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Delight 2013 | Secrets of the UX Team of One


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Leah Buley of Intuit shares advice for UX practitioners looking to get buy in around delightful experience design.

Originally presented at Delight 2013, Oct. 7-8, 2013.

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Delight 2013 | Secrets of the UX Team of One

  1. 1. Secrets ofTHE UX TEAM OF ONE Leah Buley ∙ Delight 2013 ∙ Portland, OR
  2. 2. This is me.
  3. 3. Lots of “team of one” jobs
  4. 4. So many secrets to learn.  
  5. 5. This is where I started doing UX work, pushing pixels
  6. 6. Design a UI Convince an organization to change how it works
  7. 7. SECRET #1 Invite people in.  
  8. 8. METHODS FOR Inviting People In
  9. 9. Project Brief What are expected outcomes for this user- centered design project? Method 5 from The User Experience Team of One
  10. 10. Vision (Why) We live in a fast-changing world. Modern technology encourages an always-on lifestyle that makes it hard to switch off and experi- ence true rest and rejuventation. Partial attention and perpetual busyness have become the norm, and work/life balance seemingly a thing of the past. But it doesn’t have to be. Equilibrium is a new offering that uses technology to your advan- tage to help you make better choices about how you use your time, and to maximize quality time in your life. For people who want to work less and play more, the Good Life Labs Consumer Product helps you become master of your own time. Unlike to-do lists, complicated productivity systems, or ambitious bucket lists, Equilibrium takes the burden of maintenance off your plate and gives you options that lead to long-term happiness. Requirements (What) Socially networked. Integrates with other social networks. Easy for users to import data from other social networks, and easy for them to share what they’ve been doing in the consumer product with outside networks. Device interoperable and mobile enabled. Designed for mobile first. Smartphone and SMS capabilities create a daily dialog with the user. PC and tablet experiences invite configuration and deeper integration with content. Supports formal and informal goal setting. System suggests and detects possible goals, and also enables users to manually create their own goals. Brings in data from a variety of places. This is the heart of the system. Integrates with tools like Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar, and other productivity software. Rich information visualizations. Data is repackaged and displayed in suprising and engaging ways. Design Principles (How) It does the work for you (minimal maintenance required) It reflects your passions (mirroring you and what you love) It’s the opposite of overwhelming (calming and rejuvenating)
  11. 11. Opportunity Workshop What areas of the product can be improved from a UX perspective? Method 4 from The User Experience Team of One
  12. 12. Opportunity Workshop
  13. 13. Brainstorm Weaknesses of the User Experience
  14. 14. Brainstorm Strengths of the User Experience
  15. 15. UX Questionnaire How much do you know about your product and the user experience that it is intended to provide? What else do you need to know? Method 1 from The User Experience Team of One
  16. 16. UX Questionnaire
  17. 17. UX Questionnaire
  18. 18. UX Questionnaire
  19. 19. UX Questionnaire
  20. 20. UX Questionnaire
  21. 21. UX Questionnaire
  22. 22. I used to question my design decisions—a lot ?
  23. 23. Layout a screen Reconcile needs and constraints
  24. 24. SECRET #2 Truly listen.  
  25. 25. METHODS FOR Truly Listening
  26. 26. Listening Tour What are the team’s priorities, and how much awareness and support for UX currently exists? Method 3 from The User Experience Team of One
  27. 27. One-on-One Interviews
  28. 28. Internal Survey
  29. 29. Guerilla Research How do users behave? What do they need, want, and value? How are people using your products today? Method 8 from The User Experience Team of One
  30. 30. Brainstorm Research Questions
  31. 31. Contextual Research
  32. 32. Journey Line
  33. 33. Journey Line
  34. 34. Design a Superhero
  35. 35. Proto Personas How can you get your team to think empathetically about your customers? Method 9 from The User Experience Team of One
  36. 36. Proto Persona
  37. 37. Super Sketchy Proto Persona
  38. 38. I used to get lost in the pleasure of pushing pixels
  39. 39. Designing Synthesizing, iterating, combining, re- combining, refining, simplifying
  40. 40. SECRET #3 Make things together.  
  41. 41. METHODS FOR Making Things Together
  42. 42. Sketching What are some different forms the user experience could take? Method 15 from The User Experience Team of One
  44. 44. Generative Sketching
  45. 45. Detailed UI Sketches
  46. 46. Storyboard Sketches
  47. 47. Task Flow Sketches
  48. 48. Sharing Sketches
  49. 49. Sketchboards What might the overall system or process look like, and what range of ideas is possible at each point in the process? Method 16 from The User Experience Team of One
  50. 50. The Sketchboard Canvas (Kraft Paper)
  51. 51. Sketchboard Supplies
  52. 52. Post Up Sketches
  53. 53. A Completed Sketchboard
  54. 54. Sketchboards Are Portable
  55. 55. Annotating the Sketchboard
  56. 56. Courtesy of Brandon Schauer A One-Week Sketchboard Sprint
  57. 57. I used to try to fit it all in
  58. 58. Placing features Prioritizing the essential components of an experience
  59. 59. SECRET #4 Recognize ‘good enough’  
  60. 60. METHODS FOR Recognizing ‘good enough’
  61. 61. Quick & Dirty Testing How can you get your team to think empathetically about your customers? Part of the Strategy Workshop Method, Method 6 from The User Experience Team of One
  62. 62. Paper Prototype
  63. 63. Which remote research tool should I use? From Clearleft
  64. 64. UX Health Check Measure baseline quality of a user experience and assess changes over time. Method 23 from The User Experience Team of One
  65. 65. UX Health Check: Divide UX Into Sections
  66. 66. UX Health Check: For Each Section, Pick a Benchmark
  67. 67. UX Health Check: How Good Do You Need to Be?
  68. 68. UX Health Check: Rate Yourself Against Each Benchmark
  69. 69. UX Health Check: Capture the Discussion
  70. 70. But you’re not a UX team of one anymore
  71. 71. mission improve people’s financial lives annual revenue $4.15 billion size 8500 employees
  72. 72. innovation at Intuit IAT
  73. 73. innovation at Intuit 10% time
  74. 74. innovation at Intuit horizon planning H1 H2 H3
  75. 75. innovation at Intuit design for delight
  76. 76. 3. Make things together 4. Recognize ‘good enough’ 2. Truly listen 1. Invite people in
  77. 77. The Secrets of the UX Team of One Invite people in Truly listen Make things together Recognize ‘good enough’
  78. 78. SECRET #5 Everything you need is already in you.  
  79. 79. Image Credits Mohawk Sort of Thing from CarbonNYC on Flickr Computer from The Noun Project Team designed Luis Prado from The Noun Project Person designed by Herbert Spencer from The Noun Project Person designed by Tara from The Noun Project Strengths and Opportunities from Bart Everson on Flickr Hands designed by factor[e] design initiative from the Noun Project Hand designed by Ugur Akdemir from The Noun Project Ear designed by Søren Michelsen from The Noun Project Check List designed by Michael Zenaty from The Noun Project Pen designed by P.J. Onori from The Noun Project Paper Roll designed by Dan Hetteix from The Noun Project Warrior designed by NAMIRUS from The Noun Project Which remote research tool should I use? from Clearleft on Flickr
  80. 80. Thanks! @ugleah
  81. 81. Questions ?