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Delio Live Help Tool ENG by Walmeric


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Live Help Tool is the tool that will allow you to have the most direct contact between your leads and your sales force. This module is highly visible on your website and incites your leads to contact you whenever they want. Delio will provide you with all the tools you need so that contact will turn into a sale in a surprisingly high percentage.

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Delio Live Help Tool ENG by Walmeric

  2. 2. 77% 23% PURCHASING HABITS Yes No / I don't mind MANY LEADS BUT FEW SALES? Many companies find that they manage a large amount of calls every day and yet convert to sales only a few. Turn this situation around by increasing the consumer’s commitment with the sales process. How? Creating a situation where the lead receives a sales pitch that is more relevant and involving, so the chances of achieving a sale are greater. 77% OF LEADS WANT TO SPEAK TO A PERSON BEFORE COMPLETING THE PURCHASE TURN THAT WISH INTO YOUR GREAT OPPORTUNITY! DELIO © Copyright 2014 by Walmeric 1 de 6
  3. 3. LIVE HELP TOOL, MORE LEAD COMMITMENT, MORE SALES Live Help Tool is a product with all the functionalities needed to increase the consumer’s commitment and his/her inclination to purchase. These functionalities make the relationship between lead and salesperson more intense, for two reasons:  The salesperson has all the information available about the lead before speaking with him/her (Tracking).  This contact turns into an experience, it involves the lead more and increases commitment (co-browsing, video, chat). Contact is initiated with Hot Lead (, an immediate-contacting process which starts when the lead requests to be called (Call Me Now) or dials the number appearing on your site. In that case Live Help Tool is capable of identifying the lead through the number dialed using Ring Pool and transferring all the information to the system’s Tracking. DELIO © Copyright 2014 by Walmeric 2 de 6
  4. 4. ALL THE INFORMATION TO MAKE THE BEST SALES PITCH Through the Tracking function, a lot of information about each lead is collected. This includes origin, search words used, pages visited in your website, content downloaded, etc. When the lead gets in touch with the salesperson, all the available information appears in his screen. This will allow him to call the lead by her name, know the product she is interested in, the information she has already seen, etc. The salesperson’s pitch will be personalized and much more relevant for the lead. Conversions to sales will increase. “A CONTACT THAT BECOMES AN EXPERIENCE FOR THE LEAD” Once buyer and seller are in contact via phone, Live Help Tool will help the sales pitch to become an experiencea for the lead, since the screen of her computer or device, on top of her phone, can be incorporated into the process. DELIO © Copyright 2014 by Walmeric 3 de 6
  5. 5. Co- Browsing Co-Browsing allows the salesperson to show different visuals in the lead’s own screen. The salesperson can share part of his screen, showing images or videos to help in the pitch (eg: pages of a catalog or a video of an hotel room). The salesperson can also decide which pages are shown in the lead’s screen (eg: pages showing other products or offers) or share with the lead processes such as filling a form with personal data. All of this makes the sale a more involving process for the lead, who will be more committed to buy. According to experience, sales conversions increase by 20%. INCREASE YOUR RESULTS BY 20% TURNING YOUR SALES PITCH INTO AN EXPERIENCE FOR THE LEAD DELIO © Copyright 2014 by Walmeric 4 de 6
  6. 6. Video / Chat When the lead makes contact, she can hear the salesperson through the telephone and see him in the screen of her device with a perfect sound & image synchronization. The lead can therefore “see” the salesperson during the conversation, a much more engaging experience that is more likely to end up in a sale. Live Help Tool understands the chat function as an aid to the sales process. The chat space allows the lead to provide data to the salesperson (eg: email, phone or other numbers) and thus make the whole process more agile. CO-BROWSING, VIDEO AND CHAT WORK WITHOUT THE LEADS HAVING TO ANY SOFTWARE OR MAKE ANY ADJUSTMENT IN THEIR DEVICE (PC, MOBILE PHONE, TABLET). DELIO © Copyright 2014 by Walmeric 5 de 6
  7. 7. Quick and Easy Implementation Live Help Tool’s implementation is easy and fast: the tool can be up and running in two weeks. Leads: they do not need any installation, since the contact is made via their phone and the browser in their device (PC, tablet…) Site / web: it is only necessary to implement a javascript pixel, similar to those used for Web Analytics. Call Center: the calls are inbound so the Call Center does not have to change anything in its call management systems / CTI. On each salesperson position the following will be necessary:  Internet access  Browser  If Click to Video is offered, a camera (web camera type) per position Delio implementation 1 week Client implementation (Systems) 1 week Client implementation (Marketing) 1 week Training Call Center / salesforce agents 1 week Since some of these implementations can be done simultaneously, the total estimated time to have Live Help Tool up and running is two weeks. DELIO © Copyright 2014 by Walmeric 6 de 6