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DSD-INT 2019 The iMOD 6 project - De Keizer


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Presentation by Otto de Keizer, Deltares, at the iMOD - User Day, during Delft Software Days - Edition 2019. Tuesday, 12 November 2019, Delft.

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DSD-INT 2019 The iMOD 6 project - De Keizer

  1. 1. i M O D U s e r D a y – D S D - I N T 2 0 1 9 The iMOD 6 project Otto de Keizer
  2. 2. Introduction • iMOD based on MODFLOW computational core • MODFLOW 6 developments urged us to start rethinking iMOD • The iMOD 6 project: development of a new iMOD version based on MODFLOW 6 • R&D and pilot projects with MODFLOW 6 • Cooperation with USGS and user groups • Elaboration architecture and start developments • Initial financing with Deltares R&D funds, but future investments from water sector will guide development efforts. iMODUserDay–DSD-INT2019 2
  3. 3. Main reasons for iMOD 6 development 1. Currently MODFLOW-2005 used in iMOD; MODFLOW6 provides significant advances: a. Improved (recoded) computational core b. Support for multi-model simulations, so no need to adapt MODFLOW code for use in iMOD c. Added capabilities for nested and unstructured modelling d. Full integration of SEAWAT (fres-salt) and water quality (MD3T) packages 2. Cooperation with USGS provides opportunities for more robust and sustainable enhancements (e.g. parallisation, model coupling) 3. Need to modernize and improve maintainability and support of the iMOD software in closer cooperation with the Deltares Software Centre. iMODUserDay–DSD-INT2019 3
  4. 4. Ambition Our ambition is that iMOD 6 becomes an open-source user interface and tool for model development and applications that combines the strengths of iMOD and the core functionality of the MODFLOW 6 computational kernel. • Facilitate an active international user community • Regarding MODFLOW6 no separate development line but developments in cooperation with USGS • Cooperation with USGS currently includes: • Parallelization of computational kernel • Interface for model couplings • Contribution to computational framework iMODUserDay–DSD-INT2019 4
  5. 5. iMODUserDay–DSD-INT2019 5 Interesting for the Netherlands • Modelling regional detail, including nature reserves, drinking water production, rivers • Modelling upper layers in more detail than deeper layers (e.g. based on Geotop data) • Detailed numerical modelling of piping in dikes and other local geotechnical issues • Include precise locations of abstractions in model • Combine regional and local models, e.g. with dike section • Improved performance of large scale detailed models
  6. 6. … and internationally • Develop multi-scale models, e.g. including river basin and delta in one model; • Model complex geological formations • Model potential solutions for drought issues • Model subsidence in delta areas • Surface water – groundwater interactions • Improved performance of global (groundwater) models iMODUserDay–DSD-INT2019 6 Subsidence Mekong Delta (Vietnam) IWRM Cauca Valley, Colombia
  7. 7. iMODUserDay–DSD-INT2019 7 Target groups iMOD 6 • Advisor and expert (geo)hydrologist / modeller; • Water manager (national, regional) • Drinking water companies and industry • Geologist • Geotechnical engineer
  8. 8. iMODUserDay–DSD-INT2019 8 iMOD 6: three components 1. MODFLOW computational core (USGS in lead) 2. iMOD Modelling Tool for the MODFLOW modeler 3. iMOD Windows GUI/App for the MODFLOW model user and the (interactive) visualization of data and results -------------------------- Also ‘external’ developments, e.g. 1. Model workflow manager 2. DSS platform & Dashboard 3. Effect Modules iMOD 6 MODFLOW 6 iMOD GUIiMOD Tool Workflow Manager Dashboard(s) MetaSWAP Other hydrological models
  9. 9. iMODUserDay–DSD-INT2019 9 iMOD 6 ModellerModel user E.g. Simulate the effects of climate scenarios on future groundwater levels E.g. Set-up and calibrate numerical groundwater model E.g. Simulate the effects of climate scenarios on future groundwater levels E.g. Set-up and calibrate numerical groundwater model
  10. 10. iMOD 6 iMODUserDay–DSD-INT2019 10 iMOD tool Import/Export Calibration Validation Model set-up Data interfaces to e.g. Delft-FEWS iMOD GUI / App Basic editor Workflow viewer 3D viewer 4D viewer Input verification Model viewer MODFLOW 6 computational kernel iMOD Backend Fresh – Salt water Quality Subsidence Hydrodynamics Model couplings Mesh generation Parallellisation Data model (Meta)SWAP
  11. 11. iMODUserDay–DSD-INT2019 11 Focus 2020 iMOD6 Architecture Maintenance and support MODFLOW6 coupling with (Meta)SWAP MODFLOW6 (structured) in iMOD5 iMOD6 GUI (unstructured / nested) iMOD6 Toolbox Project plan for 2020 in development Focus on development of minimal viable product User needs and use cases basis for developments
  12. 12. iMODUserDay–DSD-INT2019 12 Participation of user community • (International) user days and user meetings in the Netherlands • iMOD user forum at • Bilateral meetings with interested parties • Joint investments • Steering group with representatives from most relevant user groups and donors
  13. 13. Conclusions • MODFLOW6 has the future, MODFLOW2005 will be outphased and developments focused on iMOD6; • Deltares provides initial funding from R&D funds, investments from water sector will be relevant to guide future developments • Your contributions and recommendations (e.g. regarding key needs and uses) are very welcome! iMODUserDay–DSD-INT2019 13 • In 2019: • Identification of user needs and priorities for developments • Architecture and project plan for developments 2019 (minimum viable product) • Identify interest for joint investments (possibly combined with govermental subsidies) • In 2020 focus on: • MODFLOW6 (structured) in iMOD5 • New user interface for unstructured and nested models • MODFLOW6 coupling with (Meta)SWAP • Development iMOD6 Toolbox for modeller • Maintenance and support
  14. 14. back  close  i M O D U s e r D a y – D S D - I N T 2 0 1 9 14 Thank you for your attention! Deltares Otto de Keizer