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The Internsh*t


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Published in: Education, Career, Business
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The Internsh*t

  1. 1. in·tern·ship [in-turn-ship] noun An internship is a form of work experience lasting from a few days to a few months, and they are common in the creative industries, the arts and politics. During this time the intern will gain valuable and relevant experience.
  2. 2. We are a group of individuals forming an activist group, strictly opposed to the ill treatment of interns across fashion and other industries. We seek to promote the unfair positions that interns often find themselves in; such as extreme working hours, no time compensation and poor working conditions, amongst other issues, most relevant of these being lack of pay. MISSION STATEMENT
  3. 3. MANIFESTO We are against the glamorisation of internships through media outlets; such as “reality” television. Irrelevant experience that is unrelated to the practice is invaluable. Unrealistic and unreasonable expectations of work hours without consideration of pay or a rightful equivalent. Rule bending in order to suit the employer. Lack of recognition for work and efforts. When these internships are unpaid the practice becomes exploitative. Employers take advantage of new laws by constantly taking on new interns, so as not to pay them. Large corporations with strong reputations in industry are heightening their levels of exploitation because they know they can. Entry level positions for graduates are now morphing into unpaid internships. Despite notority for poor treatment, no action has been taken to improve internship contractual conditions.
  4. 4. ‘I was made to collect a scarf belonging to my managers husband, from Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant.’ ‘I was made to cover up company credit card expenditures on designer clothes and engagement rings as ‘inspiration’. ‘I was sent to a florist to have a bouquet made for my boss on valentines day.’