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DSD-INT 2019 Coastal climate change adaptation a consultancy perspective on ports - Williams


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Presentation by Martin Williams, JBA Consulting, at the Data Science Symposium, during Delft Software Days - Edition 2019. Thursday, 14 November 2019, Delft.

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DSD-INT 2019 Coastal climate change adaptation a consultancy perspective on ports - Williams

  1. 1. Coastal climate change adaptation: a consultancy perspective on ports Delft Software Days - Data Science Symposium 14 November 2019 Martin Williams FIMarEST, CMarSci Technical Director, Marine and Coastal Risk Management, JBA Consulting
  2. 2. JBA Consulting • Engineers, environmental consultants, designers and scientists • Recognised global experts in: ✓ Marine and coastal risk management (inc. metocean) ✓ Coastal and maritime engineering ✓ Coastal flood modelling and forecasting • 600 staff in 26 offices across 9 countries (UK, Ireland, Australia, USA, Cambodia, Singapore) JBA is bridging the gap between science and marine industry operations
  3. 3. Context IPCC AR5 Synthesis Report, 2014
  4. 4. Motivation Financial incentive? The private sector should also be seen as a supplier of innovative goods and services. There is a clear need to meet the adaptation priorities of developing countries with expertise in technology and service delivery… Asian Tiger Capital Partners, 2010. A Strategy to Engage the Private Sector in Climate Change Adaptation in Bangladesh. Global climate change consultancy market worth $5.5 billion in 2018… Climate-Change-Consulting-Market-Expected-Exhibit Moral responsibility? Fulfillment? Motivating and fulfilling work
  5. 5. Benefits Climate change gives commercial organisations like JBA the opportunity to… Empower Commercialise Innovate Innovate e.g. - New services - New technology Commercialise innovative products and services Embed climate planning Promote initiatives such as C3S Empower ports and others to take ownership of their risk management and resilience
  6. 6. Climate Change Service C3S Climate datasets Tools for using climate data User cases Quality assurance Improve planning of mitigation & adaptation practices Promote the development of new services for the benefit of society Inform policy development to protect citizens from climate-related hazards www. Assimilate Interact Apply Assure
  7. 7. Why Ports? “The sector needs to play a central role in a coordinated effort around the world to prepare for and mitigate practical impacts on the logistics system and coastal communities as a whole…”2 “With an estimated 80 per cent of the volume of world trade carried by sea [between 3,700 ports], international shipping and ports provide crucial linkages in global supply-chains and are essential for the ability of all countries…to access global markets…”1 “Ports are likely to be affected directly and indirectly by climatic changes, such as rising sea levels and temperatures, extreme weather, with broader implications for international trade and the development of the most vulnerable nations...”1 1. UNCTAD, 2018 2. Dept. Transport, 2019. Maritime 2050 Navigating the Future. OGL, Jan 2019. Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  8. 8. Barriers to action in the ports sector UNCTAD Research Paper No. 18 UNCTAD/SER.RP/2017/18 (Dec 2017) Uncertainty Multiple stakeholders and fragmented decision systems Timescales
  9. 9. Use Case – Port operations Reanalysis models Global historic and future climate models Local downscaled models CDS Metocean CII’s User CII’s Sample data tools Published guidance Case Studies Users CDS Toolbox Core web service Core service Reanalysis models Global historic and future climate models Local downscaled models CDS Metocean CII’s User CII’s External data Bespoke tools Users External consultancy External web service Premium service CDS API 1 1 • Award-winning risk management and decision optimisation system • Cloud-based state-of-the-art simulation scenario comparison • Visualise impact of change on complex construction, operations and maintenance. Anim…
  10. 10. UK Port
  11. 11. Thank you