Why all the Objective Hype?


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My presentation to UTHSC in Memphis, Tennessee on writing objectives

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Why all the Objective Hype?

  1. 1. Deirdre Bonnycastle June 25th
  2. 2. Greetings from University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine
  3. 3. Introductions Introduce yourself to the people at your table 1. Name 2. One thing you enjoy about summer
  4. 4. Prerequisite Knowledge 1. Outcomes 2. Competencies 3. Milestones 4. Objectives 5. Learning steps
  5. 5. Outcome/ competency Milestone Objective Learning Step Licensing or College Level Department Level Course or Instructor Level
  6. 6. Session Objectives Upon completing this session, you will be able to: 1. Describe the role of objectives in curriculum development 1. Write objectives for your course
  7. 7. Objectives are the Foundation Blocks of Curriculum
  8. 8. Objective’s Role Content Assessment Objectives
  9. 9. Rule #1 It’s all about the VERB
  10. 10. Example 1 Objective List the side effects of insulin Assessment Multiple choice or short answer where students remember a list Content A list of side effects to be memorized
  11. 11. Verb is all about behaviour Behaviour can be assessed and validated whereas you can’t assess what goes on in someone's brain Can’t assess (don’t use) Know Understand Think about Become familiar with Grasp the significance of Appreciate the value of Learn the theory of
  12. 12. V e r b L e v e l Create Evaluation Synthesis Analysis Application Comprehension Knowledge ©Bloom’s Taxonomy C o m p l e x i t y
  13. 13. Comprehension Knowledge MCQ, Short Answer Evaluation Synthesis Essay, Presentation, Discussion Analysis Application Case, Simulation, OSCE, Standardized Patient, Observation CreateProjectA S S E S S M E N T
  14. 14. Example 2 Objective Inform patients about side effects of insulin Application Assessment OSCE Content Communication theory followed by practice
  15. 15. In Conclusion You and your students use objectives to: 1. Identify key learning components 2. Identify what they will be assessed on
  16. 16. Rule #2 Objectives should be S M A R T
  17. 17. Objective Mnemonic Student Centered Measurable Achievable Relevant Timely
  18. 18. Test The student will select appropriate active learning strategies for large classes The student will know what to do for a woman in labor Students will understand the theory of evolution
  19. 19. Rule #3 Learning Steps are different from Objectives
  20. 20. Example 3 The student will list and identify the determinants of health
  21. 21. Learning Steps Brainstorm how the waiting room can be used as a health information distribution point Evaluate sources of health information online Evaluate sources of health information available in the community Describe elements of patient health literacy Objective: Provide patients with appropriate resources
  22. 22. 1.Write three objectives for your program using the SMART criteria 2.Hand them to the person on your left 3.Critique the objectives using smart criteria
  23. 23. © C. Morrissey
  24. 24. Resources https://www.diigo.com/user/deirdreb/objectives