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Different ages of Silky Terriers

  1. Ages of Silky Terriers From newborn to geriatric
  2. Newborn puppies  Newborns weigh 3 to 5 ounces  Their ears and eyes are closed and open around 2 weeks of age. They can only smell and feel their mothers .  A puppy cannot control their body temperature for about two weeks and must have a nursery that is 85 degree. If it is too hot or too cold they will die  A newborn puppy cannot go to the bathroom on their own . Mom licks them to stimulate bowel movement and urination  Silky Terriers are born back and tan and smooth coated  The average litter is 3. Pictured is a very rare 9 pup litter
  3. Ten weeks to Fourteen weeks  Most Silkies go to their forever homes at this age .  They usually look black and tan and are beginning to turn grey on their bodies
  4. Sixteen to twenty-four weeks  At this age the puppies have had all their puppy shots, can start training without worrying about the viruses and are past that needy puppy stage. Their adult color is being to be very easy to see.  Still puppy like in looks, and personality they are an ideal age for 1st time pet parents. I consider it the ideal puppy stage for anyone.
  5. Teenagers from 7 months to 1 year  By 7 months Silkies are height wise full grown. They will develop mussel and body mass until 1 year.  Males hit puberty at about 8 months. Females come into their first heat at 6 to 8 months. Spaying or neutering should be done at around 7 to 8 months.  The Silky like all teenagers goes through a gawky stage at around 6 to 7 months. Their coats stop growing, while their body develops. By 10 months the coat, begins to grown and their adult look begins to emerge at 10 thru 15 months.
  6. Adult Years  As adults Silkies are fully mature by 2 years of age.  Their coats turn to various shades of grey , from light to dark and all shades in between. Occasionally some will have too much hair others too short. This is due to the original cross of Yorkshire Terrier and Australian Terrier.  The Silky also should not grow excess hair on the ears, face or feet. The head may have either a silver or fawn head fall. The legs, feet and underbelly should be tan.  Silky Terriers are vey healthy , rarely having health concerns until old age. The one weakness is their teeth which tend to grow tartar and should be cleaned by your Veterinarian .
  7. How to help your Silky live a long life  As a puppy always feed a top quality dog food. Don’t keep changing diets or lower the quality. They need a balanced diet to grow properly  Less is best when it comes to insecticides. Use only when needed . Beware of commercial companies spraying your yard. They use powerful chemicals that maybe toxic to your pet and may contribute to cancer later in life.  Starting at one year have annual checkups. Make sure your shots are current or in lieu of vaccinations a titer is done.  Train your puppy. Most accidental deaths are caused by a dog getting loose, not coming when called, not dropping a dangerous item or not staying when told to .  Keep your Silky in good physical condition. However up to a year limit over exercising the hind legs. Take your Silky on regular walks and/or play games such as chase the ball. Swimming is also good.  Keep your Silky lean. Obesity is a major factor in early death. It contributes to ruptured ligaments, labored or difficult breathing, fatigue, risk of heatstroke, diabetes, joint problems including arthritis, immune system problems and Pancreas problems.  At age 6 and no latter than 9 think about getting another Silky. A younger canine companion is the best thing you can do for your pet. Most dogs become more active and have a better outlook on life with a younger companion. The younger dog keeps him more active and less likely to be depressed, sedentary or obese as he ages .  Avoid steroids. Ask your Vet not to use Pred. Opt instead for anti histamines or non steroid anti inflammatory medication for allergies or aches and pains  Keep their minds active . Change toys regularly, keep teaching or giving him new adventures even into old age. Learn doggie massage, pet first aid and CPR.
  8. Oldies but Goodies  Silkies average 15 years in life span. Here are some of our senior Silkies. Some have gone over the Rainbow Bridge  Pictured left to right Wanda 13, Timmy 16 Wiley 18 and Cindy 19
  9. Just for Fun Just for fun . Some of my favorite pictures Left to right: Sydney Dickinson doing agility, Gracy ready for Halloween, Leo certified service dog ,alerts to medication and hearing ear (on Blue Trout calendar 2011), Simba on the beach , Sydney ready for Santa, Henry having fun in the mud. Elizabeth bathing, Josephine laughing, Quigley