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Genetic Disorders Silky Terrier

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Genetic Disorders Silky Terrier

  1. 1. Genetic Disorders Silky Terrier
  2. 2. Introduction When choosing any breed of dog you must be aware of potential health concerns All dogs mixes and pure bred can have health concerns The more popular breeds and their mixes will have more genetic problems listed and more likely to have puppies with problems . Although the Silky Terrier is quite rare you want to make sure you deal with responsible breeders and the puppies are registered UKC or AKC. There have been reports of unethical sellers passing off oversized Yorkshires as Silky Terriers. Make sure your breeder offers a written health guarantee good for one year. Have the puppy heath checked at your Veterinarian.
  3. 3. Leg Problems Patellar luxation: Slipping kneecap. Should be noticeable puppy vet check prior to sale Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease : This is a disease of the hip joint in young (4 to 12 months), small-breed dogs.
  4. 4. Nervous System Leukodystrophies: Clinical signs start as early as 2 weeks of age and include tremors, lack of coordination and an exaggerated gait. Would be noticeable before being sold I have bred the Silky Terrier since the late 60s . I have never heard of this problem. I had to look it up to see what it was.
  5. 5. Eye Disorders Cataracts: May be seen in an old dog. Very rarely a young dog.
  6. 6. Skin Disorders Color dilution alopecia: Affected dogs have a poor, patchy hair coat progressing to widespread permanent hair loss
  7. 7. In Conclusion Silky Terriers list 5 health concerns. None are considered common . Information for this presentation as a public service provided by: with information provided by : A joint initiative of the Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre at the Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island, and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.. Permission is granted to reprint pages from the database, provided that credit is given as follows: Crook A et al. 2011. Canine Inherited Disorders Database Delayre Kennel Photos
  8. 8. About the Presenter Member of the Canine Ambassador Program with Orange Empire Dog Club. Educating people in the joy canines bring into our lives through their relationship, interaction, and unconditional love. Pet Professional specializing in the training of puppies in Sun Valley since 1974 . Breeder of Silky Terriers and Wire Fox Terriers My boarding, training and breeding kennel was awarded Small Business of the Year 2000 Better Business Bureau A+ rating I have owned and/or bred 21 Conformation Champions including 6 International Champions Member and former Vice President of the City of Angels Silky Terrier Club Past President of Sun Valley Chamber of Commerce Have also served on the boards of Associated Terrier Breeders, Animal Safe Haven Foundation, United Chambers of Commerce