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Using social media for professional development, networking and personal branding (professional recognition).

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  • New communication tools to reach your goals; different communication style requiring new approaches. Your approach will determine your success. Traditional media is a 1 to many message, broadcasting. Social media is a 1 to 1 conversation, connecting, developing relationships.Social media cultureNo broadcasting/advertisingConnecting  relationshipsConversational,personality is an assetSocial media karma – share the spotlight, give credit, be generous, grateful, genuineImages:
  • Upload your email contacts to Twitter, FB or LI.Watch how others use tools. Read basic how-to posts.What type of content can you provide, be on the look-out for? Professional and personal areas of interest?Goals - there’s SM for fun and SM for a purpose – can do one or both. Have some ideas about what you want to accomplish. These ideas may change over time as you learn about the tools’ potential. Image:
  • Professional developmentSubscribe and read blogs – use Google Reader (see videos for simple explanation). Click on orange RSS icon to subscribe to a blog’s feed (or subscribe by email). Find thought leaders and professional colleagues to follow on Twitter.Join groups/pages on LI or FBSocial media as solution to info overload -- filtering and organizing information that comes to you.Can also be cause of info overload if you don’t manage time wisely.
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  • Twitter as curator – my #1 professional development source2 issues that prevent people from “getting” Twitter --whom to follow, how to engageWhom to follow:Twitter lists - some people have created Lists by topic to group the people they follow. Good way to find people. Do the authors of the blogs you read have a Twitter account? A link to their Twitter account may be displayed on their blog. Linkedin profiles list Twitter usernames. - Advanced Search – can search by keyword and filter it by location.
  • Twitter – public texting – You see tweets only of the people you follow (click Follow on their page). If they choose to follow you back, they’ll see your tweets too. You don’t need to follow back those that follow you. Be selective. You will receive an email when someone decides to follow you. @ - used in front of a username when you are talking to or replying to that person, or mentioning them in a tweet. Your @ tweet to that person will only be seen by him/her and any followers you have in common. RT – retweet – a way to share someone’s tweet with your followers – great way to share good links or messages/tweets. Good twitter karma. DM – direct message – private tweet to a person who follows you. No one else can see it. Will also go to that person’s email. You can’t DM someone who does not follow you. You can get DMs sent to your email by selecting that option in Settings.Set up a filter in your email account so that all Twitter email about who is following you goes to a specific folder. Every few days, go through that folder, check tweetstream/profile of those following you and then decided whom to follow back.Complete your profile – photo (use same one on all your social media platforms), full name, location, website (can be your LinkedIn profile if you don’t have a blog or website) and bio (can be mix of professional and personal interests if you use Twitter in that way).
  • His bio doesn’t follow my “rules” but then again he already has a reputation in social media so can afford to be a bit of a smartie pants about it. Note his lists and hi sharing of good content.
  • Find out who’s using a hashtag (like #buzz2010) – used for conferences and Twitter chats.People will add a hashtag to their tweets from or about a conference and its content. Great way to find people and get soundbites/info from conference sessions. Use the Search function to find the twitterstream for a hashtagged conference. You can even subscribe to the search’s RSS feed.
  • Time management – use desktop applications like Tweetdeck (shown) or Hootsuite – dashboards that can consolidate your Twitter, FB and LI accounts. Create columns for specific topics, groups of followers, search columns for keywords or conference hashtags. Mobile apps, like UberTwitter for Blackberry, allow you to access Twitter while waiting somewhere. Can set it to notify you when you receive mentions or messages, so you can reply immediately, if desired.
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  • Networking LinkedIn connectingCustomize invitations – don’t use the default, impersonal.Everyone has different connecting philosophies. If you don’t want to connect, just select Ignore. (same as Facebook)
  • Networking - Twitter conversational platform.Professional yet personal touches makes you more interesting to others. Use your judgment.Do a mix - 70% of your tweets should share resources, 20% conversation (responding, chatting), 10% only for self-promoGolden rule of networking – don’t do sales spiel, no one likes that. Develop relationships by being a trusted source of content and good citizen, trust leads to referrals/sales.
  • Networking – Facebook Sharing and commenting – interact with friends and fan pages. Check ALL your privacy settings - lots of changes lately. You can create lists and only share certain things with certain lists.
  • Networking tips: Put social media links on biz cards. Complete your profiles – photo, full name, city, website, bio. Use event applications to know where your network will be, maybe traveling to the same city as you - arrange meetups-Plancast,TripIt application on LI,publish event RSVPs to Twitter or FB profile when you can.
  • Professional brandingAll social media sites are indexed by Google –more visibility for you if someone Googles your name. Recruiters always Google names of candidates. Set up Google Alerts on your name and any usernames you use – send results via RSS feed to your Google Reader.
  • LinkedIn professional branding Under More…. Answers – Answer questions by topic. Subscribe to the RSS feeds of the categories that interest you. Get visibility by being chosen for Best Answer by the question poster – shows up on your profile.
  • LinkedIn professional branding Participate in Groups. Use Groups directory to search for those that interest you (associations, clubs, by topic/keyword). In Group Settings, subscribe to either daily or weekly email summaries of group activities. Participate in Discussions. Don’t self-promote!!!
  • Blog comments – a great way to get your name out there. Also indexed by Google. You’ll always be asked for your full name, email (not shared publicly) and website (use LinkedIn profile if you don’t have a blog/website). Never use comments for self-promotion.
  • Twitter - Share valuable interesting content with RTs, giving credit to author. You can keep a “tweets for later” doc going so you can capture post title, author and link while reading and save them for tweets. Keep tweets under 120 chars to make it easy for others to RT without editing.
  • Blogging – best way to get your name and reputation out there. Show your mind at work.Caveat – need time and inspiration to create content. You can always write posts that compile your “recommended reading” if you don’t have time to write a real post.
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  • Deirdre Reid, CAE, is a consultant and speaker who helps organizations embrace social media and engage their customers,members and volunteers. She has ten years experience in association management and 13 years experience in small business management. She graduated from Georgetown University with a B.A. in history. She is a member of the American Society of Association Executives, American Marketing Association, Association Executives of North Carolina and Triangle Interactive Marketing Association. She received her Certified Association Executive designation in 2010. Deirdre lives in the Raleigh NC area and enjoys yoga, hiking, craft beer, food and cooking, reading and art. Image:
  • Social Media: Personal Branding 2.0 - Gibbons

    1. 1. Social Media:Personal Branding 2.0<br />Deirdre Reid<br />Gibbons Advantage- Career Networking Group<br />June 24, 2010<br />
    2. 2. Tonight’s Objectives<br />Learn ways to use social media for:<br />Professional development<br />Networking<br />Personal branding<br />
    3. 3. Traditional vs Social Media<br />X<br />
    4. 4. Have a Plan<br />Lurk, listen and learn<br />Goals<br />What are my goals here?<br />Who’s my target audience?<br />Where are they online?<br />What type of content can I provide them?<br />
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    11. 11. Tweetdeck<br />Hootsuite<br />
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    24. 24. Holler<br />Deirdre Reid<br /><br />(919) 803-6176 <br /><br /><br />