Unifying Business and IT – Bursting to the Cloud


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CloudExpo West 2012 presentation from GreenButton CEO and Founder Scott Houston and Dell Cloud Evangelist Stephen Spector.

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Unifying Business and IT – Bursting to the Cloud

  1. 1. Unifying Business and IT – Bursting to the Cloud Scott Houston CEO & Founder, GreenButton Stephen Spector Cloud Evangelist, Dell CloudExpo West 2012
  2. 2. Agenda• Executive Suite• Here Comes the Cloud• CIO becomes the CEO• The 3 biggest issues for the new “CIO”
  3. 3. Executive Suite
  4. 4. CEO
  5. 5. CFO
  6. 6. CIO
  7. 7. Here Comes the Cloud
  8. 8. A CIO storyJust when you thought everything was under control 2003 – 10 weeks to go before Launch 50 IT staff 500 Graphic Artists 1000+ Workstations 2000+ Processors 10,000 Render Jobs per day 50,000 Cinemas booked for Dec 18th launch and……..
  9. 9. Battle of Pelennor Fields
  10. 10. Evolution to CEO• The future was on-demand computing• 2007 founded GreenButton• 2011 Microsoft Azure partner of the year• 2012 partnered with Dell to port GreenButton to vCloud• Launch GreenButton Cloud Fabric TODAY !!!
  11. 11. 3 Big Issues for new CIOsInstant IT• No is not an option - how much (resources) and when• Massive Capex projects are disappearing (and so are the CIOs that endorse them)• IT is strategic and not tactical• The rise of the Enterprise Architect and “devops”
  12. 12. 3 Big Issues for new CIOsBusiness Transformationin Global Age• IT is no longer an expense, it is an investment• Cloud will drive new business decisions rather than just enable them.• Fail fast business models, new innovations can be deployed instantly
  13. 13. 3 Big Issues for new CIOsConsumerization of IT• Consolidate rogue agents• Bring your own device• Multi Cloud - avoid lock in
  14. 14. Come see us tomorrowGame Changer – HPC in the Cloud for Everyone Track 4 8:15 am Thank You