Cleveland Clinic PE Summit - Shereen Eltobgy, Delivering Happiness


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Personal Values + Managing Our Emotions to be More Effectively Engaged

Shereen Eltolbgy, Happiness Development Diva, Delivering Happiness

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Cleveland Clinic PE Summit - Shereen Eltobgy, Delivering Happiness

  1. 1. Cleveland Clinic May 2014
  2. 2. Happy ME Shereen Eltobgy Happiness Dvlpnt Diva
  3. 3. Hello : ) Shereen Kelsey
  4. 4. Our time together Woohoo! Name Tags 2:30pm Hello !   -  Warm-up and hello’s -  Science of Happiness Review -  DH Models LGE 1: Awareness Walk Happy ME -  ME Values -  4 ME Powers -  Power of Thoughts & Emotions LGE 2: Success Circle -  Putting Happiness into Action -  States, Skills & SuperPowers LGE 3: Appreciation is a Gift 4:00 pm – Finished!
  5. 5. First name Your title Something weird that makes you happy Share: Warm-up! Name Tags We are happier & more successful when we show & share more of our TRUE SELF.
  6. 6. What s your goal in life? " WHY HAPPINESS
  7. 7. Human Sense It makes sense! Scientific Sense Business Sense
  8. 8. a positive interaction has an effect 5x more productive than a negative one The Case for Happiness: Scientific Sense
  9. 9. Happy Employees Happy Customers Successful Company= = DH Formula
  10. 10. Happiness Framework #1
  11. 11. Happiness Framework #2
  12. 12. Happiness Framework #3
  13. 13. Got all that ? DH Model
  14. 14. WHAT Makes Happy Work™
  15. 15. WHO Makes Happy Work™
  16. 16. It Starts with Values Values start with ME : )
  17. 17. Doing right by ourselves, starts with knowing what’s right for ourselves! Happiness is when what you think,what you say and what you do ! are in harmony. ~ Ghandi! It’s not hard to make decisions,! once you know your values. Roy Disney! /val-ues Our core beliefs which guide our behaviors, decisions and ultimately our character
  18. 18. Happy ME Being True to our Self
  19. 19. Pause
  20. 20. ME Values
  21. 21. ME Values
  22. 22. ME Values
  23. 23. Power to Choose Let’s Connect!… Select 1 of your top 3 values That you want to explore more deeply
  24. 24. Compass And The Clock DIRECTION ACTIONS Are your compass and your clock aligned?
  25. 25. 90% of happiness is how we process the world... All this links back to the science of happiness:
  26. 26. Developing a mindset of happiness Happy ME
  27. 27. The Power to Choose The power to choose begins by understanding that we always have a choice. !
  28. 28. The Power to Choose A Primary Human Power is FREEDOM of Choice! HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE! Change your Mindset, Change your World Full Personal Responsibility for all that occurs
  29. 29. Developing a Mindset of Happiness Change your Mindset, Change your World
  30. 30. The Power to Choose Our 4 Powers lead to our BEHAVIORS Behaviors Bring the Values to Life Without behaviors, values are just good intentions"
  31. 31. 4 ME Powers Speech Actions Thoughts Emotions
  32. 32. 4 ME Powers Speech Actions Thoughts Emotions Atoms Energy Consciousness
  33. 33. 4 ME Powers Speech Actions Thoughts Emotions =“Energies in Motion” Influence Energy & Actions Attract & Create our Reality
  34. 34. 4 ME Powers Speech Actions Thoughts Emotions Words have “power” They affect reality How does changing our Habitual Vocabulary change our life ?
  35. 35. 4 ME Powers Speech Actions Thoughts Emotions •  Knowledge without Action Is……?! •  Create Positive Energy •  Remove Fear
  36. 36. “Where attention goes, energy flows …and life grows” The Power of Thoughts & Emotions Brian Bacon, Oxford Leadership & many others
  37. 37. The Power of Thoughts & Emotions What we focus on expands! BROADEN and BUILD Theory of Positive Emotions By Barbara Fredrickson > Negative emotions PROTECT. Signify THREATS. Help us SURVIVE. > Positive emotions BROADEN & BUILD Signify OPPORTUNITIES. Help us THRIVE. * expand focus * lead to flexible thinking * increase creativity * enhance playfulness
  38. 38. When we’re feeling happy, filled with gratitude, joy, we’re in a zone of Fullest Allowing. The Power of Thoughts & Emotions Where are you on your emotional scale?
  39. 39. ! Dr. David Hawkins “Power vs. Force”
  40. 40. The Power of Thoughts & Emotions Possibilities Scale
  41. 41. Who’s more likely to reach the highest potential? The Power of Thoughts & Emotions
  42. 42. Carefully watch your thoughts, for they become your words. Manage and watch your words, for they will become your actions. Consider and judge your actions, for they have become your habits. Acknowledge and watch your habits, for they shall become your values. Understand and embrace your values & beliefs, for they become your destiny. - Mahatma Ghandi Values & Beliefs
  43. 43. THRIVE & Flourish …not just survive
  44. 44. Success Circle
  45. 45. Success Circle •  Let’s stand up and form a circle with the people from your table." •  Take turns sharing a personal success with the rest of the group." •  Celebrate each success! (applaud, congratulate, etc)." •  Continue going around the circle, sharing and celebrating success." •  Try to do this quickly, and to go quicker with each round." 3-5 min!
  46. 46. Success Circle What emotional shifts did you experience? ! ! How does this apply in our lives? ! ! How can this make a difference at work?! ! What Happiness Elements were at play?! !
  47. 47. Putting Happiness into Action States :: Reactive Physical, mental or emotional state of being can be based on external circumstances or internal feelings. Skills :: Proactive We have the ability to manage/control our States Superpowers :: Mastery When we master the control of our Skills they are like our own superpowers
  48. 48. Ready" Set " Go States" Skills " Powers Examples of positive States •  Gratitude •  Appreciation •  Pride •  Courage •  Curiosity •  Compassion •  Amazement •  Playfulness Let’s Connect…Share….& Learn together What are some states you would like to turn to skills? 2 min ea.
  49. 49. Ready" Set " Go States" Skills " Powers Let’s Connect…Share….& Learn together What is one skill you would like to MASTER & turn into a SUPER POWER? Write it Down. 2 min ea.
  50. 50. ME Powers Happy ME Master the ME… If a Jedi you want to be
  51. 51. ? What’s NEXT
  52. 52. Destiny of a person is set by his character. Destiny of a company is set by the organizational culture
  53. 53. Culture, from ME to WE
  54. 54. HOW do you Make Happy Work™ Programs, services & modules to guide your teams
  55. 55. Make Happy Work™ module: Happy ME 1 The Power to Choose Being an Inspired Leader 3The Wonder of Uncertainty 2 Personal Higher Purpose4 Pay It Forward 5 The power of Thoughts & Emotions
  56. 56. Happiness at Work Survey Free Tools : )
  57. 57. Daily actions for big impact! TIP: from Intention to Impact !
  58. 58. Pause… who is wow-ing you? Appreciation is a GIFT
  59. 59. High!fiiiiiiiiiiive!! Sunny
  60. 60. Thank you very much!