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DSD-INT 2018 iMOD-Water Quality international examples of the use of iMOD for variable density solute tranport modelling - Janssen Oude Essink


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Presentation by Gijs Janssen and Gualbert Oude Essink (Deltares) at the iMOD International User Day 2018, during Delft Software Days - Edition 2018. Tuesday 13 November 2018, Delft.

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DSD-INT 2018 iMOD-Water Quality international examples of the use of iMOD for variable density solute tranport modelling - Janssen Oude Essink

  1. 1. iMOD Water Quality International examples Gijs Janssen Gualbert Oude Essink 20181113 DSD
  2. 2. What is iMOD - WQ? - iMOD Water Quality - Working title - One code for MT3DMS, RT3D, SEAWAT … - … in the iMOD environment - Advantages: • Seamless connection with iMODFLOW • I/O can be visualized and edited in iMOD • Fast, can handle large models • Free of charge • … and all the other iMOD advantages 20181113 DSD
  3. 3. iMOD - WQ Spring 2019: Release of open-source iMOD - WQ 20181113 DSD
  4. 4. Deltares project “Pilot Botlek” in Port of Rotterdam: Mega Site Approach supported by contaminant transport modelling MT3DMS module in iMOD 3D multispecies reactive solute transport modelling Gijs Janssen and Annemieke Marsman, Delt20181113 DSD
  5. 5. Rotterdam model 20181113 DSD
  6. 6. iMOD-MT3DMS Port of Rotterdam 20181113 DSD fresh groundwater saline groundwater saline groundwater fresh groundwater 3D CONTAMINANT PLUME INSPECTION IN iMOD
  7. 7. The CARROT Workflow 19 November 2018
  8. 8. Groundwater age (years) Examples iMOD-MT3D on 3 scale levels Regional, grid resolution = 100x100m Local, grid resolution = 10x10m National, grid resolution = 250x250m 20181113 DSD
  9. 9. Impressions of the Nile Delta model 20181113 DSD Exfiltration/infiltration SEAWAT model Salinity distribution iMOD-SEAWAT model Estimated groundwater extractions delta Geology distribution Nile delta in model
  10. 10. Modelling the salinity in the Nile delta, using iMOD-SEAWAT Effect: abstractions, sea-level rise etc.
  11. 11. San Joachim Valley, CA, USA Coupling processes: SWI GW+SW+subsidence SOBEK / Delft3D Resolution: Order of minutes Developer: Deltares MODFLOW Resolution: Order of days Developer: USGS SEAWAT Resolution: Order of yrs (5-10) Developer: USGS SubCreep Resolution: Order of years Developer: USGS/Deltares VelocitiesHead/Pressure output output Ground water salinity input Output Non-stationary subsidence VelocitiesWater level output Salinity input input input input Conceptual delta model diagram Mekong Delta, VN, 2018 20181113 DSD
  12. 12. SWIBANGLA Managing Salt Water Impacts in Bangladesh May 2013 – September 2014 Marta Faneca, Gijs Janssen, Gu Oude Essink, Deltares
  13. 13. iMOD-SEAWAT to build a 3D variable-density grw. model 3D data as input, e.g. boreholes to build up the subsurface: aquifers and aquitards ASCII’S as input E.g. surface elevation Analysis of the output as ASCIIS and 3D figures and data sets 20181113 DSD
  14. 14. Examples iMOD-SEAWAT 3D fresh-salt groundwater models 20181113 DSD
  15. 15. Parallelization heavy 3D iMOD-WQ models 20181113 DSD speed up factor 14-20 and countingRhine-Meuse-Scheldt NL BeNeKempen, NL
  16. 16. Towards Open-Source: Building test bench 20181113 DSD Salt water pocket Henry Elder Freshwater lens Sharp interface Hydrocoin
  17. 17. Code cleanup 20181113 DSD
  18. 18. User manual 20181113 DSD - WQ
  19. 19. iMOD-WQ functionality in iMOD Project Manager 20181113 DSD