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DATA SHEETTransform AP for Oracle E-Business Suite                     TM                             ®Integrated Invoice ...
Invoice Management that Supports Existing                          Transform AP in ActionE-Business Suite Investments     ...
During the matching process, Transform AP automatically                                                                   ...
Why Bottomline?For more than 20 years, Bottomline has been focused onsoftware applications that optimize ERP-driven financ...
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Transform AP: Integrated Invoice Processing for Oracle E-Business Suite


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Transform AP for Oracle EBS: Discover the benefits of integrated invoice automation, including capture, workflow and storage, optimized for Oracle.

Transform AP provides functionality for capturing incoming supplier invoices and linking the invoice data directly to the desired ERP application, including automated 2-, 3- and 4-way matching for PO-based invoices and exception processing with online review and approval of invoices for payment.

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Transform AP: Integrated Invoice Processing for Oracle E-Business Suite

  1. 1. DATA SHEETTransform AP for Oracle E-Business Suite TM ®Integrated Invoice Management Functionality Accelerates Payables ProcessingFor too many organizations, Accounts Payable remains challenged by inefficientprocesses and a blizzard of paper-based invoices that limit the speed, accuracy andcompliance controls critical to successful management of outgoing payables. RecentIOMA research* suggests that the average cost to process a single vendor payment, Transform AP Businessincluding invoice receipt and approval, now exceeds $12 and can take more than six Benefits Include:days of equivalent staff time. • educed implementation costs with proven RGiven that most corporate AP functions have at their core the need to maintain and integration to Oracle E-Business Suiteregularly interface with an ERP or other host accounting system for general ledgerand budget management, the ideal solution would not simply deliver best-in-class • utomated 2-, 3-, and 4-way matching Ainvoice automation, but would also reflect the tightest possible systems integration of PO-based invoices increases APwithout expensive customization and training, or the need to buy additional ERP processing efficiencies and reduces errorsuser licenses. • nline G/L coding with integrated O E-Business Suite validation and automated approval routing, including email notifications and escalation rules, reduces time to process non PO-based invoices • o incremental E-Business Suite licensing N costs for non-AP users in the invoice approval cycle • se of the familiar E-Business Suite U interface eliminates the need for AP retraining while reducing costs and shortening implementation cycles for staff acceptance testing • lectronic imaging and archive capabilities E remove paper storage and handling costs • torage of multiple related document types, S including purchase orders, check copies and remittance advices, as well as other ad hoc documents provides a comprehensive view of each transactionFollowing the capture of invoice documents and any metadata, information is loadedinto the Transform AP repository. A Transform AP document is then created andviewable within the application inbox for coding and approval. Full invoice data can *IOMA: AP Department Benchmarks and Analysis 2007be viewed within the Oracle E-Business Suite invoice workbench for validation andpayment upon approval.
  2. 2. Invoice Management that Supports Existing Transform AP in ActionE-Business Suite Investments Transform AP streamlines the entire supplier invoice process,Transform AP, Bottomline’s invoice processing solution starting with the electronic capture of incoming invoices. Thisfor Oracle E-Business Suite, delivers against all of these can include document imaging via Bottomline’s integratedrequirements and more. With functionality for capturing incoming Transform™ Scan Center solution, or alternative sources suchsupplier invoice data, Transform AP links directly to E-Business as fax, email, installed scanners or other multi-function devices.Suite, enabling automated 2-, 3-, and 4-way matching for Key header data from the invoice (such as invoice number, date,PO-based invoices, as well as exception processing where a amount, PO number and associated vendor number) is capturedmatch cannot be found. In addition, non-PO based invoices are using optical character recognition technology. Following theautomatically routed to the appropriate personnel for G/L coding capture of invoice documents and any associated meta data, theand approval. Throughout these processes, Transform AP information is uploaded to the Transform AP Invoice Connectorallows for complete online review of all invoices as well as the for Oracle E-Business Suite.ability to generate reports reflecting invoice statusand productivity. Based on business rules and customer configurations, PO-based invoices can be automatically matched againstTransform AP has been uniquely designed for use with existing purchase orders (2-way), goods received noticesE-Business Suite, providing seamless integration and visibility (3-way) and goods accepted (4-way), resulting in invoicefor everyday accounts payable users, while providing the same creation without manual intervention. Invoices which fail toview of relevant invoice data to non-finance approvers via a match are flagged with the appropriate status and placed in thestandard Web browser. This processing flexibility supports a Transform AP work queue. AP users can then open individualcompany’s existing infrastructure investments and helps to invoice transactions via a convenient “split screen” viewmaintain a lower cost of ownership by eliminating the need containing the invoice image and header information for furtherto purchase incremental ERP licenses for each coder exception processing.and/or