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DSD-INT 2019 New features D-Water Quality in Delft3D FM Suite 2020 and ongoing developments - Icke


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Presentation by Joost Icke, Deltares, at the Delft3D - User Days (Day 4: Water quality and ecology), during Delft Software Days - Edition 2019. Thursday, 14 November 2019, Delft.

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DSD-INT 2019 New features D-Water Quality in Delft3D FM Suite 2020 and ongoing developments - Icke

  1. 1. D e l f t 3 D - U s e r D a y s ( W a t e r q u a l i t y a n d e c o l o g y ) New features D-Water Quality in Delft3D FM Suite 2020 and ongoing developments Joost Icke
  2. 2. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 2 Contents • Emissions modelling • 3D Modelling with Delft3D FM • Large scale simulations • Global modelling • New data sources • Policy support and stakeholder engagement
  3. 3. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 3 Emissions Modelling D-Water Quality (1D2D3D) D-Hydrology D-Emissions Societal, ecological impact D-Flow FM (1D2D3D)
  4. 4. D-Emissions • Source oriented approach • Mass balance approach • Responds to inter-annual hydrology variations such as peak discharges during heavy rainfall • Is flexibility with respect to compartments, hydrological processes & models, substances, pathways and sources • Coupled to hydrological models, such as wflow and HYPE Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 4
  5. 5. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 5 Plastic Emissions • Implement macro-plastics in Emissions Module • First application for Indonesia • Estimates of MPW releases, spatially distributed • 1x1 km resolution wflow (hydrological) model of Indonesia
  6. 6. Emerging Substances • EU-project SOLUTIONS • E-Hype hydrology model • Emissions modelling with DELWAQ core for water quality • Emission proportional to expected release intensity of chemicals • Formulated as a function of GDP and population density • Accounting for expected level of pollution control • DELWAQ simulates the tracer and calculates the average • Conversion to worst case effect in postprocessing step Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 6
  7. 7. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 7 3D Modelling with Delft3D FM
  8. 8. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 8 3D Modelling in Flexible Mesh
  9. 9. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 9 Project: Validation of D-Water Quality
  10. 10. Application: Wadden Sea • For Dutch Ministry of Public Works (Rijkswaterstaat) • Simulation of hydrodynamics, temperature, salinity, suspended sediments • Resolution: 100x100m or 200x200m; 10 or 20 layers Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 10 100x100, 20 layers, salinity 2017
  11. 11. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 11 3D Modelling in Flexible Mesh • First applications for delta areas worldwide • Z-layers for a good 3D representation of temperature and salinity • Still a learning process: • Optimization of grid area • Horizontal and vertical resolution for optimal model results vs. model run times
  12. 12. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 12 Large scale simulations D-Water Quality (1D2D3D)D-Flow FM (1D2D3D) D-Water Quality (1D2D3D) D-Flow FM (1D2D3D)
  13. 13. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 13 Online coupling of D-Water Quality • Run hydrodynamics and water quality together • No storage of large communication files • Integration of computational kernels • Ability for parallel computation
  14. 14. Application: North Sea • JMP-EUNOSAT project: • estimate natural reference concentrations of nutrients and chlorophyll-a with a series of models • based on land use and population densities around 1900 Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 14
  15. 15. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 15 Global Modelling
  16. 16. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 16 Global Data and Models • Global water models are available: • Global Storm Surge Model • Global Hydrology Model • Global Groundwater Model • Couple emissions and water quality modules • Explore and connect global data sources
  17. 17. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 17 UN Water Quality Assessment • UN resolution UNEP/EA.3/Res.10 December 2017 • Worldwide Assessment of Freshwater Quality (WWQA) • To be presented at 5th Session of the United Nations Environment Assembly in 2021 • By Global Environment Monitoring System Unit (GEMS) van UN Environment • Sustainable Development Goals • SDG 6: “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all” • Establish a network of partners and a platform for water quality information and services
  18. 18. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 18 Towards a Global Modelling Platform
  19. 19. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 19 Data driven modelling
  20. 20. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 20 Remote Sensing • Monitoring of marine systems, e.g. North Sea • Chlorophyll-A mapping • Combine with in-situ measurements, such as the Ferry-box Algal bloom Baltic sea, source: ESA
  21. 21. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 21 Crowd Sourcing • Involve stakeholders in water quality monitoring • Nitrate strips • Use of the smartphone • Results are shared in a map online
  22. 22. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 22 DNA-kit for Swimming Water
  23. 23. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 23 Policy Support and Stakeholder Engagement
  24. 24. Modelling Community “Our vision is to support the development of an open source , open access, web-based infrastructure around the San Francisco Bay-Delta” Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 24 San Francisco Sacramento
  25. 25. Global Climate Models Downscaled to Region Downstream models of sediment transport, geomorphology, water temperature, phytoplankton, benthos, contaminants, fish Courtesy : J. Cloern Watershed Model Approach Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 25
  26. 26. Cascade setupIntegrated Approach Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 26
  27. 27. Application: salinity intrusion (work Knowles, Lucas, Martyr-Koller) • X2 definition: the distance from Golden Gate Bridge to the daily 2 psu isohaline near the bottom of the water column. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 27
  28. 28. More water will be needed to keep X2 downstream • For a desired X2, e.g. 55 km: • Current day needs ~ 1500 m3/s of freshwater. • SLR=167cm needs at least twice that amount of freshwater. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 28
  29. 29. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 29 San Francisco Bay and Delta: suspended sediments
  30. 30. Application: suspended sediment (work Michelle Gostic) Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 30 D-Flow FM Model D-Water Quality Model • River discharge • Oceanic water level, salinity, temperature • Wind • Bathymetry • Air temperature • Bed shear stresses • Hydrodynamics • Salinity field • Temperature field • Geometry • SSCs • Sediment pathways • Sediment loads • Initial bed composition • Bed model Offline coupling between D-Flow FM and D-Water Quality
  31. 31. Concept of the community model: Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 31 Research Consultancy Networking • The community model concept sets standard for strong linkage of hydraulics to water quality by integrating all environmental aspects. • Research : Open-source and open-access developments + Scientific feedback and progress • Consultancy: Scientific basis for sound consultancy • Networking: Involvement of several institutes & continuous building with multiple discipline and parties
  32. 32. Kitchen Table Tool • Impact of mitigation options • At the level of farms, fields, areas • Discuss ‘at the kitchen table’ with farmers Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 32
  33. 33. Delft3D-UserDays(Waterqualityandecology) 33 Water Quality Software • Research • Code development • Testing and validation • Pilot applications • Beta testing program Delft3D Flexible Mesh: • D-Emissions • D-Water Quality (3D)
  34. 34. back  close  D e l f t 3 D - U s e r D a y s ( W a t e r q u a l i t y a n d e c o l o g y ) 34 Thank you – questions? Joost Icke Program leader Integrated Modelling and Monitoring Deltares