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How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Business


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How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Business

  1. 1. How To CreateA Facebook Fan Page Getting Started WithFacebook As A Marketing Tool
  2. 2. About Peppertown Marketing Delena Roth, MBAMarketing strategy consultancy providing RIGHT-SIZED ...... Online marketing including Websites, onlineadvertising, email marketing and social media.... Traditional marketing including direct mail, special eventsand public relations.
  3. 3. “Personal” vs. “Fan”Personal Page Fan Page
  4. 4. Why A Fan Page?Personal Page Fan Page Limited # of friends  Unlimited fans You can add friends  Cannot add others Must manually accept  Don’t need to accept new friend requests fans No metrics  Metrics (information!) Not indexed by search  Indexed – for better search engines engine ranking Few promotional options  More promotional options (ads, promoted posts, offers)  It’s free!
  5. 5. Anatomy Of A Fan Page See Resources for a link to this infographic.
  6. 6. What You Need to Get Started A Facebook account (personal page) Your logo (or preferred profile picture) in a 180 x 180 pixel size (.jpg, .bmp, .png, .gif or .tiff) Description of your business that includes your most important keywords Your preferred Facebook address ( – check it! Optional: Cover photo (851 x 316 pixels)
  7. 7. Profile Picture Appears as a thumbnail next to your comments and other activity around Facebook – so choose wisely Dimensions: 180 x 180 pixels; shrinks to 160 x 160 Must be at least 180 pixels wide Many choose to use their logo here
  8. 8. Creating The Page Go to
  9. 9. Which One Am I? Local Business or Place – “brick-and-mortar store” or service catering to a geographic area Company – may have several locations Brand or Product – can be a Website, app or physical product See Resources for directions to a page with a nice description
  10. 10. Click, Choose & Accept
  11. 11. Upload Your Profile Picture
  12. 12. Add Description and LinksUse your main keywords in the “About” section to improve your ranking in Google and other search engines.
  13. 13. Enter Your FB Web Address
  14. 14. Your Page Is Live! Facebook will then walk you through some steps to get started Be ready to invite people from your email lists Next: cover photo creativity!
  15. 15. Cover Photo Graphically represents your brand Lets your Fans know who you are and what you’re about Optimal size: 851 x 315 pixels Restrictions: No contact info, price mentions or calls-to-action
  16. 16. Cover Photo Inspirations
  17. 17. Cover Photo Inspirations
  18. 18. Cover Photo Inspirations
  19. 19. Cover Photo Inspirations
  20. 20. Resources “Like” the Peppertown Marketing page for ongoing local marketing tips! links are found on our “Resources” tab: Start here to create a new Fan page: Different types of Fan pages: facebook-pages-for-business/ Facebook Graphics Dimensions: timeline-for-pages-infographic/ How to Convert a Personal page to a Fan page: SnagIt for easily creating graphics:
  21. 21. Questions? Feel free to contact me: Delena Roth, MBA CEO, Peppertown Marketing (908) 665-6400