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DSD-INT 2018 From global to local: Volvo Ocean Race 2018 - Minns


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Presentation by Tony Minns, Deltares, The Netherlands, at the Delft3D - User Days (Day 2: Hydrodynamics), during Delft Software Days - Edition 2018. Tuesday, 13 November 2018, Delft.

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DSD-INT 2018 From global to local: Volvo Ocean Race 2018 - Minns

  1. 1. From Global to Local: Volvo Ocean Race 2018 Surface current predictions for Team Akzo-Nobel by João Rego, Tony Minns, Bas Stengs & Martin Verlaan, Firmijn Zijl, Maialen Irazoqui, Lora Buckman (Deltares) and Simeon Tienpont, Jules Salter, Aksel Magdahl, Rosco Monson (TAN) 13 Nov 2018
  2. 2. 7 december 2018 Global Modelling of Ocean Currents & Deltares GTSM (Delft3D FM) + NRL’s HYCOM Deltares’ 3D DCSM (Delft3D FM)
  3. 3. How current forecasts fit in TAN’s decision-making Route optimization • Currents for a routing optimization software, together with meteo & wave forecasts and the boat’s specific “propulsion matrix” • Often, final decisions are based on other, tactical factors… Current forecasts
  4. 4. What kind of info? Surface current magnitude (m/s) Detailed ‘maps’, every hour, for the ‘next 7 days’
  5. 5. Approach: Combining output from three models Forecasts from Operational 3D DCSM-FM (Delft3D FM) Horiz. Resolution: 1nm to 4 nm Surface currents Contains • Tide • Wind • Density Recommend to use currents only over-shelf Combine forecasts from Operational NRL’s HYCOM Horiz. Resolution: 1/12° (~9km) “Surface” currents Contains • Tide • Wind • Density Global ocean circulation (& surge) Pre-computed GTM (Delft3D FM) Horiz. Resolution: 2.5 to 25 km 2DH currents Contains • Tide • Wind • Density Astron. tide 3-day forecasts 7-day forecasts Globally North Sea solution
  6. 6. Global & Local Covers the entire North Sea and more. Producing best *surface* currents, directly. Legs 9, 10, 11. Combination of global HYCOM and our Global Tide and Surge Model (GTSM). Legs 1-9. Globally - GTSM Local North Sea solution – DCSM (Delft3D FM)
  7. 7. Into perspective Rare case of open-source software with community global model. Including ocean circulation + wind effect + tide in one single product. Real-time forecasts already online at Transparent development and several publications & conference presentations Can be flexible and made portable, adjusted for e.g. routing optimization software. Alicante, ES
  8. 8. Development: Several early “pilots” FIRST: Lisbon to Scheveningen trip for boat’s christening (non competitive). Starting June 12th, sailing for several days. GRIB exports were a challenge and a new development for our software. SECOND: VOR “Leg Zero” Starting August 1st, 2017 AkzoNobel was 4th overall
  9. 9. Feedback from the team (photos from June & October, 2017) Experiencing how TAN works, their needs & expectations
  10. 10. Each leg: multiple ‘tiles’ Leg 2 Leg 3 Spacing of • 0.025 ° x 0.025°, • 0.050 ° x 0.050° Leg 7 Antarctic Ice Exclusion Zone
  11. 11. East-or-west-make-your-choice.html Jan. 4th, 13h Jan. 3th, 13h Brisbane 19 kts 18 kts Routing decisions… under pressure! 1 m/s (2 kts) extra => +10% speed Sydney
  12. 12. With hindsight … Leg 4, departing Sydney
  13. 13. With hindsight … Leg 9, departing Newport
  14. 14. Jan. 3th, 13h Routing decisions… under pressure! AkzoNobel reaches new VOR 24-hour speed record, during Leg 9 (1116km)
  15. 15. Final thoughts This was not a normal project for Deltares… Operational forecasting system covering the entire globe, with an area-of-interest which was moving every day! Information provided enabled the TAN navigators to use favourable currents & avoid ‘negative’ currents, enhancing speed & gaining a competitive advantage. Working 24/7, under pressure, on the spotlight! Same tool / principles could help • reducing emissions from cargo ships, • ‘compress’ the timeline of environmental studies, • allow contractors to react faster to tenders, • …