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Delight 2016 | Hacking Marketing: The Amazing Convergence of Marketing & Software — Scott Brinker


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Software gives marketers a greatly expanded creative palette to design memorable customer experience masterpieces — and the leverage to reach a much broader and more engaged audience with them. The secret to success, however, is not in the technology itself — but rather adapting marketing management to this new software-powered environment. In this presentation, marketing technologist Scott Brinker, author of the new book Hacking Marketing, will show you how to: recognize the parallels between software development and modern marketing; adapt agile software development management methods to "agile marketing"; and design marketing programs, systems, and organizations to embrace change.

Presented at Delight 2016 by Scott Brinker, Chief MarTec

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Delight 2016 | Hacking Marketing: The Amazing Convergence of Marketing & Software — Scott Brinker

  1. 1. Hacking Marketing Scott Brinker @chiefmartec Marketing Management in a Software World
  2. 2. Co-founder & CTO Software and services for interactive content. Editor Blog on the entwining of marketing & technology. Program Chair Marketing tech conference.
  3. 3. ~150 ~350 ~1,000 ~2,000 2011 2012 2014 2015 ~3,500 (3,874 logos) 2016
  4. 4. Source: Signal, September Evolving rapidly Evolving at light speed Has been growing steadily Has evolved slightlyNot much
  5. 5. time peak martech landscape
  6. 6. Let’s play NAME THAT PROFESSION
  7. 7. Analytical Creative
  8. 8. Analytical Programming Creative Design
  9. 9. Analytical Programming Automation Creative Design Experience
  10. 10. Marketing Software Development
  11. 11. Marketing & Software
  12. 12. engineering marketing C A R E E R S P E C T R U M
  13. 13. What can marketers learn from software management to thrive in this environment? Now that marketing and software are thoroughly entangled…
  14. 14. “The medium is the message.” – Marshall McLuhan the art of communications what it says how and where it appears
  15. 15. Mechanisms what it says how and where it appears how it behaves what it does the art of customer experience
  16. 16. Code UX Software product managers
  17. 17. Mechanisms Code CX UX Marketing Software marketing managers product managers ≈
  18. 18. Think more like product managers instead of marketing managers. – Ray Velez
  19. 19. “…shaping the product offering, user experience, and interaction design.” “…focus on understanding and advocating for the users.”
  20. 20. Passive Content Interactive Content Audience Delivers Innovation Consumes Participates Information Services Media Mechanisms Examples Blogs E-books Reports Webinars Assessments Calculators Configurators Quizzes
  21. 21. ScalabilityInnovation Experimentation Standardization Explore Exploit “Fail Fast” “Fail Not” Question Assumptions Leverage Assumptions Speed Dependability
  22. 22. Core Edge Bimodal marketing Many innovations are explored on the edge. Only a few are scaled into the core. 70% 30% Majority of investment allocated to the core, but wider exploration on the edge.
  23. 23. Company Brand Campaign Channel Tactic Iteration Feedback fast slow pace of change MarketingPaceLayers
  24. 24. fast slow pace of change • marketing strategy • marketing operations • marketing technology stack • website design • marketing data pace layers apply to: Design governance and architecture to facilitate layers changing at their own pace.
  25. 25. Jesse James Garrett (
  26. 26. “The differences are not minor – they are rather like the differences between Salieri and Mozart.” – Fred Brooks
  27. 27. The “Myth” of the 10X Engineer
  28. 28. 1. Talent 2. Opportunity 3. Leverage
  29. 29. Chief Marketing Technologist ion interactive, inc. Twitter: @chiefmartec Email me at: MarTech Conference