Dell Employment Value Proposition


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An overview of Dell's mission, strategy, core values and work culture. Learn what we look for in employees and how you can learn and grow here. Additionally, browse company facts and figures and check out links to our Careers page. Read More:

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Dell Employment Value Proposition

  1. 1. OUR PURPOSE We believe that progress lives at the intersection of technology and humanity, and that our role is to bring innovation to people everywhere to drive progress around the world. Every member of our team plays a critical role in bringing our purpose to life — through your work, passion and commitment to do the absolute best we can for our company, our customers and for each other. WHY WORK FOR US Dell is primed to recruit the best and brightest candidates from all across the globe. We take pride in fostering a winning, innovative, inclusive employee culture. We also take calculated risks and we celebrate big victories when they pay off. OUR CULTURE CODE: • Our Culture Code unites us and makes us a great family of companies and a great place to work. It’s how we run the business, go to market, work together and provide inspirational leadership. • Our culture code is defined by our values and are made real every day by defining expectations for how we work and how we lead. OUR CORE VALUES • Customers: We believe our relationships with customers are the ultimate differentiator and the foundation for our success. • Winning Together: We believe in and value our people. We perform better, are smarter, and have more fun working as a team than as individuals. • Innovation: We believe our ability to innovate and cultivate breakthrough thinking is an engine for growth, success and progress. • Results: We believe in holding ourselves accountable to a higher standard of excellence and performance. • Integrity: We believe integrity must always govern our fierce desire to win. YOU CAN ADD VALUE IN AN ENTREPRENEURIAL CULTURE Our spirit: Dell is a founder-led company; Michael Dell inspires an entrepreneurial culture that is fast paced, results-driven and always evolving. Team members are empowered and expected to take an active role in shaping the future of Dell by contributing their ideas and breakthrough thinking. Our people demonstrate courage and the ability to actively shape ideas and solutions with Dell’s best interests in mind. Our teamwork: We operate in a highly collaborative manner that encourages everyone to contribute ideas and suggestions via internal social media and participation in project teams (that are often global in nature). Our people: Our people are what really differentiates Dell. We are known for having a very high caliber, dedicated and resourceful team. We operate in an open and friendly environment with a common unifying purpose of delivering great end-to-end solutions and unmatched value to our customers. Our team members continuously improve their performance and results, build great relationships and value diverse perspectives even when faced with challenges and adversity. YOU CAN OPERATE IN A DIVERSE AND INCLUSIVE CULTURE. Diversity – of thought, culture, background, gender, age, sexual orientation, race and language — is crucial to innovation and paramount to creating a work environment that’s global, inclusive, free and welcoming. At Dell, we believe innovation comes from anywhere, and strong leadership means voices of all kinds. And the industry has taken notice. In 2015, Dell ranked No. 4 on DiversityInc’s list of Top 10 Companies for Global Diversity. That same year, EMC was named one of DiversityInc’s 25 Most Notable Companies. Our combined company has a commitment to inclusion at our core. In addition, we’ve increased our gender diverse hires by four points in the past 2 years, and we are one of the Top 50 companies for Executive Women according to the National Association of Female Executives. OUR EMPLOYEE VALUE PROPOSITION
  2. 2. • We have a number of Employee Resource Groups - communities of team members with common interests such as generations, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, sexual orientation or abilities. YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM TO DREAM BIG. No matter what you want to do, there’s an opportunity to do it here. Whether you want to go deep into your craft as a subject matter expert, or you want to expand your skillset by moving around and trying something new, Dell is committed to offering candidates unparalleled career growth. A full 40% of positions are filled internally, allowing for greater career: • Depth — with (what feels like) unlimited training, coaching and the ability to go deeper in your chosen craft or profession, you can develop an impressive knowledge base to do your job well and command the respect and trust of your peers and industry colleagues. • Breadth — from a variety of different product offerings, to different job functions, to different departments, to offices all over the world … you can explore different vocations and career paths here. • Height — although we do not view ourselves as a hierarchal organization, there are ample opportunities to move up and advance your career into management, executive leadership and more. And we back this up with specific strategies and tactics. • We are committed to developing highly ethical and inspiring leaders supported by a range of development and networking opportunities, including a training series designed for effective leadership. • We invest in our people. Every year, thousands of our team members take advantage of growth opportunities by moving into new roles, getting involved with a mentor, networking, attending formal training, and obtaining new certifications. Internal movement within and between functions is strongly encouraged. • On-going training courses can be accessed through My Learning, a customized intranet tool. A COMMITMENT TO OUR COMMUNITIES (AND OUR PLANET) Our sustainability initiatives are more than just lip service. From our closed-loop recycled packaging, to our support of solar powered classrooms, to technology recycling and refurbishing efforts, to team volunteer opportunities and employee charitable donation matching, Dell is a global family with a commitment to caring. Powering the Possible is our commitment to put technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet. Through these programs, the power of technology helps scientists speed pediatric cancer treatments, bridge the digital divide in education, fuel social entrepreneurship, and bring relief in the wake of disaster. Powering the Possible encompasses both our corporate and technological activities as well as our vibrant team member volunteering activities. Dell’s 2020 Legacy of Good backs our Our strategy for attracting diverse candidates at all career levels, in all corners of the world, helps us continue our tradition of innovating and providing an experience that cultivates Dell as a great place to work — no matter who you are. • Dell is very much a meritocracy where rewards are tied directly to performance. • We operate a sales commission plan for sales team members and an incentive bonus plan for all other team members. We provide very competitive benefits customized by market. Powering the Possible commitment with clear actions. By 2020, the good that comes from Dell technology will be 10 times greater than what it takes to create it. This includes impacts to our global environment, communities and people. We are proud to be recognized as one of the greenest IT companies in the world. Here are a few of our green accolades: • Recipient of the Environmental Leader Product Project Awards for our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan • 1st to ban the export of e-waste to developing countries • 1st to use innovative packing materials such as bamboo and mushroom • 1st to offer free global recycling for consumers WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: • Customer commitment – Team members who listen to our customers and treat each interaction as a chance to solve a problem and create a raving fan. • Enthusiastic collaboration – Team members who value differences, challenge convention, and recognize others’ achievements and successes. • Innovation – Team members who can think analytically and creatively, cultivate our entrepreneurial drive and remain flexible and open-minded. • Results – Team members who are accountable, persevere in the spirit of our commitments, think strategically and lead with energy. • Integrity – Team members who play to win – the right way – every day, show courage to speak up and pride themselves on being honest, transparent and trustworthy. “Visit careers to learn more about Dell as a company and our culture.