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Taming the Paper Tiger


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My Presentation at Taming the Paper Tiger session for CCME13 conference on mobile learning.

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Taming the Paper Tiger

  1. 1. Deirdre BonnycastleCCME 2013@bonnycastle© Life in the Fast Lane
  2. 2. 1. Examine some of the theories about 21stcentury learners2. Explore mobile resources for facultydevelopment that I developed.Objectives
  3. 3. Is There a Generation Gap?
  4. 4. “Our students have changedradically. Today‟s students are nolonger the people our educationalsystem was designed to teach.”Mark Prensky,%20digital%20immigrants%20-%20part1.pdf.Digital Natives Theory
  5. 5. “If you feel the need to refer to mobilephones, computer games, or digitalcameras, you‟re probably a „digitalimmigrant.‟ To the natives [includingmost of those born in the 90s], theseare simply phones, games andcameras.”Anonymous
  6. 6. Generation Z:• Has had access to the Internet from birth• Has had access to email since elementaryschool• Has been using social networking programssince high school• Has used a smartphone since universityDo people access informationdifferently?
  7. 7. “Habitual use of technology developssophisticated digital skills regardless ofthe age or birth date of the user. Theycall these users „Digital Residents‟ andsuggest that those who are „DigitalVisitors‟ are less likely to be digitallyadept because of their casual orinfrequent use of digital tools.”White and Le Cornu (2011)
  8. 8. • May think they can multitask, but can‟t• Has access to information overload like noother generation• May not know how to access legitimateinformation (science vs opinion)• May never have been exposed toeducational technology.Do people learn differently?
  9. 9. Distributed MedicalEducation (2015)Undergrad• 60 in Saskatoon• 40 in Regina• 20 in Rural SitesSo why do I use mobile technology?
  10. 10. My Wiki Newsletter Faculty Development Tools
  11. 11. My Faculty Development iBook isstill in development but will beavailable for iPad through iTunes inMay 2013.Presentation available at Support #FOAMEDThank You