15% • 451 Small businesses (1‐99 employees) • 261 Medium businesses (100‐999 employees)MB SB
  6. 6. SMB Top Technology Challenges Containing technology related costs 33% 42% Implementing new solutions or upgrades 31% 32% Keeping my systems up and running 30% 34% Integrating different applications 27% 23% Getting better business insights from the data we 25% already have 27%Figuring out how different technology solutions can help 23% my businesses 30% Collaborating more effectively within and outside the 21% company 17% Supporting end‐users 21% 16% Adding or migrating to cloud‐based software‐as‐a‐ 18% service(SaaS) solutions 12% Source: SMB Group 2011 Small and Medium Integrating social media with web site/marketing tools 17% Business Routes to Market Study 15% • 472 Small businesses (1‐99 employees) MB SB • 214 Medium businesses (100‐999 employees)
  7. 7. A Perfect Storm for Cloud Computing • Cloud computing lets you access software, server and storage resources over the  Internet, in a self‐service manner • Instead of having to buy, install, maintain and manage these resources on your  own on‐premise servers, you access and use them over the Internet through a  browser or mobile app • Sometimes you might need to download a small piece of client code, but for the  most part, the real horsepower is supplied by the cloud vendorCloud Computing Data Hardware, Server Internet Tablet software, data Customer reside at service “Cloud” Server Center provider’s data Mac center PC Service provider Service provides management, Support etc. Backups Smartphone Etc.
  8. 8. Macro Trends Fueling Cloud Computing Business  Social Speed Mobile Analytics  Organizations are increasingly focused on business results.  IT needs to leverage new technologies to meet business objectives.
  9. 9. Micro Trends Fueling Cloud Growth • Scalability/right‐sizing • Creating new opportunities/entering new markets Business • Merger/acquisition • New regulatory requirements • Lack of IT staff/expertise  • Infrastructure/application consolidation Technology • IT backlog • Need for flexibility • Need to extend to external parties • End‐of‐life/replacement applications Application • “Net‐new” applications • “Real‐time” requirements • Remote/geographically dispersed and mobile users • Requirements for collaboration Users • Mobile requirements 
  10. 10. Applications Moving to the Cloud PURCHASED/UPGRADE IN THE LAST 24 PLANNED FOR NEXT 12 MONTHS MONTHS Collaboration 38% 40% Server virtualization 35% 38% Web site 34% 39% Marketing automation 34% 49% Business intelligence/analytics 29% 39% Contact and customer management 28% 29% IT infrastructure management 28% 32% Desktop virtualization 24% 34% Accounting/ERP 7% 13% Source: SMB Group 2011 Small and Medium Business Routes to Market Study • 472  Small businesses (1‐99 employees)
  11. 11. Considerations for Cloud Computing Pricing Availability and business continuity Data storage and security Performance and scalability Contractual terms and penalties Service and support Integration Long term planning
  12. 12. Polling Question #2• Which of the following applications are you considering deploying in the cloud in the next 12 months?1. Contact or customer management2. Marketing automation3. Accounting or ERP4. Business intelligence/analytics5. Collaboration6. Other7. Not considering any at this time
  13. 13. Cloud Adoption  Case Study Jag RandhawaVice President, IT and eCommerce
  14. 14. About CAMICO • Professional Liability Insurance for CPAs • Nation’s largest CPA directed Professional Liability Insurer • Founded 26 years ago • Over 8,000 firms • Over 54,000 accountants insured • $64 million in annual premiums • 95%+ customer retention rate14
  15. 15. Current Market Challenges • Soft market due to economy • Highly Competitive market • 21 major competitors • Price sensitive customers • Limited market movement15
  16. 16. Challenges with Existing System • Sales Logix Sales Solution • On-premise software • Cumbersome, not intuitive to use • Not ideal for geographically dispersed sales team • Forecasting done in spreadsheets • Lack of visibility in sales processes • No integration with marketing programs to track ROI16
  17. 17. Cloud CRM Evaluation • Why Cloud? • Support for dispersed sales organization • Support for mobile devices – smart phones, tablets • Visibility into sales processes and performance • Savings from shared infrastructure, and reduced backup and DR overhead • Vendors considered • • Microsoft Dynamics CRM • Oracle CRM On-Demand • Insurance-specific CRM solutions17
  18. 18. New Cloud Sales Solution from Dell • Sales Cloud • Sales Process management • Forecasting and Pipeline management • Support for mobile devices • Integration with existing email marketing solution • End-to-end reporting – marketing leads to sales • Dell Implementation and Support • Fixed fee, fixed scope implementation • Single point of support18
  19. 19. Expected Benefits • Streamlined Sales Process • Lead generation through closed sales • Forecasting and Pipeline Visibility • Up to date forecasts and pipeline reporting • Marketing ROI • Track and measure marketing campaign ROI19
  20. 20. Future Cloud Applications • Lead generation services • • Customer Portal • Service Cloud with integrated Customer Support portal • Application integration • Dell Boomi20
  21. 21. Dell CloudBusinessApplicationsAn end-to-endsolution…. 21 Confidential Cloud Business Applications
  22. 22. Q&A22 Confidential Cloud Business Applications
  23. 23. For MoreInformation Cloud Business Applications www.dellcloudapplications.com23 Confidential Cloud Business Applications
  24. 24. Thank you