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Dell employment value proposition - Infographic


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Interested in a career at Dell? Check out this infographic overview of what Dell employee’s think are the most valuable things about working at the company. For more opportunities:

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Dell employment value proposition - Infographic

  1. 1. EMPLOYMENT VALUE PROPOSITION OUR PURPOSE Our role is to bring innovation to people everywhere to drive progress around the world. We take pride in fostering a winning, innovative, inclusive employee culture. We also take calculated risks and we celebrate big victories when they pay off. OUR CORE VALUES ENTREPRENEURIAL CULTURE Our spirit: Fast paced, results-driven and always evolving. Our teamwork: Encourages everyone to contribute ideas and suggestions. Our people: Continuously improve, build great relationships and value diverse perspectives. YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM TO DREAM BIG. A full 40% of positions are filled internally, allowing for greater career: • Depth — develop an impressive knowledge base to do your job well • Breadth — explore different vocations and career paths • Height — move up and advance your career into management, executive ladership and more leadership and more WE ARE COMMITTED TODEVELOPING HIGHLY ETHICAL AND INSPIRING LEADERS. Every year, thousands of our team members take advantage of growth opportunities by moving into new roles, getting involved with a mentor, networking, attending formal training, and obtaining new certifications. Visit to learn more about Dell as a company and our culture. WE ARE PROUD TO BE RECOGNIZED AS ONE OF THE GREENEST IT COMPANIES IN THE WORLD. • Recipient of the Environmental Leader Product Project Awards for our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan • 1st to ban the export of e-waste to developing countries • 1st to use innovative packing materials such as bamboo and mushroom • 1st to offer free global recycling for consumers career into management, executive ladership and more leadership and more A COMMITMENT TO OUR COMMUNITIES (and our planet) • Closed-loop recycled packaging • Support of solar powered classrooms • Technology recycling and refurbishing efforts • Team volunteer opportunities • Employee charitable donation matching Customers Winning Together Innovation Results Integrity DIVERSE AND INCLUSIVE Dell ranked No. 4 on Diversity Inc’s list of Top 10 Companies for Global Diversity. We’ve increased our gender diverse hires by four points in the past 2 years. EMC was named one of DiversityInc’s 25 Most Notable Companies. We are one of the Top 50 companies for Executive Women according to the NAFE. # 4 +4POINTS 25 TOP 50