approver.Organizations can also realize improved invoice visibility andaccelerated processing cycles, as well as greater enforcementof financial and legal compliance regulations with a fullyauditable record of each invoice, including the ability to viewrelated documents both inside and outside Oracle. Bottomline has been ranked by Global Finance magazine for Best Accounts Payable Services in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Among the factors considered were market leadership, customer service, competitive pricing and technology innovation. Whether viewing invoice data from within E-Business Suite or via the Transform AP Web portal, users can take advantage of the paper clip feature to access related documents such as invoice images, purchase orders or check images. All related documents – even ad hoc files such as emails related to a specific transaction – uploaded during the coding and approval stage are available by simply clicking on the “Related Document” button in the toolbar.
  3. 3. During the matching process, Transform AP automatically determines whether a particular order type should be considered for a 2-way (PO: quantity billed to quantity ordered), 3-way (Receipt: quantity billed to quantity received), or 4-way (Inspection: quantity billed to quantity accepted) match.For any PO-based invoice requiring secondary review and Complete Functionality for Multiple Enterprise Benefitsapproval by a non-Oracle user within the business, a ‘Forward’ Transform AP allows organizations to replace their manual APrequest is submitted, resulting in an email notification with an processes with a digital invoice capture, workflow and storageembedded link to the transaction within the approver’s inbox. solution that delivers:Non PO-based invoices can be automatically routed basedon business rules or via ad hoc forwarding to appropriate field • ull invoice visibility within the familiar ERP environment. Fpersonnel to verify header-level detail and enter G/L information. Seamless integration to the Transform AP Invoice ConnectorBased on the approvals matrix, the invoices can be quickly preserves E-Business Suite as the central location for allviewed via a standard Web browser, allowing authorized users invoices, including the ability to view all related approve, add comments, forward or reject the invoice. Alldetails are then validated against the E-Business Suite Account • ransparent processing of all supplier invoices for greater TStructure to ensure accuracy and integrity. compliance and regulatory controls. Electronic audit trails of all invoice interaction and status changes are maintainedEscalation rules and out of office support ensure that invoices within the system for reporting and analysis.are continually moving through the process in a timely manner,preventing bottlenecks in user inboxes. Once approved, an • Secure, real-time data updates. Direct links to Oracle invoice is created automatically in E-Business Suite via the use supplier, PO, invoice and account data for validation eliminateof the Oracle Interface Table (OIT). the need for manual data synchronization.A 360° View of Each AP Transaction, • Process flexibility and agility. Transform AP enables online Including Related Documents G/L coding and approval with automated routing and emailA full history of the invoice process is visible at any stage for notifications outside E-Business Suite for non-AP staff.staff to monitor. Standard audit and transaction reporting can • Easy access to stored invoice data and images within also be performed to review key metrics, transaction status, E-Business Suite. Invoice images are attached to theinvoice volumes and more. As all invoice data is made available transaction header as well as the general ledger entry.from within E-Business Suite, system reports can also be built toview accruals and other business-critical information.To further enable a comprehensive view of each transaction forboth audit and reporting purposes, Transform AP also supportsthe storage of related documents, including purchase orders,checks and remittance advices, as well as ad hoc documents,such as emails related to a transaction, as a standard feature.
  4. 4. Why Bottomline?For more than 20 years, Bottomline has been focused onsoftware applications that optimize ERP-driven financialprocesses. As a result, we possess both the proven solutionsand the tested domain expertise to deliver consistent customervalue and significant return on investment.More than an invoicing solution, Transform AP is an integratedsolution. The application operates within Oracle E-BusinessSuite to support real-time processing with no batch uploadingof data, a process which often results in data integrity issues,duplication and poor synchronization. The solution can beutilized by existing E-Business Suite users without retrainingor expensive consulting resources.As a leader in document processing solutions for Oracle,Bottomline solutions have been successfully installed inthousands of Oracle-based organizations around the globe.System RequirementsFor complete details on the hardware and software platformsrequired and/or supported by Transform AP, please or contact a local account representative. Bottomline is committed to supporting Bottomline is committed to ‘green’ business processes for our customers, ‘green’ business processes employees and local communities. employees and local commCorporate Headquarters Europe, Middle East, Africa Asia-Pacific325 Corporate Drive 115 Chatham Street 12-14 Cato Street, Suite 206Portsmouth, NH 03801 USA Reading, Berkshire RG17JX UK Hawthorn East, VIC, 3123 Australiatel 1.800.472.1321, +1.603.436.0700 tel +44.118.925.8250 tel +61.3.9824.6888fax +1.603.436.0300 fax +44.118.956.9990 fax +61.3.9824.6866email email email© Copyright 2009 Bottomline Technologies (de), Inc. All rights reserved. Bottomline Technologies, the BT logo and Transform are trademarks of Bottomline Technologies (de), Inc., which may be registered in certainjurisdictions. All other brand/product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. REV 111609