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Stiletto Dash Presentation - September 2013

Business and investment overview for Stiletto Dash Inc.

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Stiletto Dash Presentation - September 2013

  1. 1. 1 Business Overview Delilah Panio, Founder & CEO September 2013 The premiere destination for women business travelers.
  2. 2. 2 Introducing Stiletto Dash Stiletto Dash is a digital media company with a mission is to help women be healthier and happier on the road. We provide solutions to business travel pains through an online magazine and curated shop portal.
  3. 3. 3 Our Social Mission We are passionate about travel and helping women. We believe travel is critical to personal and professional growth and know that many women don’t have access. Stiletto Dash will provide women with the travel opportunity to inspire a life without boundaries.
  4. 4. 4 Who are SDashers − Mid to high income − Expense accounts − No time… need a one-stop shop +20 million Estimated U.S. Women Business Travelers AND high purchasing power $55 B 2011 US Spend on COSMETICS $11 B 2011 US Spend on WOMEN’S APPAREL $7 B 2012 US Spend on YOGA & PILATES Sources: Global Business Travel Association;
  5. 5. Many Pains of Business Travel 5 − Juggling personal and professional life − Maintaining health (fitness, nutrition, stress, safety) − Combating loneliness − Staying connected to family, friends, office − Maintaining style and beauty care − Making the most of business travel for career advancement − No time to find and customize current solutions
  6. 6. The Stiletto Dash Solution Website & App: Original and Curated Information, Products, Services SDash E-Magazine Corporate Travel Program Pilot with Big 4 Consulting Firm Health Challenge Travel Club 6
  7. 7. Women Business Travelers Looking for solutions to travel pains Travel Brands Retail Brands Employers Want access to SDashers Want to attract/retain top talent and reduce health care costs Revenue Stream 2: Affiliate Fees Revenue Stream 3: Advertising/Sponsorships Revenue Stream 4: Corp Program Sales Revenue Stream 1: SDash Product Sales 7 A Network Platform Business Model
  8. 8. 8 Step 1 – Build the Community Goal: Largest community of women business travelers Be the expert in women business travel One-stop shop of solutions for healthy/happy travel (content!) Opportunities to interact with other SDashers Awesome SDash products USER ACQUISITION TACTICS Employers Corporate Travel Agents Women Groups/Events Flight Attendants Hotels/Airports Media Outlets/Bloggers PR + Advertising Social Media
  9. 9. User Projections 9 Target → +2 Million Subscribers in Year 5 6.5 K 78 K 345 K 925 K 2.4 M 65 K 885 K 2.1 M 5.5 M 13.7 M
  10. 10. Step 2 – Monetize the Community Revenue Streams Key Assumptions Affiliate Fees from Products/Services 3-7% of users purchase a product or service (increases with brand awareness) Advertising/Sponsored Content CPM of $0.50 - $15.00 based on site visits (costs increase as traffic grows) Corporate Program Sales Corporations buy program to keep traveling employees healthy, productive, safe Health Challenge 5% of users participate Travel Club Launch club once hit 1000,000 users 5% of users join Club 10
  11. 11. Revenue Projections 11
  12. 12. Development Plan Phase 1: Build Community - Survey of SDashers - Launch first E-Zine (user signup and blogger campaign) Phase 2: Pilot Programs - Pilot corporate travel program with Big 4 Consulting Firm - Re-launch website with new SHOP portal - PR & MKTG campaign and content disbursement - Pilot Health Challenge Phase 3: Launch Programs - Launch Corporate Travel Program - Launch App v1 - Launch Health Challenge 2013 – Q3 2013 – Q4 2014 – Q1 12
  13. 13. Our Team Delilah Panio, Founder & CEO (+10 years Capital Markets, Former Road Warrior) , CMO (currently Brand Manager, Proctor & Gamble) Rebecca DiLiberto, Consulting Editor (ex-Producer, Ricki Lake Show; ex-Senior Editor, InStyle Mag) Lori Murphree, CFO (ex-Investment Banker, Silicon Valley Bank) NEED: PR, Social Media, App Developer Advisors: Renee LaBran, Rustic Canyon/ Fontis Partners Andre Peschong, Bridgewater Capital Martha McCully, ex-Executive Editor, InStyle Magazine 13
  14. 14. Investment Opportunity Q3 2013 SEED CAPITAL $500,000 + Capital efficient business requiring minimal investment to reach organic growth Use of Proceeds: User Acquisition Product Development (Web v2.0, App, Health Challenge) Pilot Corporate Program Hire Key Team Members (currently only Founder is full-time) 14 Capital Invested to Date: $30,000 Founder $45,000 Friends Round (Q1 2013)
  15. 15. Summary 15 − Network platform model − For women business travelers, very lucrative demographic − Build community with unique user acquisition strategy − Several monetization opportunities − Passionate founder and growing team − Projecting 2.4 M users and $35 M revenue in 2017 − Capital efficient business requiring minimal investment ($1.5 M)
  16. 16. Delilah Panio, Founder & CEO 310-990-9032 Confidential Disclaimer: This presentation was prepared by management for information purposes only and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell securities. This document makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information contained, some of which has been obtained by third parties, some of which has been generated by management, and all of which should be independently verified by the investor. We make no representation or give any assurances as to the accuracy or achievability of the information contained herein. Twitter @stilettodash 16